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  1. It is nice of you to inform me. If I happen in that area I certainly will try. I am always impressed by many American contemporary makers with their excellent workmenship and very good sound of their violins. Some are even quite reasonable. Why does anyone look for bargains? Of course, I won't tell you where to look (being an average player as I am ) but it is there. I love to try violins and keep queit.
  2. Hi All, It is amazing to me to discuss a violin without knowing its price tag. I have a $4k violin and $1k violin, by comparison I am not that happy with my $4k because I expect a lot more of it but then I visited my local shops around me and tried some of that price range and then it turned out just neck to neck. Am I supposed to be that unhappy? We must factor in the price or we never know where we stand. My $4k violin has no obvious defect. Is it perfect? I don't think so if you apply a higher standard. I have seen better varnish than this one but mosr are of higher prices (if not a lot more) . I have also seen higher price violins than this one with inferior varnish.(How can it be? Oh,yes). What conclusion I should draw? (No conclusion!??) Really,no defect? I can think of some. Like he did not cut the wood in the right direction. If you ask me what is it supposed to be the right direction? Honestly I don't know. If the cut was made in certain direction,the grain may show its better face(lines),a kind of imaginary defect. Thank you, please comment.
  3. " but- You absolutely should! He is not the first pre-teen/teen to drop violin/viola/cello for something more popular and a lot easier to play. It's up to you to bring into the situation, your understanding and appreciatiion of the higher art forms instead of settling for something that's fun and more appealing for now. Same goes for math, which in a lot of cases is not fun at all. Which kid today will pick violin over electric guitar?(I know your's has been playing for a few years now). Unless ......" I am very glad someone has said that.
  4. " There is no way to relaly correct your bow hold without personal contact. However, I can tell you that however loosely and flexibly you have to hold the bow with your ... ......" It is desirable to have a teacher by the side. I agree 100 percent. Most of us know what is the correct way to play. It is only the problem of carrying it out. Big problem in fact. One has to do or pay attention to so many things (instructions) simultaneously. The worry that makes it unworkable. If a learner keeps his eyes on where the bow contact contact the strings then he never slides across for sure.(I am not talking about bow hold nor bow tilt). Only when he takes off his eyes and do other things then slide would happen. If he always thinking left hand and right hand moving ( or working)as one unit then no matter what his body moves his bow will always on the right spot as he wants it (even he takes eyes off) . I have seen some world class players move their bodies a lot but never hinder their playing. (moved their two hands as one unit)
  5. Another way is that you keep in mind two hands are going to play together and your left hand slightly bring the violin toward the center line whenever you play upper of your bow.(your two hands will be working together in a very natural way).
  6. Your elbow (of right hand) should move away from your body (beside bow tilt etc.)when you use upper part of your bow if you keep left hand holding position unchanged.
  7. (Continue) My daughter, my nephew quited when they reached college age. They did not take the music career path. They are in 40 and 30 now and are happy in their chosen fields of career. Their youngster violin training are always with them. Once a while in Family union occasions, we brought out our dusty violins and played to have fun together.
  8. Hi, Your son may just want a break, not quiting completely I hope. Let him realize that he has accomplished a lot and there will be more to come if he wants to continue. Watch some videos of some world class soloists played. They inspired everyone. Take part a competition. It is certainly not boring. Just my thought.
  9. All moving parts. #1,pegs....Make sure they are in GOOD working condition. ( A lot of people don't know they have bad pegs until they have a good set and good peg holes.) #2,soundpost....I was told it doesn't move. Need no attention if the sound is okay. #3 saddle.. separete easily under pressure (becomes movable?) #4 bridge feet.. definitely moveable.(tilt easily too) #5 Strings. need cleaning or replacements. #6 general cleaning? (especially under strings top area between fingerboard and bridge. Rosin dust accumulated there thorough cleaning should done professionally or damage will be on varnish?? hard to decide) controversal item. Ask experts here) #7 Inspect the nut #8 button... get damaged easily. Just my list for your reference. Thank you for asking.
  10. If I were you, I would not do it for the reason as other posts said before me. The cleaning jobs and the possible accidents etc. make it not worth the trouble. I had one experience like this: I heated them enough like wax and knead it together.(not overcooked it into liquid form). If you are not careful it could burn your hand.
  11. HI, Let me direct you to a thread of this question.... a sucessful story. Go to Stingworks Stringwork.Discusion forum, instrument, title: " broken rosin be melted back...." about few days ago
  12. Did you forget Roth? (Roth is everywhere) or it does not count.
  13. How do we know they were talking the same Stradivari. If my name was Stradivari then I better be not in violin business. Otherwise I would be escorted to police stations everyday.
  14. Hi, Tim2 Your picture worths a thousand words. It is very impressive in deed. I am very glad you have shown that photo. I am sure now that you know very well what you are doing. I don't have a camera for taking picture to post mine . Your idea of self-adjusted kind of bridges is very interesting. I hope to hear more about it as time comes, especially in regard to the sound(or the tone). Thank you.
  15. Hi, Tim Have you tried it on your violin? I think the bridge is a very tricky thing. Making it work is easy, making it work WELL is tricky. I have just spent $20 to cut down my bridge by 1mm and got it work slightly better. Its weight and angle and those holes and feet have a lot to woth the sound ? I don't understand how it works. One time a luthier told me my bridge wasn't right and he eplaced it with another (without cutting to fit, not even look good on my violin but..). It worked three time better than my old bridge. I could not figure out how could he tell so fast and so correct. Experience?
  16. Yes, I read a book of my local library by a luthier (Mr. West? in West coast ? ) in 1900. In the book there was a picutre of him and his 200 violins. He claimed (speaking of authority)the volumne of air (in box) to area of the opening of the f-holes should have a certain desirable ratio. Too big a f-hole will lack power;too small will result nasal sound. It makes sense to me.(shape is not all that important?). Try to blow an empty bottle across the top (without a cap). Air collides at the top. Too Big a mouth would not make sound. Well, I just want to report it to you. Something worths your discussion.
  17. Hi All, There are many makers in this world, I have no idea of Fagnolas, Morassi and others' violin. Someone threw in a few names and it makes me absolutely inadequate to agree with anyting they implicitely claimed. Are there world class soloists used their instrument to perform in public (or in concerts)? Are there some violin shops where I can go to there and try? Win any violin making contests? It must be something (facts) to back its reputations? Just my thought.
  18. Hi All, I would say one-song (one piece), one-week is normal, specially in books 1 or 2 of Suzuki. Why it takes so long for that person? One can always go back and played them better ( mechanically more corrected and more artistically ,hard to say what it means). I started learning to play violin at age 28.(40 years ago)Reading notes and attentions to intonations were not my problems. I played harmonica and flute before I picked up violin. I think one has to push homself to limit in order to get progress violin). Only my intense practices last few (10) years got me to somewhere. How wrong I was in my previous years that my teacher or (4 teacheers with similar approach),teachers "baby" me too much. I believe there is no such thing {"play this piece perfectly before going to next "piece" }. I don't know you would agree with me? Let me hear from you or you may think I have a point.
  19. No, this maker is a serious and no nonsense maker. "Stain" was my speculation. Why? The violin was made in 2002 but the wood looks like 100 years old. All violin making in China started fresh after the culture revolution. So I don't believe the was that old.
  20. Sorry, I used the wrong word "seal". "Stain" is a better word. The luthier may use some kind material to stain it to look old. I understand wood needs breathing. I don't think any luthier would ever sealing both sides. Strangely, it also has a "fragrant". It may be from the wood he used. what kind ? It is very common in China. We have hand fans which are very common .(people use them to cool themselves in hot Summer days.Some of these fans are made of "fragrant wood" for ladies while they fan themself and the air filled fragrant, a flowery sweet smell from the wood of which the hand fan are made). It is that kind of smell. I don't know you understand what I am referring to. I wish someone can explain this better. Thank you, Mr. Darnton.
  21. Hi All, I know your people (experts) talked about "ground" and "sealer" before varnishing the instruemnt. I have a different question along that line. Do you seal the inside of the instument too? I have never noticed such undertaking until 2 years ago I noticed my Chinese made violin ( I believe it was not only hand made but a international award winner maker, so claimed ) by Shan Jiang of Beijiang, the inside seemed been coated with something. I have seen 5 or 6 American makers violins, none was coated (bare wood). I have no idea if this is a new practice. Any advantage or disadvantage in either case ? I take the liberty of throwing this in for your discussion. I hope you don't mind my question. Thank you
  22. You are right about "open fifth" and "quartz tuned" are not the same. I noticed it but I could not figure it out until you call my attention. I know the theory, of which it says "equal temperment" is only a compromise. So true, I did not pay attention to it. Thank you for this good discussion.
  23. " how do you tell a woman who just told you that she does her own set-up and repairs that she does not know how to tune a violin. .........." Quoted Hi all, I think the lady could be just a luthier but not a violin player. You might be right about the meter but the battery could be low. I had a similar experience . One time I visited a violin shop. A young lady took a violin out and tuned it;she seemed quite carefully in tuning it and after a while she handed it to me. I took one of their bow and started to play it. My playing of that time was terible and right out embarrassing. The violin was slightly off tune. I checked it with my quartz tuner indeed it was. after that I make it a rule: Never play a single note if a violin is not in tune.( you test their violins and it is not avoidable to show your ability, a fair game. I didn't blame anyone). I think Shopping a violin should be exciting experience. Enjoy it. ( Just my thought to share with you,and all)
  24. Hi All, As I understand it some violins sound great only for lower positions. Some are good for all positions but not necessarily fantastic for first position playing. It takes a long time at least for me to get a fair assessment of the quality of the instruments. Particularly, it is hard to try ( or comparing them) violins while you are traveling.(such as in different rooms, quiet or noisy , different bows ,tiresome etc)
  25. My impression about Suzuki method is its advantage to start really early, say 3 or 4 years old. If someone for example, is 12 who can read then why bother. Practice is the key of the whole thing about playing a violin, Suzuki or not Suzuki. Read the notes play the notes (at least on an elementary level). Please comment by all mean.
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