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  1. If a seller tell you the price and let you take home to try,and you make your purchase decision after that then it is fair from commercial point of view. Often time a salemen does not know that much and a buyer asks more than he knows and he has to be nice.(right?) so he give you an unqualified answer. That what happened I think,in your case.
  2. Replies from luthiers deserve much of my esteem. After all it was not such a big deal. A trade violin is a trade violin, with humble origin or not. I took a careful look at its scroll I know it was carved on some Friday about 4:50 pm in Germany. Do you how I figure it out? ( I am very pound of myself) Thank you for listening.
  3. May I ask what this VB for? Making it looked older ? Perserve ?, or other purposes? One of my violin seemed had some sort of stain on inside and a faint of fragrant. Is it possible VB? Thank you for clarifying it.
  4. Hi All, I have one 40 years old German trade violin.(cheapie you may call it) The flames on back do match but only in inverse V-shape. (which is no surprise to anyone). What was a total surprise to me I just found out today that the flames match the flame on the ribs. Who in the world would givE such a consideration! You must be kidding. Back flames match ribs flame? .I must give these "the factory fiddle maker " a lot of credits. It certainly not machine made as we all believe it to be. I also see pencil marks too. Who were these maker? No name for sure. I bought it from a small shop in North side of Chicago, brand new in a paper box. The shop is no longer in business. Nothing could be described as an eventful of such purchasing. A beginner's violin. It has a humble beginning of its life (in a paper box like a pair of shoes)?. From that day on it never disappointed me. Not a scratch after car accident. It has been good as ever. Even today I have many more expensive violins; this is still my favorite. There are so much good feeling to own a violin expensive or not. I am sure you must have more exciting experience. Please share your with us.
  5. Thank you, Falco No group thinking to worry about. (just kidding)
  6. Hi Flaco and Manifio, I am not to disagree with you. When we say this violin is better than that violin. The degree of firmness of judgement is in question. I have no idea how did they judge the tone of the violins in competition of, such as, American Violin Society or others organizations? The judges were listener ? Or the judges actually played the instruments?. I believe anyone would agree with me that one would feel differently, if you were players vs listeners. ( I don't believe they would listen them very long?, Did they? They had to come up with some sort of scores in a hurry,but long enough ?) I am confused. (Forgive my stubornness)
  7. (Continue) I do have trouble to rank my three violins. (leave alone others) I like them the same. I don't mean to be obnoxious (to contradict anyone.absolutely not). How in the world I know which one is better? I have been playing them almost everyday. may be my emotion clouds my judgement. I appreciated your listening my needless frustion. Thank you.
  8. We have a tendency to line up (rank them) violins. "Violin A is better than violin B". I have a great deal of trouble in many cases. One person may like B better being just trueful and honest. Would you think so?
  9. What do you mean "amazing instrument"? Mostly likely you meant its sound was amazing (other than its varnish or other things being amazing ) Why do you think so? You have played hours on it and absolutely convinced that it was out the world. Right? Just try to understand what degree of appreciation that you had with this particular violin.
  10. Don't throw any thought away. I am on your side,PAL.
  11. My friend, let me tell you a story: Once upon a time, a violin lover bought a violin for $4000. He was happy and played the violin every day until he learnt something from internet that of a good violin its maple wood should come from same tree, not from different trees. After learning that he felt sad. Knowledge is not always help. (each of my violins wood is from one tree, I checked that, but I am not sure the wood are upside down?)
  12. (1) Are you a player? Or a collector? (both ?) (2) Are you considering buying the Fagnolas violin ? It seemed you are not sure what you are doing and want confirmation from the experts here. My question to you is for yourself (to play) or for others (to sell)? The comments or answers should be different in each situation. Say,for myself I would play it for an hour or two and decide if I want (if I like it) to buy it for what price. For others as an investment, then go by name (who care its sound). High price high risk. My common sense approach. My guess you have already bought the violin. Right?
  13. It is killing me,... the curiosity. Why Fagnolas deserved such great attention? Some history please.
  14. Hi All, The thread is quite long now. What are you guys talking about? (Excuse my confusion please) (A good violin or a violin not derserving high price?). Has anyone played that violin in question? or Is it in aution? Why pick out this one? etc. Thank you for your help if you can give me some clues.
  15. It was a E.H. Roth, Markneukirchen,a seal branded inside the back with some repairs on cracks of non-vital areas. No other lebal.
  16. Thank you for your response. I came across a 1920 Roth last year in my local violin shop. It had a Bowman (violin shop) bridge but the price was $6k and I am not such a good player to derserve one. I had to come up with $2k cash plus a trade-in. It was not my price level of violin that I wanted at that time. I feel that you have got an excellent violin that has all the greatness that we all admire. Good for you and enjoy it to the fullest.
  17. For the benefit of me and others, please answer the following: (1) Is your "little Strad" 's sound quite focused? (2) Does it posses a lot of power ? (simply put loud? ) (3) Does it projest well? ( I think you have said that) (4) Does it sound like a Roth of years such as 1920? (5) The top spruce has very densed grains . If you answer all yes, then I think I have met one too, My Lord, I passed out that one. Thank you in adavanced.
  18. Hi, Are you considering a violin an object of art or a product of engineering? I personally think it is a mixture. You pay a lot for its art value (if you like it) and a lot less for its engineering make-up(ie,if you think it is straight forward).
  19. " False " ....It means likely that the mass distribution of one or more strings are too heavy (or too light) at some spots. (not uniform)
  20. "...use the A for reference (to tune)....." A-note is close to the middle of four strings. It makes the tuning task a little easier to be accurate. I think.
  21. Don't forget room temperature factor.
  22. We are a kind of attached to our instruments. I have many violins which I bought them one time or another. I did not find any Strad or " little Stad",( no such luck )but I find each of them has something special like different friends. You know what they can do and they cannot do. They are not perfect but nice in certain ways. Just my observation. You are obviouly a lucky person (violinist) .
  23. Hi All, I used to have a Snow violin (Chinese). Now I have a Shan Jiang violin (Beijing) among others. Strangely, both sound quite good but alike. Any explanation? As far as craftsmanship is concerned, one is more refined than the other.
  24. Have you tried to look them up in Connie violin page (a web site) where quite a list of violin videos and DVD titles is provided. Many violinists are concerned with (right hand) bowing techniques but you are more concerned with left hand. Any reason? Just curious.
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