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  1. I read a advice from someone sometime ago. He said " stop as soon as you feel the first sign of pain " It means it is time to take a long break and return when you are completely feel relaxed.
  2. Fellow

    Fancy Violins

    Higher bridge and different neck angle would eliminate some degree of nassal sound. Will it (?). Experts here can tell more you what to do.
  3. Fellow

    Fancy Violins

    " ....that my German violin sounds nasal....." Noxx said. Nasal sound is not bad by all mean. Only too much (too heavy) or without it then you have to worry about it. I am quite sure you won't regret the "dragon thing"
  4. Hi All, I have played a few of Mozart violin concertos I liked them a lot but I have never played any Brahms'. Do you think I can play one to start (to get a taste of Brahms? Is it in the same level ?(i.e. requiring similar ability)? Which one I should try ? Thank you in advanced.
  5. Mine is fake. I was told so right at start. The label was torn and its print is clear to read. Yours is hardly readable. It means your may be real. At least there is possibility. You need to take a closer look at yours.
  6. If you don't mind of me to joint the discussion. I read a book printed in 1900 by an American luthier by the name Oak.(San Fransico sp? ) He said in the book he built the box first with other parts in place too but not considered final and next was to fit a bridge and soundpost(to get the best tone) then re-work the neck and fingerboard (to make it easily playable, I guess )in that order. If that failed to his liking he opened the box to start it over. He proudly showed his 200 violins in a picture in his book. Any idea of what was he talking about? In today term is is a process of quality control. Just wanting to be clarified if that process has merit.
  7. Hi Falco, I understand your question finally. ( I know you did not ask me). I think it is a genuine tough question.
  8. Hi Falco, If Mr. Heifetz played three times of Saint-Saens behind a curtain do you think you know which time is better? All I can tell three world class violinists played Saint-Saens.
  9. Fellow

    Fancy Violins

    (continue) Hi Noxx, I am sure that the damaged pegbox can be easily fixed or replaced. A competent luthier can repair it. It is definitely not the end of the life of the violin. Smile
  10. Fellow

    Fancy Violins

    Hi Noxx, You are not kidding. Dragon head violin ? I assume you are going to play classical music some day if not now. I think it is hard to blend in with others.
  11. There are many in classifed ad I noticed. I am happy with mine regardless a premium I had paid. Enjoy it, a good violin is a good violin. I felt sorry some needs a fake label to sell. It is our fault. People don't look at a violin as it is but looking its pass or its pretened pass.
  12. I have one. I paid slightly under $1k for it. Good sound, old too and I don't expect it is real, just a fake label ( I was told a good imitaion ) when I bought it.
  13. "...A good violin makes any player better, but sometimes that's not enough " Michael said. Exactly, you hit the nail on the head.
  14. I have tried a lot of Roths. Most were so-so except one which was made in 1920 ?. The wood looked very good to me (not as a luhtier but as a consumer) and it had a lot of well done repairs work. The dealer asked for $6k. You know what it meant. It is better than all 3 violins currently I have. If I don't have any violin now then I would consider it. It also brougt up a concept that good repair work wouldn't matter to the tone. It was a kind of surprise to me. I was puzzled that concept for a while.
  15. Steve, It is nice to read your post here. //Yuen//
  16. Fellow

    Fancy Violins

    (continue) Buying decision should be based on your personal perference. Many experts here are more qualified than I in making recommnedation. I said a lot of out there meaning "good" as well as "bad". Please exercise caution.
  17. Fellow

    Fancy Violins

    Exactly as Jacob said. A non-fancy good Chinese instruemnet is a better deal, at least form my perspective. Wy not try to find a real good sounding instruement under $1000 (Chinese made or not); a lot of them out there.
  18. I think I can re-formulate them better: (1) an amateur who owns a Strad or a del Gesu =(equal) an amateur who owns a Strad or a del Gesu (like having a bird in the sky ); but (2) Some amateur who owns a Strad or a del Gesu = (equal or close to) a world class soloist. ( like having a bird in his hand ) I am sorry for not using the chicken as an example.
  19. Let me formulate the answers into two equations: (1) an amateur who owns a Strad and a del Gesu =(equal) an amateur who owns a Strad and a del Gesu (No chemistry) (2) Some amateur who owns a Strad and a del Gesu = (equal or close to) some world class soloist. ( A lot of chemistry) I am glad to know that #2 is possible. There is hope in this world. Just my thought.
  20. Thank you, Michael. WOW, I am impressed (these non-professionals). All these time I have been practicing so hard for nothing (just kidding)
  21. Hi Falco You said "....do you think almost all the greatest violinists of the 20th "...century through today prefer the finest Italian instruments, especially del Gesu and Strad? Because they're better, that's why. So with regard to what I was talking about, I tried an instrument from a maker that I thought was on a......." Very true, Mr.Falco But you know what? These great instruments were (ALWAYS) always played by very well known world class soloists. Have you ever heard anyone who is not world class and played these kind on instruments and produced world class sound? My experience told me not.
  22. Yes,Thank you for asking. I am talking about "the lucky luthier" get lucky. Someone spotted his "stand out" master piece and posted the question. And you happened be one who knows his works. I praised that you had the chance of knowing his work but for me with questions like "is the violin that good?" "Compare to whose violin?" "How about one in my closet" etc. I am not challenging anyone but wanting to satisfy myself how I would be convined. Thank you
  23. " I am very familiar with a un-named maker's work...." Your-piano-stud said. You are one of the lucky one who has the access of the particular violin. How I do know if his violin is better than mine in my coset? ( You may laugh it loud, but it is legitimate question?)
  24. " Make your choice and then don't look back--enjoy your new violin! ". .... BillW I like that (these words). It shows determination and commitment. A good violin should serve the owner for a long long time and should bring a lot of enjoyment to whoever owns it. I think people buy a violin for three things: Sound, Workmanship, prestige. The last item has most driving force. Do you think so, Guys (mentors)?
  25. (continue) But again,I think you will your dream violin. I am optimistic about your hunting or (quest). I own a violin,looks like expensive and sounds like expensive with a fake label ( a copy of something written in latin). Just my thought.
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