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  1. (continue) They played in the award ceremony some famous pieces in the Art Of Violins (tape by Perlman). It was world class playings in every aspect. You know ,they had to played something also to please the sponsors, therefore some pieces by Chinese composers. To be trueful I did not feel the same vibrations.
  2. Todays the Chinese violin standard is very high either in players and violin makings. We do not know anything about it here because we don't want to know or we don't have interest of knowing it. ( Those Red Gruard days were long gone. It was a joke to the world, it was called progress proceeded in reverse gear ) Imagine say 0.000001% of Chinese like to study violin at young age. Please me how many Chinese are there? Unbelieveable number. I have witnessed a group of top Chinese players came to Chicago and played to receive awards from the Chinese Government. There were hundred of many these but being un-selected equally good players just stayed at home. Possible? Just my thought.
  3. Hi, Have you checked the stolen instruments list? (just kidding!) You got a winner.
  4. Hi all, I am sorry that I did not make it clear that "good" means the players think it is "good" not the "audience" think it is good. Sometime,it may not coincide. Both "Fritz Reuter" quoted test and Nagyvary's test used only audiences. Regretably players were no part of the decision making (except playing). A violinist told me in William Lewis and Son, Chicago in the 60's that any violin sound passed through an electronic device was not the same as you heard directly a few feet away from a player. "a high-fidelity question " He was very good;I was impressed. After that, I always want to hear violin sound in a raw form.
  5. Hi, I saw "reserve not met" on the item you mentioned on e-bay. Does it means that the seller declared no sale? That means $9001 is not enough for the seller ? Why the bid was starting from $5000. What was his "reserve" then. Is it undisclosed to bidders? (secret ?)
  6. Hi, I finished reading the article of " Sept. 22, 2003 VIOLIN DUEL A DRAW FOR ANTIQUE STRADIVARIUS, NEW INSTRUMENT Writer: Kathleen Phillips, about Dr. Joseph Nagyvary'S violin." The problem I have with his test is that the players should determine which is better, not the listeners. (I don't know if this is the right way to decide): Let many good players try a real Strad vs Nagyvary's violin, but none of the players could take a closer look at them. For example, someone hands the violins to players and when they are ready to play.
  7. (continue) Is there any modern days Maverick like Vuilaume who dares to hang his violin next to a real Strad in Paris, and challenge anyone to tell which is which ? Also in Tone too?
  8. Hi All, I am posting here a seemded ridiculous question. I have my reason. Like many others,I have never played a real Strad or something like that class of violins. Lacking that experience and also being repeated told how great the sound is so I asked. I know it is hard to tell anyone in words about tone, but could we use an example, say, a winner violin of Violin Society of America, would come close? I appreciate any of your responses in advance.
  9. Fellow


    What " IMHO " stands for? Thank you if you can tell me.
  10. Fellow


    (continue) I forgot to say that the Roth I said was light weight, very densed grain of top , seemed hard, and solid (I lightly knockd at all places of the violins)and it had a lot of repairs but sound good and focused. Silver-bell sound (I compared it with my new violin ). I don't understnad it. Just amazing. What more I can say.
  11. Fellow


    Neither wound I. However, either it was sold very quickly or it was checked out very frequently for approval. I have not seen it again. It was amazing that in the hands of a skill luthier a few pieces of wood craps could become such a marvelous sounding violin. I don't think it was good originally . I believe only after all the publicity of early years of Roths then the luhtier did not want to disappoint the public. I love to hear any of your thought.
  12. Fellow


    Yes, I have seen one like this but it was all fixed up for sell. The sound was great. The shop asked for $6k and no shortage of inquiries nor custoners.
  13. (continue) I have a 10 years syllabus for voilin study I copied down from my local library. It is basically a list of famous classical violin pieces according to its levels of technical difficulties. For example, Handel's six Sonatas were in there. One may find it also in Suzuki. By the way, Connie violin (web)page is another source of info.
  14. Allow me to give you a more specific suggestion: Practical Method, Book 2 for violin, by Hohmann, Schirmer,Inc. Practice long bows. Good luck
  15. Can you play everyting in Suzuki book 2 for example ? I am assumming you want to play violin. Play it in time (duration of notes),in tune (intonation),up bows, down bows etc. as your music indicates. Is your bow hold okay? You have a lot to learn. Would you think so?
  16. Hi, Just for discussion sake,(don't get mad at me ) I come up with two reasons: (1) the shape of a violin looks like a bug (a big bug of course) if you paint it blue then you bring out the shape drastically. Kid would be afraid of such a big bug.Wn't they? (2) If a beautiful young lady walks on a street you and I love to see her face. Don't we ? But if she paint her face blue, what would you think? To tell you the truth I get scare.
  17. I cannot help saying that the violin , the "blue devil "as your posted the photo shown would scare the kids, no matter they are young or old Agree?
  18. I guess I forget when I was a kid. It seemed long time ago but there was definitely such a time. We loved thing that catched our (kid's) attentions. It we (kids) were asked us which one we wanted to have, an old Strad or this painted "cute" thing. Mostly likely, we (kids)would pick the "cute" thing (we did not know anything better then). Our taste has changed a lot as we has growing up or getting older , we did not aware of it. Amazing isn't it?
  19. It certainly does not help the sound. Paint acts like a coat a thick coat on the violin. What is the point to have that? Besides,it looks terrible.
  20. I think a good violin should be played on, not to be sat aside (sit on the side line as a good football player). The bottom line is to bring the music out open. A good violin will do a better job. Do you think this way?
  21. " What about this theory applied to violin making: VIOLIN MAKING MUST CHANGE SO THAT THE VIOLIN CAN STAY THE SAME (I think the hot weather is playing havoc with me...) "..... Manfio said. I think "stay the same" is not good enough. Good old violins have a lot of cracks. How much longer will they last before losing their good tones? We need more Vuilmume (sp?) types of new comers. Don't we ?
  22. Exactly, Manfio A maker should be proud of his/her violin being played regularly not for what it is selling for. "Playing" is a true appreciattion. What do you think?
  23. Hi, Have you bought the violin? For myself I would not buy such not for the reason it wasn't a bargain but for the reason I don't know what I am going to do with it. For myself I would try as many violins as I can and find one best I can afford,not the best bargain. For selling it to others, I am sure you will make profits but how long it would take? Most first time buyer (beginner players) would like to spend more than $500 to get their violins. Would they? Just my thought.
  24. Hi All, I have a gut feeling that most violins, say 85% of them, have not really been played , but stored in closets or attics, violin shop glass cases, vaults etc. most the time. Being played mean that it was taken out at least 15 min played by someone two times in a week, that sort of frequency which is arbitrarily defined,just for our discussion purpose. Do you think so? ( There many more violins than players in existence so to speak ,true ?)
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