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  1. Why people think the price tag is proportionally related to quality of a violin. Quality is a concept thing. You like it or you like it a lot. Most people would like to play a decent violin and while he or she can afford, the choices are more. I do not see why anyone pay that much money for a violin. After you are at a certain level of skill, better violins would not help. I would be more proud of my playing skill than the price tag of my violin. Like a kid wearing new dress in school, it is not such big deal.
  2. Good sound = good player + good music + Good instrument.
  3. +++++++++++++++++ Sounds like my neighborhood oil change guy. I was once a diesel car owner who changed oil on his own car when I still had my own garage. Now I am an old man. I would not craw down under a car for any reason. You know " doctor advice" ha I would not put oil on my violins neither. Luthiers are pretty good in " oiling" you violin, let them do it. I would not be surprised they just use water.
  4. The beautiful lady showed us how to "oil" a violin. She did it gentlely that is all we need. what she meant is " violin polish " which one can buy from a violin shop. I would use just tiny bit of it, to make the job of cleaning easy and make sure to use a clean solf cloth to clean the any residue. That is why some people do not even want to mention to use "oil" . They would be afriad people use too much and leave the "oil" on the violin which may do more harm than the dirt. Because chemical (polish) would have reaction to the varnish.
  5. Dear CT, Keep posting. Keep youself busy. You get alot of friends here.
  6. Fellow

    Hollo all.

    I have missed " maestronet " for a long time due to the fact that I had difficulty to log in. I hope this time is okay. Thanks, nice to see (or talk " to ) you all again. You don't miss my "nonsense " ? haha
  7. Contrary to belief, you guys should stop working, or at least not so hard. Nothing is so sweet than taking a break every now and then. Smell the roses they used to say.
  8. Fellow

    newly arrived

    I like people who make things simple and easy for everyone. New comers, please feel welcome.
  9. +++++++++++ Happy birthday, Young man I am 76.
  10. ___________ +++++++++++++++ I assume an un-repaird cello would not produce the sound you would like to have. So some sort of repair is necessary if you want to keep the cello. shop around of repair places. The risk is always there. It is life. It may turn out just fine. The cost is minimum and the repair is great. Everyone is happy after. Try it. I would. If you don't try you would never know. I have not seen an old instruemnt without repairs.
  11. ++++++++++++++++ I think you would like to ask this question : Is my violin looks like a copy of strad ? My answer would be " I think so." If you are asking more deeper question, I would not know. I have seen much better copy. To tell the truth I do not care to have this violin in my collection. Many out there are better. Just give you a ball park idea. If you want to spend $5000 to buy a decent copy you may be able to do quite easily (I could be wrong) Some modern luthiers copy Strad violin from looking at museum copy. You can tell they are trying. Amazingly smart.
  12. +++++++++++++ The only way I play is to read. I started learning to play violin from day one, my teacher put a sheet of music in front of me and told me to play one bar at a time. If I do not see the notes my mind is blank, I cannot play anything. in short, it is entirely mechanical . Later, My eyes can leave the music for a short time but not for very long. Otherwise, mistakes, wrong notes, wrong phrases, etc will occur. I think if you play with a group, you have to follow something. right? I think when Davis Garret played " Schubert's Serenade" and at the end, he added a small part that fitted nicely with the main theme. Perhaps, there is not a part of the original score. Like "spice" in cooking.
  13. Here is what precisely my problem: When I listen to David Garreet played on Youtube " Schubert's Serenade" there were two parts (to me). Part 1 is the "main theme" most people are familiar to it. part 2, the improvision (run I called it, close to the end ) that is in compliment to part 1, I wish I could write part 2 down in music notations, so I can practice on it. Part 2, is nicely fitted to part 1.
  14. ++++++++++ Math problems are more friendly. You can take your time to think. Music is different. Some sound come and go so fast you are not sure what you have just heard. Sometime I hear something "run" We can Identify one single note at a time. "Run" is impossible to me. Some are so beautiful but fast . I have no way to catch them.
  15. Hi All. I can play a piece of music which is written on a music sheet but I have hard time to write it down if I have heard a music played. Is it normal? Why? How other people do it? A silly question? Please help me to understand what is involved?
  16. +++++++++++++++++ Some years ago, I have seen a book ploted a chart of value (prices) of old instrument against time. The older of a group of instruments they got; the more value they attained. That was everyone believes. There is no surprise to anyone.. It was only more accurately descibed By the time I read it. It was a history, no use to anyone.
  17. ++++++++++++++++ A set of strings is about $75. Under $100 how can you do it? I know you are just kidding. Buy a reasonable good German Made old violin which may costs you $900 and ask a luthier fix it, another $300 A min of $1,500 is about right. Be realistic.
  18. ++++++++++++++++++ No risk. no gain. Be happy. Most violins can do quite a decent job if you put a set of good strings on it.
  19. +++++++++ Knuckle tapping for me is to tell how badly a crack is, not to know how good a violin is . How good a violin is I have to play it to know. Why trust anything else.
  20. ++++++++++++++++ Why buy a violin with "no return" policy ? It makes the violin haeder to sell. It should be return within 10 days if it is not satisfactory. Buyer pays for the shipping.
  21. ++============ If not the same then at least a great deal of overlap. It is more the names of the jobs than the skill difference.
  22. [quot +++++++++++++++++ play it again in a few weeks to see if it would sound better. My guess it will. If the wood pieces are glued back tightly and the glue dried well the chance of sounding well is better. Just my guess.
  23. ++++++++++++ Always take private lessons.
  24. ++++++++++++++++++ Why not use a piece of wood . Glue a piece of wood tocover the area where the wood is missing. Shape the new piece to match. I have seen many repair work look so fantatic, It shows the repair person's skill. First class. A chance to show off you don't want to miss. Cut a piece of paper to cover repair area. Then use a pencel to trace the repair area. The pencel mark shows exactly what is needed to cut.
  25. "if only i had as many women as i have fiddles,......." (quoted) Day dream
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