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  1. Thank you for your definition and also for others. It was explained by you( and others) with such kindness. Forgive me for being what I am, a stubborn person. I have a lot of questions to ask you all. I will choose another time when I have a chance to digest these responses. Thank you all,
  2. (continue) No one in the right mind would say : " All violins are created equal " .In fact, most people like me who asked that question,believe that " No two violins are equal ". and they keep open minds of learning what a "good " violin is ,(Strad or non-Strad )and avoid any " bad" violins. I believe a luthier or a factory worker if in a condtion alowed, he or she will make "good" violin as a matter of pride and a statement to the world. Cheer
  3. His knowing the differences does not mean that he has defined it. Mr. Darnton, Agree?.
  4. Could it be the different temperature environments affecting the rosin ? (just my wild guess)
  5. Hi All, I always have trouble to understand the word " better". For example ,I look at two violins of their varnishes, and ask " which one is better?" I listen to two violins (others) played and asked " which one is better?" I played them myself, and asked " which is better?" No claer-cut, not all the time anyway. Not just one answer could be given for all these questions. Agree?
  6. Rosin is rosin. You can use more or less to fit your need.
  7. Is "Bauer made in Germany" violin a student instrument? For example.
  8. Are the following good defintions? "A student is an instrumnet which was put together by a person or persons without consideration its acoustic requirement" (i.e it has all necessay parts,some may have good parts) " A hand made instrument is an instrument of high quality in workmanship and good acustic consideration". (beautiful in appearance) The number of hands involved making it is irrelevent. Machine made is fine too? ( I am deeply annoyed by some people ask how many hands in making a particular instrument. They try to imply that the more hands involved the worst the violins )
  9. Hi All, People use that term without giving a definition. "Factory", "trade", "fabricated" "VSO" adjective used for violins received the same scornful treatment. Whose violins are you talking about? Not mine, I hope. Please define these terms. Kindly please.
  10. Just a business man, I think. my $0.02
  11. I used a scotch tape to hold the post with the usual setter to bring it inside of the box from f-hole. To take the post out I just knock it down with the setter.
  12. "...There are ranges of sound, of course. I heard a violin at church today that sounded...stringy...like a string instrument (not intending to be ridiculous) sort of a reedy sound. Mine is darker and warmer...not so "stringy" or "reedy". So....???? Which do you prefer? ......" Thank you for asking the question, My concept of a good violin sound has been "sound like a silver bell"... kind of metal , clean sound with a bit nasal darkness (not too much) like a cat "meow" ( please don't laugh, I don't have better words). Some German trade violin have focused sounds but kind of in small ways. Some thin top violins have better volume but tone are not that focused. I guess you cannot win all. I am talking from my own limited experience. I know my three violins very well,as for others people's voilins only on surface. Then come these high price violins. What do I know? . .
  13. Hi, I don't understand completely what the discussion of this post about but I have a snobbish problem related to trying violins. I always think that a violin shop welcomes people to try their violins. From their reaction, it does not seem that way. I am a little confused. In my situation I don't need a violin for practice but I want to know how good are their violins compared to three of mine. They are in business of selling and I am interested in knowing. Buying has to be a surprise consequence of this kind of non-urgent search. I usually tell them honestly at very beginning of conversation, I am not desperately in need an instrument. Do you think the violin shop like this kind of people frequent? I have no idea what they think? Please help with advice.
  14. Hi all, ".... I would forget the labels. At least you have a violin that its sound you like. When you play, nobody would care to check......" I said it without considering owner's feeling. It is HARD to forget the label. Believe me. The most frequent asked question in ANY violin forum " Who is this maker?..."
  15. There are many $8000 or in that price range violins do not have sound as good as a trade violin in ($500-$2500) range. Yes, better workmanship (most sand paper work) but no sound to speak of. So what do you rather have? I would forget the labels. At least you have a violin that its sound you like. When you play, nobody would care to check.
  16. Yes and no can be true in each of your question. If you like your violin and you don't mind $2000 to pay for it, Why not? If you turn down this one you may get a better one and cheaper too but that hopeful event may never happen, who knows? Each violin is different (carrying different voices) I think only they label them the same.
  17. It was a tough request because a violin labeled Strad is not neccesary a Strad. A Strad blueprint falls into the same category. How can anyone tell?
  18. Try "Elderly Instrument" webs. I saw a few were listed $4-$5 per blurprint. Please tell us how good the print is if you buy one from them. Thanks.
  19. (continue 2) different words,same sprite.
  20. (continue) Those are not exact words from the movie Gone With The Wind " Let me get mad tomorrow "
  21. "".......so it's ok. As the matter fact, when i was taking violin lessions from one of these so called "experts"...you know... "the great Russian method", "I used to hold the bow the same way Heifetz did, and she would say "that's a no no...", "Heifetz could do it, but that's wrong!! you souldn't do it!!" ???...She also said "don't do vibrato like Heifetz!!!" again..."that's a no no!! That's too fast!!" ........" Relax Sammy. When you wake up tomorrow the world is still there. Nothing changes.(not much anyway). Just my $0.02
  22. Hi Mr. Darnton, Here an amaturer's (me) question : Is there any evidence that Strad did adjust the ratio (volume/ area) of a f-hole by cutting the hole larger to get "his optimal ratio" after the top was attached ? (Are there asymmetrical f-holes not by choice, but by neccessity) Thank you in advance.
  23. Sorry for my English. It is so funny when I read my own sentence.To get it right it should be "It is a public knowledge.(period)"
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