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  1. For example " model of 1714 " is worth more than "model 1700" in general that was Mr. Darnton said. Right?
  2. Hi All, Is a conservatory violin,a student violin? A concert violin, a professional violin ? Of what kind of violins makers want to describe them. Just curious.
  3. I have seen some violins with chisel marks half way into the plates. Some wood chips are still attached to the plates. The luthiers wanted to leave an impression that they were real "hand-made". Most silly things I ever saw. Have you seen any violins like I said? (I am not referring to this exhibition.)
  4. I live at a distance of 4 hours driving to Michigan. Unless it is real close otherwise I just do my armchair visit. (read someone's post).
  5. It will not be in Chicago. Tough luck. Please tell us your experience in these shows. Many of us who cannot go, will love to hear what you have to say. Thank you in advance
  6. Fellow


    Sammy, You give "them" too much credit "they in control?". The silent majority, hard working people make the country moving. Be optimistic about the future. We all do our small part. Small children go to school to learn. (some do,some don't,their business,but by large they are quite good) I have nothing to worry about.
  7. If your wooden bow is a pernambuco bow and its stiffness is not in question, then I would not likely look for any bow of $700. Why do you think you need to upgrade? Play other bows for a week and return to your old bow to see if you really want to upgrade. Just my thought.
  8. Fellow


    Sammy Believe me "history won't be kind on these people." They didn't see anything beyond 5 days?, two years? They are short-sighted. There are many hard working people in this contry and they are not necessary famous.
  9. Fellow


    Sammy, we don't talk about it doesn't mean "we don't know about it". Some people wear a smile when they have a lot of pain but some are afraid nobody knows. We all share your feeling, I belive. Cheer
  10. Fellow


    True, Steve You are always on target. Wise person I know and respect. Re-graduation is a judgement thing.(good vs bad, owner's will vs luthier's advice) If you know it is a right thing to do, why not. If you don't see it is a right thing to do, why bother.
  11. Fellow


    Fritz Reuter picks on the "restorers" who use the process he calls E. N. D. or "enhanced natural decay." This is " simply the gutting of the backs and bellies of instruments in order to give them and "immediate lively" tone. "Murder on Music Row" is the more appropriate term. Many, many of these fine and ancient instruments have been treated in this manner........." My problem with this. There is a possibility the violin never open up. Not a hundred years,not two hundred years. etc. I cannot return to tell him: "you see...I told you " not one hundred year later.
  12. Fellow


    "...Now, I really, really like you..." Please include me too. I like poeple speak whatever on their mind without fear. It makes the country so great. Free speech is a right.
  13. Thank you for your question that cautioned me of this problem. I have one violin-hickey and I thought it was natural.Not true now I learn. I bettter take care of it before it becomes a bigger problem.
  14. (continue) I am talking about bridge,harder,lighter higher.
  15. I am aware such a thread and I am also aware part of the discussion. I don't understand why people getting so emotional in a "debate" there. You win, so what. Some became a violinist critic (self-appionted ) It is only a shoulder rest issue. The audience can only hear what sound coming out of your violin with or without a shoulder rest. whatever ways you choose.
  16. Very good point you brought to us. The difference I experienced was the more tone of one violin. I never know it has before. For that violin it is more sensitive to the grip of the shoulder rest. I should look for a better or a different shoulder rest for that violin. Thank you.
  17. Yes, I thought exactly the same way as you are thinking. The thought of an experiment never came to my mind until one master class, the teacher advocated of no shoulder rest. I watched my daughter played, she did not use shoulder rest then I watched my son-in-law played, he did not use should rest. What was going on in this world ? So I dropped my old thought and experimented. I realized the little grip from the shoulder rest did make difference(interferes the resonance) Not huge, I must admit. For me I need better control,(I , an intermediate player, still need shoulder rest),tone only in second seat. Just one person observation.
  18. Hi All, It is an interesting question. It totally surprised me a few days ago I played (for experiment) without the shoulder rest, my violin sounds much better.(like another violin). I always used shoulder rest since day one and I am conditioned to it. I returned back to use shoulder rest. It was the truth.
  19. Karla I hope you don't mind my question (no more opinion,I know) (1) Are sure it is not a 7/8 violin? ( I cannot tell from picture.) (2) Are you going have your luthier open it and re-fix the cracks on left side of top? (Or it is fine as it is in the luthier's opinion?) Just curious and forgive me being nosy. Thank you in advance.
  20. Was it branded (stamped) inside of these words, or words on a label? I have seen stamped Roth of good tone and quality workmenship,(expensive to ,$6k ) but words on label kind, can be on any level. I drew this conclusion based a few Roths I know,not as an expert. Please correct me, experts here if I have offered a wrong image of Roths.
  21. Hi All, I cannot help noticing that most frequently asked question? is "Who was this maker so-and-so?" So-and-so (name) is on the label which was affixed inside of an instrument. You can rule it out as a fake if you could find a contradiction but if it there is no contradiction, then it is still an unsolved problem? Another point, we have only VERY well-known makers whose names are in some books or records,but little were said about their qualities of works. Fictitous names,sometime we can tell, if we have seen the same name on too many violins. What other thing can we rely on? So my question.
  22. Hi Karla Fro your photo I could see only single "pfurling" (sp?) not double as you said. (double lines in single pfurling) Am I right?
  23. Oh Yes, that(your picture)looks great. Your old violin looks real good. I did not see any repair near sound post. It is a good sign. Congratulation to your find. I am sure your horse will like it too. Let us know any development. Thank you.
  24. Good pictures. Thank you for sharing. In your photo, your bow seemed look long. Am I right?
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