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  1. The guy on e-bay is trying to sell his 2200 violins at a price $24.95 per unit. It is real, not a laughing matter.
  2. Mark, Let me use the housing analogy. If we think building a house is fun then the building code goes out of window. Why anyone wants to build a house? (Corresponding to my orignal question ). Underneath of the question, I don't wish violin standard being unkowingly lowered by un-recognizing great works of others such as professional luthiers.( So it is not all irrelevent). I read a book by Willaim Oakes, a luthier of 1889,he wrote the book to express his view and let out his frustration. The reason I think so because I could see his photo of him with 200 violins. How could he make a living? (200 violins in one place) Just my thought. I inferred too much. Am I?
  3. My logic goes like this: The surgeon could use his time to make more money and bought a professional made violin (as a gift to my violin professor)) so he could support a profesional violin maker who in turn built one extra violin (prsumaly more experience, better poduct)Standard will therefore become higher. Make sense?
  4. Hi All, It seems nobody care very much to my story. Everybody here indulge thier own fun projects and keep tell us how fun it has been. One part of my story that I want to say is that I am worry that our violin making standard will be lowered instead of being lifted up, and more and more these home-made variety are created. (Are these home-made good? Be objective, please). I do worry. I would be happy if you can convince me my logic dead wrong. Thank you in advance.
  5. My other thoughts. Even for the same bow before and after rehairing it, you would have different feels. Imagine if you compare two different bows how can you make a fair assessments?
  6. I am glad to know some successful makers. Congratulation to you. In the back of my mind I have another story to tell. In my early years of learning play violin with a teacher, a retired violin professor. He sold me a violin to replace my VSO which he did not think I should bring it into his basement for lessons. The violin he sold it to me was a gift from a medical doctor, (a surgeon)who showed off his hand skill. My professor politely accepted it. It was too good to throw it into a garbage can and therefore sold it to me. I did not know anyting better,until I tried a German trade violin. Then I knew what I had missing. So I gave this violin to a kid of my friend who insisted of paying me $100. The only violin I ever sold in my life,I would be just happy to give it away. Very good workmanship but no sound. "Why anyone wants to make a violin" I asked that question. You know what the kid grew up becomes a doctor. I don't know the violin has anything to do with it. It not so bad in this sense.
  7. Hi All, I find my electronic tuner (violin quartz type tuner) amazingly accurate. The way I do it is, first I use tuner to tune all strings G,D,A,E(violin) and then use two open strings (double stops) to hear the fifths. If it is okay, do nothing. If not, I use finger pull string a little. You can see the tuner needle move to exact middle locations. Amaingly accurate. Check by G-D, D-A, and A-E three double stops. They both agree perfectly. Without the tuner, it takes me a lot longer. The only time it may not agree if you press the bow unusually hard. You should not do that.
  8. I don't remember anyone has said that a violin could have only one case.
  9. (Continue) My Rao bow was from William Lewis,35 years ago, costed $250.(a lot of money then) The German bow from a Pawn shop $50 (30 years ago) bargain. Coda Conservatory $400 from a local shop two years ago. The Rao and German (two bows) are silver mounted, good bows.
  10. Hi, I agree with you. For the purpose of having a good violin to play, buying is a lot easy than making one myself. When I said, " I want to make a good violin" it was only a talking in a dream. Since people here saying making violin like having a piece of cake, so I talked too. My $0.02,but not more
  11. Hi, I have been using three bows. Coda Convervatory (for 1 year),Roa,German (2 pernambucos) (most the time). I got them (pernambuco) cheap long time ago now become ridiculously expensive. I have tried WH Lee's bows some time ago. They have good stuff. I would forget the trade-in, to have a fresh start. Buy a bow you really like. (ie Put an ad to sell your old bow or keep it as a back up). Another option ,keep a keen eye for any old bow for sell ad, you may pick up a good bargain except time is not on your side.(but who knows?) Your teacher is not likely getting used to your heavy wooden bow. (Is it a South America maker bow ? I figured)
  12. Be different. I know that no violinist wants to be called a fiddler.
  13. ----------------------------------------- " why aren't you making a violin yet? " ---------------------------------------------- I want to make "good" violin, not just a violin (just like you ). I am not anywhere near that yet. First thing , for me ,is to do is to identify other peoples' concept of a "good" violin and its characters, but we have not agreed generally what "good" violins are.( Remember,everybody tells you it is subjective , players dependences etc.). Right? Qustion on top of question.
  14. Okay,Okay. (you have better reasons than I thought,but enough reason?) You have fun projects going. Do you care how will it be your end product ? (Don't take it as an insult. Just be objective, yours vs Joe's)
  15. Hi All, I don't understand the logic behind this motive. Some said he didn't like the violins he had tried and so started to make his own, and others complained the prices in general. These are usual reasons given. Is that simple? I hold an opposite view. My estimate 75% of all violins are quite decent and reasonable priced. For example, American contemporary makers build excellent violins,(I have tried 3 or 4 this type), a little pricy maybe but not enough to complain about. Look around and do a little foot work. Try them before you say I am wrong. I really feel that way . Thank you for listening.
  16. Fiddles are intended for playing fiddle music which consist mostly first positions notes.
  17. Fellow

    I won! (eBay)

    Congratulation winner, lucky you. It looks quite good from picture. Thanks for sharing. /Yuen/
  18. ---------------------------------------------- "..The violin (?newer Chinese) I have now, to my ear, has a shrill tone, kind of piercing, and is just a bit fuzzy sounding. This may sound odd, but the e string is difficult for me to hear a distinct pitch on- sort of subtly out of tune no matter how I shift the intonatio -------------------------------------------- Most likey you have a steel string on E (cheap e-string)(not a wound e-string)and/or the bridge on the higher side. Have you taken your violin to a luthier for an examination?
  19. (continue) What I meant was that people seldom want openly to endorse one brand over the other (many grades), one maker over the others (many diiferent years of makes). It is because it is easily overlook other aspects and do unjestice to some. (For example ,a maker had bad violins in early years but turned out good ones in later years.)
  20. To me, buying a new violin is not the same of buying a new car. Going by the brand name for cars is almost always Okey. For violins,my best advice is to talk to some folks who know violins and whom you can trust. Good players usually reluctantly offer advice on purshasing. In my experience,it is a lot tougher (than cars).
  21. Thank you, Sammy " (People looks at a violin) Is it an art object or a tool to make music ? They asked themselves. " If the answer is an art object, do nothing to it is best course. If answer is a tool, then make it a best tool possible. It is a point of view thing. Money or no money. A violin has two faces. (my $0.02)
  22. ------------------------------------------------------- Amen bro'. But I think I understand that there are different motives behind shopping for a violin. If I were a violinist with enough bucks to buy a Fagnola AND I wanted a really nice violin to play which I personally really liked, I would buy any Fagnola which I could afford, and keep some small change to buy a really nice violin to play for under $5000. Then I could claim to play a Fagnola - and play the other one when it really counts. Jacob ------------------------------------------------------ If I read this post correctly it means "Fagnolas" has a high price tag . The price tag alone impresses anybody (controversal about sound)? Wow, what a luck violin it is. Has anyone tried it and reported its greatness? (At least a half dozen qualified players have tried it to be sure) Did it happen ? Please share your knowledge of this "Fagnolas". Thank you.
  23. ".....seen the violins of one maker who I know builds thick stiffen up in about 4 or 5 years to the point where ".....customers say the violin isn't as nice as it was before. There's no way, as a customer, for you to know, unless you measure, yourself AND know what's right for a particular type of violin....." Mr. Darnton said. A German trade violin weighs a ton. If you suddenly find a German light weight trade violin and look at inside you see a lot of new chisel marks would that be sufficeint a clue?
  24. " ...If you haven't seen Fagnolas......" True, I have not seen , or heard of this violin you think it worths my effort to seek out that opportunity. Very few violins are really stand out ( in term of sound) I just don't have such luck.(to tell you the truth) May be two or three I actually played on them are good among 50. Other good violins,I know from people keep telling how great they are. Being told vs experienced it by playing is a different thing. Do you know any good violin that you think "you must have" ? (Don't tell me you want a Strad lol)
  25. Would here in this forum experts who know the difference please help? Conservaotry vs concert. Thank you in advance.
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