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  1. May I suggest you go to Stringworks University (website) to read construction 101. You would know what would be involved in making an instrument. I have no desire to make any instrument. Glue alone is a science.Good luck.
  2. Hi, You can make a violin shape object with any kind of material. Calling it a violin is a confusing idea. I don't want to learn another "word" (violin)which is not we have been understood all along regardless its sound.
  3. It is a good buy in my opinion. Enjoy it.
  4. Believe me you don't know well-fitted pegs until you have them. If you do have well-fitted pegs then you need only one fine tuner on E (violins). I have used Wittner's built-in fine tuners on two of my three violins together with a quartz tuner I get my violins perfectly tuned every time. I also have my third violin with only one fine tuner on E but the pegs have recently been refitted and they are in good working order.
  5. " A label has been affixed for your amusement, your truely Jacob 2004 "...... (very fine print) Just a thought.
  6. "...If the owner wants a label, I let him pick a facsimile from Bachmann, which I then photocopy, "treat" and insert.." Make sure it carries some words like this: "it is a fake label and no deception intended etc."
  7. ----------------------------------------------------------- I do think that within, say, 50 years, electronic stringed instruments will be more and more important in composition and performance, and within 100 years....... ------------------------------------------------------ I don't think so. People like violin because it looks simple yet very complicated and challenged to learn and to play. It is human nature. Why people like to climb mountains? They use helicopters follow them (to climb).
  8. True. It is better be suspicious than sorry. Happy, cautious,proud owner as a result. Not bad at all.
  9. A case of suspicious nature of a violin owner, would you say?
  10. Is this new?......... .... "beauty is only in the eyes of the beholder"
  11. Hi Jacob I meant the overall weight kind. First time I visited William Lewis (violin shop) in Chicago, the luthier (Becker? a tall fellow) showed me his hand-made as soon as I held it in my hand I noticed it was a lot lighter. In that shop there were a lot of August Fickers violins which weight a ton (German trade instruments). Immediately I learnt there were differences in weight. Many years later I happened in a friend's house he showed me his Becker always very light, another Italian old violin, also on the light side. It seems the wood of these violins had lost a lot of moisture that made it light?? or they were different kinds of wood to beginwith. I wonder. If I were a luthier I would try to lose more the moisture of the wood before I glue them together. Just my thought.
  12. Hi All, If you have tried enough number of violins you cannot help finding some are light weight instruments. My impression of light weight having more power (louder) and heavy weight having more concentrated (focused) tones. My questions are (1)A false sense ? ( More vibration because of its closeness to ears but not necessary true a few feet away) (2) Why some violins are so heavy ? (Is it beacause easy to make?) (3) Which kind is more perferable? Experts here please help.
  13. To me, a good bow is well balanced. Weight distribution is very important. One cannot see it from picture. What I noticed in the picture some hardware are missing and re-hair is needed, a $150 or more worth of repair is required to bring it in working order. Does it worth the money ? You can check its stiffness to see if it is made out of good wood, (of permunbuco ? sp.) Near the tip of my two (good) bows look a lot slim than the corresponding part of yours. You can replace all these hardware yourself, you can find them in many internet websites. (Not too expensive, not very good neither) I hope this help.
  14. Hi Kalisto, Thank you for the clarification of your position. I drew the implication mostly of my own. High quality ,I meant, higher model numbers, like 350 instead of 250, more decorative or better set up etc. As you notced there is a big gap between rentals and the high quality instruments which I agree 100% and it was also my experience. I know my friend went pass auditions which was important to his career, spent a fortune in every step on the way to use "professional" instruments. It ought to have a reason which I don't understand at all. My daughter went for a competition, I failed to support her with expensive instrument. Other contestants used "expensive" violins , she beated most of them except last two or three out of 50. I told her it was good enough. If the judge did not impressed by your sound they would not vote in favor of you , not the last round. (it was 25 years ago) I think it is still the same now.
  15. Hi All, especially experts here. Would you say a high quality trade instrument is the minimum requirement for learning to play. That is what the poster has suggested. Lower than that quality (trade)the learners have to pay the price for strugling with the instruments. For competition or auditons of any kind when the learner passes a certain treshold, needs a good hand-made instrument. Trade instruments usually lack the power and projections. Please fill in. ( I am trying to learn more in this violin world), thank you in advance
  16. Karla, I don't understand that a 1609 violin must have a stronger bass bar to be able to support the modern strings. Right? Did the luthier say anything about this?
  17. Hey Mighty, I like your attitude. To be a good luthier,I think you need to be able to take a lot of criticisms especially from someone like me who dosen't know very much but talks a lot. Luckily there many experts here in the forum, these luithers who have good attitude and are willing to help. I think you will make it.
  18. I am so glad to read your post. Thank you for your up-date. Let me say you have got a " rare fine violin". Enjoy it.
  19. I can see you have a great desire of making violins. No question of your ability, it is the least of my concern. I am really afraid once you have started you cannot stop, like eating potato chip, never stop with just one. Have you think about that? Think hard, my friend. May be a good thing. Who knows? I know Pek-men but it is unreal (only a computer game). Your adventure is real.
  20. ------------------------------------------- Leonid Kogan struggling over. Although, I think that many advanced violinists maybe don't have ----------------------------------------- HI, I don't think Mr.Kogan had problem. It was the way he placed his fingers. When I was a student learning to play, my violin professor (one of a big ten Universities ) told me that the German School teach their students place their fingers on violin like a hammering.) he thought it was silly. Just my recollection.
  21. Be sure he knows that you are requesting payments;he probably had a lot on his mind but no excuse for music lesson tuitions. Let the kid bring a note to him or just call him up is better than e-mailing so you know his responses.
  22. ------------------------------------------------------- " only to find that it's not suitable for a serious classical violinist. Does anybody know if, when restored, this violin would...... ------------------------------------------------------- Why you do think it is not suitable for classical music? I know people who have been playing Mozart concertos and other composers' concertos with this violin (Fake Schwietzer) it was fine. For performing on stage, you may need a better violin with good projection or more powerful one but that is something else.
  23. If you are very serious in violins,(you really mean it) you should start looking for rare fine violins which are very expensive and take your time to find out more. Go to only very reputable places and talk to many good players first (such as Orchestra Concert masters of big cities or the like).
  24. To my best knowledge (as a player) your violin is either (1)a genuine Schweitzer or (2) a fake (like mine). If (1), I don't know anything about and I imagine it worths a fortune. If (2)(mostly like case) then it is still a pretty good violin, worths to keep. Hope this help.
  25. It is a kind of scary. Suppose someone intentionally runs it over by a truck. There is always another person fixing it at no time. 2200 minus a few will be always in circulation. I am worried.
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