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  1. [ ++++++++++++ True, your local shop usually carries most the violins you want. The first search of course is your local shop.
  2. +++++++++++ $1500 is a ball park number. $1700 is not wrong. You are right about the value of the violin,repair cost should be factored in. That is, Making it in a playble condition is important.All costs add up. Is 5th of November a tax free day? No government allows that.
  3. [ ++++++++++ The words "best makers " have a problem. The list should be long. so it bounds to be incomplete. Who is the judge to decide whom should be in and whom should be out? Since most players have limited fund to buy a violin, why not just try enough number of violins and decide. If it is about the best you can do with your money then buy it. I know many players who never know if their violins are the "best"
  4. +++++++++++ The price is about right, ie, $1500. (not more)
  5. +++++++++++++++ No two violins are identical. There may be some difference that you may overlook. Who would say look alike violins should sell for the same price? If you buy from ebay make sure you can return it if you don't like it. On the other hand, which seller would refund your money after you bought it? Most sellers would not want to be bothered. Best way is to try it first. if you like it buy it.
  6. [qu +++++++++++++++++++ Since you are a violinist it is easy for you just go to a local violin shop of the city where you are visiting to try violins yourself. Listen to other people's opinions is not the way to go. Recommendations are form of opinions. I do not even look at the labels, better not to know who made it.
  7. +++++++++++++ Take it easy. Nothing is as so bad as you think. A bit uneven is natural. Varnish is used to protect the wood, not to please someone's eyes. All violin wears are uneven. No big deal to me.
  8. +++++++++++++++ You people perhaps do not know. In China. Blind people make their living by singing. They walk on street at night (less trafic) and sing. Some people invitethem to sing in their houses for 5 to10 min to sing a few songs and then tip them. They live on tips. It is so hard to make a living. It seems the same way here too.
  9. ++++++++++ Basically it is high school physics. Sound is a vibration of air (propagating through air (sound waves). light is entirely different. it is not clear how light is propagates. Some says quantum. Some says light wave. some says both. I do not know what to believe. light can go through vacuum but sound cannot.
  10. ++++++++++++ True, but energy could be in many forms. Sound is only one form, heat is another. If heat energy is changed into sound, then it would seem it gain something. .
  11. +++++++++ Poincare , Newton, Einstein were the wise men we have ever known. Do I forget anyone? Bacon ? Should I include Obama?
  12. ++++++++++++ There are good sound violins today and bad violins today. My impression is that age has not much to do with sound, but bad ones will be destroyed (disrepaired) by people who dislike them. So, good ones will survive.
  13. ++++++++++ There are a million of adjustments to be made on a new violin. A player would feel walking into an unfamiliar territory when he tries a new violin. It may take days or weeks to feel comfortable to play a new violin.
  14. ++++++++++++++ Often, Some conditions are necessary but not sufficient. A violin being old age is not necessarily to make it good. It is also true that a good newly made violin will improve with age. Age is matter too. There is no contradiction.
  15. ++++++++++ Make a trip to a closed by violin shop and look at one similar. You may not find another one like made in 1912 but it gives you some idea its price. I would think quality of the wood is more important than its age. Other people may think the contrary.
  16. Fellow

    Oslo tragedy

    ++++++++++++++++++ Oslo is a beautiful and peaceful place of a part of the world. It is beautiful because it is peaceful. What made this man so mad?
  17. +++++++++++++ If they were alive today, they would not know how to learn from each other . Sequence of events would be all mixed up.
  18. [ ++++++++++++ I think "fixing things" is a challenge. Sometime we enjoy doing it even there is no financial gains as a result. I do not like to see thing broken and unuseful. It is a waste. If a violin is not worth to be fixed it probably it was not worth to be made in the first place. Let alone pass the ownership to other. I have a few old violins that were in pieces when I got them. I fixed them and make them playable. To my surprise they sound as they look, not good but not bad neither. I have not sold any of my violins. They are joys. Each one has its own individual sound.
  19. +++++++++++++ Interesting. The man seemed happy in the photo. The Strad looked real too. Are there other attics like this one ? Let us organize a group to hunt another Strad ?
  20. ++++++++++++ Years ago, I saw a price quote in a violin shop: verbal appraisal; $50, written $150. It is good to bring it to a good violin shop to evaluate it for sure. A mistake could cost you a lot more. Or go to a violin shop and ask for a similar kind of violin to try. You will learn what price that kind of violins will be selling for.
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