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  1. [q ++++++++++++ Anything ( such event) could happen. A fact that it was a fake makes a big difference in its value to be relevent only its discovery before it was stolen not after the fact. Whose creditablity is in question? The user or the keeper of a multi-million dollars instrument has the responsibility of having taken measure to make sure it would not be stolen. If it is a fake, the thief may be happy to return the instument. No one lose any sleep. I could happen too.
  2. [quote +++++++++++++ Why? If the seller's description is right, price is right and with a return policy I do not see any risk there.
  3. +++++++++++ Beauty is only in the eyes of beholder if your violin is working fine for you now why you need another violin? if it does not then bring it to your local luthier to fix it. Sometime a little repair work (better set up) makes a big difference.
  4. +++++++++++ Welcome. You will find many interesting and friendly people here. Enjoy your participation. English is my second language too. ++++++++++++
  5. +++++++++++ $5,900 is a lot for a violin of this kind, I agree. One time (three years ago) I saw a member of an amaturer orchestra who had a violin like this. I believe he paid that kind of money. It had a slight bigger sound but less focused. If he wanted this kind of sound it might worth it but I don't.
  6. +++++++++++++ Wow. I understand. My advice : " Try a few violins of similar prices before hand out your money " many good looking violins do not play well. Or they sound well in certain conditions only" in short, do some homework first.
  7. +++++++++++ You don't have to convince a lot of people to buy your violins. One person is enough. The party who bought it may sell it in a later days or later years and make a profit. Who knows? A lot of things we think it would never happen in life it happened. " Hundred hundred of mircles happen every day". (lyric taken from a song) Hold on your Wallet(rylics of another song, I don't remember)
  8. +++++++++++++++++ No label? The fittings look like Chinese.
  9. ++++++++++++ I think it is what exactly happening inside of a violin. It is like a small ball (Sounfd post) rests on a bowl, except it is an upside down bowl.
  10. I believe the SP can move. Friction alone can hold it in position but vibration is constantly working to loosing it up when it is played. It depends on which factor is going to dominate the other. Either way (move or not move) is possible.
  11. [ ++++++++++++ Put an ad in a local music school,or a grocery store etc. ask a resonable price. I am sure other people would be interested in it. Make sure it is in decent condition and playable, with a return policy in 10 days.
  12. [ ++++++++ Have a luthier check for your violin. Sometime a new bridge will do .
  13. ++++++++++++++++++ I do not know cellos, only violins. GA Ficker instruments have many grades. You can tell easily by the quality of worksmanship and material. The labels (different models) can tell you too. I have a Kreutzer (model) violin by GA Ficker. It is an an excellent violin. (looks Strad, sounds like Strad) I have seen other Fickers which are lower grade student instruments. the German company knew what they were doing. The make different grades of instruments for different bugets levels of customers.
  14. [++++++++++ Only $3,500 USD, it is a bargain . If you find a good luthier to fix it up (fix all loosing parts) , I am sure it would worth more. First thing is to have a new label, secondly a set of good strings and a better violinist to demonstrate. Play fast notes and double stops.
  15. [q +++++++++++++ I do not know exactly what is the function of a SP performing in an usual situation. I believe the SP 's job is to support the roof like columns in a building. Its shape may not be important but its strength is. Its hardness (elasticity) may be important too. Just my guessing. Newly made SP are usuaaly weak like those I made for myself.Those I cut them from SP stick which one can find easily in a violin supply store. The old ones from the violin usually are better. So I ended up using my original SP. Only those SP originally I found are too short I replace them with new ones.
  16. uote] ++++++++++ The thread ( post) was a few years old. My thought on answering this question has changed a lot. If you have $6,000 to spend on a violin now why not just go to a good shop and try a few violins. If you find something you like, buy it. If you have not bought anything, then what is the point of wasting all this time? You probably do not need any better violin. As my old teacher used to say " You do not need a better violin, but better practice" (vert true) a better sound of a note can be made by playing it better,
  17. it needs to be mass produced to make a living. Knife and folk won't do.
  18. [quks, Austin ++++++++++++++ Your guess is just good as that of anybody's. The violin was factory or machine made, it is so even and so smooth. Germany had that kind of technology, mass produced at that period of time, ie, right after WWI and needed money badly. to pay back huge some due to that fact that (Germany) had lost the war (WWI) and allied wanted Germany repay the damage
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