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  1. ++++++++++++++ I do not know much about Chinese violins, because I am in US. I believe there are good violins made in China sold here in US for the price. If you like the price and quality of the violin, buy it or don't, that is your choice. There is no universal recommendation. I have good German violins and bad German junks. Visit some shops here you will learn quickly. Shops usually stock merchandises that can be sold easily with profits. "Tian (sky) ying (sound) " = " sound from heaven"
  2. +++++++++++++++++ I have never driven a BMW but my Honda Accord (quiet, stable, quick) is just a nice as a Mercides which I had two before. People hardly comapre violins because it is time consuming. It takes so much time to set up one violin to the best way you want and then compare it with another whch hopely equally nice. You know how hard it is to be fair.
  3. If this is my violin, I would not open it. Vacuum the inside with a small rubber hose which is connected to a house hold vacuum clearner. (suck the dust balls out) Put new strings on it and play.Often this kind of violins carry amazing sound. That surprised me. If you open it what more can you do for it? Cheap does not necessarily mean bad.
  4. [ ++++++++ Making a violin in a right way, selling a violin in the right place, paying the service are all good things we embrace, I am a good citizen, I do not buy things from merchants who do not fellow the regular rules. I think many people have the same feel.
  5. ++++++++++++ In chosing a violin, I would not buy or judge a violin from listening to a recording, because the player has a great deal to do with the sound. Playing strings is pretty complicated. The instrument has to be reasonably well made to begin with. I can play a few notes on a piano without lessons. It would sound reasonably pleasing. I would not think I can do the same on a violin without lessons..
  6. ++++++++++++ One has better presentation.
  7. ++++++++++++ How about Mittenwald? A well known voilin making place you have not mentioned it. I do not know enough geography to say anything. When I buy a violin I play it for few hours before I decide. Check out if the material used are good quality and if age is pretty old or old enough. If the price meets my pocketbook.etc. Generally it is true, the more you pay the better you get. Then what is new? Here is, buy a violin slightly higher than you can afford. So, you do not have to upgrade it too often. In a long run you are better off. Or, you buy a broken violin and ask someone fix it for you. The risk is there, it may not turn out the way you expected in the sound department. No risk no gain. A broken violin has a lot of noise when it is played. If you are lucky, after fixing the cracks, the noise may go away. Sometime it may not. I have had both kinds experiences. You learn it from your repair work. It makes you think .
  8. [ +++++++++++++++++++ (quoted) " A nice EH Roth made around 1920s selling for $9000... After this experience, I actually have some fears toward the idea of "trying violins in a violin shop"..... (quoted) The reason you can see it because it is still available (unsold). If you like it you can make a counter offer (lower offer). Sometime you may be able to buy it from a private owner and get a better deal. Every private sale situation is different and set its price accordingly . Check the listing of this forum. The adv connects sellers and buyers, a great service. Why not use it?
  9. +++++++++++ It is very easy to do If you go to a violin shop and try their violins. Most shops carry German made violins, including new ones. I visit violin shop a lot of time (avoid weekends) to see what they have offer in prices and sound. You can do likewise.
  10. ++++++++++ below that on the base of the violin it reads “1871.” (quoted) I have a violin it reads " 1781" ( I believe it was made in 1900 or later) One time the shop owner would use some sort of inventory number or ID number. (meaningless in term of time) Imagine a violin shop has hundred of violins for sale, how to keep track of them, a number system is a good choice.
  11. +++++++++++++ The seller has changed his mind. so could the buyer too. A lot of other good violins are out there. Why only consider just one. Many good old violins are broken but fixed. They sound great too. I bought a broken German violin of 1850 and fixed it. I have done a good setup for it. Now It sounds great. Only you don't care the look. Possibilities are prentty.
  12. As in any business, some are honest and some are not. It is better to have face to face to the seller or know a bit about the history (track record)
  13. +++++++++ You are right. It is over priced. $4K maybe.
  14. [ +++++++++ Without pictures and seeing them, you can say whatever you want.
  15. ++++++++++++ $8k is not bad a deal if you know it is trully a Roth (top of the line) . One needs the help of an expert. May be ask Roth shop to certify it.
  16. ++++++++++++++ What is important now is not to over pay. $200 to $250 is not a bad deal. Cut an Okay bridge and put a new set of strings. You are in business for your students to play. look like you have to cut the bridge and buy new strings yourself to save.
  17. $80 a new bridge, a set of strings $70, what else? How come $400? send the rest to me.http:LOL
  18. [qu +++++++++++++ True, no one can get something for nothing. All good violins have prices. We need more shops like yours. It is good for everyone. I bought my violins on line (from reputable sites) about $2k few years ago, it was not a bad experience. I guess I was just plain lucky. I did not buy anything without return policy. That was my basic requirement. Worst comes to worst I risk the shipping cost. I did once return a violin within 3 days I bought on line. It was the case that no question was asked.As is was said, It took about a week to get my money back
  19. +++++++++++++++++++ Not many people can afford to shop in a violin shop. Some shops do not sell anything less than $4k. Have you been there?
  20. ++++++++++ It is a fact or just your guess? No one I know to believe a label. Most buyers are sharp shoppers. They usually play a few fast passages and start open thier doors of violin knowledge. You better walk away not listening.
  21. +++++++++++++++ The Seller does not want to waive his condition to sell. He has the right to do so and he said it right at the beginning. We have to respect his right and take your (or our) chance. $0.99 only, why anyone bid more and want more. Once I tried to sell my house. Some took my offers and then changed their mind. People are greedy you know. Once in their hands they do not think the same way when they made the offers. I put it on market again plus broker conmissions and 8% more. It sold it next day. They do not trust owners no matter how sincere and fair you are.
  22. [q +++++++++++ " Sound good" does not mean anything to a person who has never heard it. I have tried many violins. some are just good violins. (good material, solid construction, good varnish etc)
  23. +++++++++++++++ Use a Kun shoulder rest ( about $22, or something equivalent). Make sure the height is correct (not too high or too low) to fit you. That is, you can hold your violin without using your hands when you are not plaing. When you are playing, your left hand counter your right hand bow pressure with easy. That is, your left hand can move up and down on the fingerboard relatively free.
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