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    New forum

    Looks good to me!
  2. Welcome back Craig! It hasn't been the same without you. Glad to hear you're doing well. Hope to hear a lot more from you.
  3. quote: Originally posted by: COB3 Second the motion for Lynn Hannings...or if you write to Craig Tucker, in Roswell, NM, he has a tutorial he wrote that is pretty fair, too. But Lynn is suberb. Chet I have Craig's tutorial and he also has a DVD that's good. He will also answer any questions you have. He used to post here but hasn't been on for a while, but he would be a great resource.
  4. muddycreek


    I have talked to Craig on the phone also. He is more that willing to share any information that he has. He has helped me tremendously with bow rehairing. He is also my favorite poster. I wish you a speedy recovery Craig!
  5. Thanks for the advice Melvin and Ken, and I also forgot to mention I made a new soundpost for it and have tried different positions. I will try both of these suggestions.
  6. I am working on a violin and am having a persistent problem that everything that I try to do to correct it doesn't seem to work. It is a no label fairly cheap instrument. The G and D strings are loud and deep. The E string is pretty normal. My problem is the A string on the B note. It seems like that note is extremely muted. I have tried several brands of strings, thinned the bridge top, kidney, thickness, checked for open seams or cracks, changed the string afterlength all to no avail. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  7. That's one reason I decided to grow a beard...trying to shave with a straight razor some 40 years ago.
  8. International Violin has some. http://www.internationalviolin....aspx?CategoryCode=180
  9. Dan, Let me know how it works on your bifocals, I have scratches on mine too.
  10. Matt, you're getting to be an expert pretty quick! Great lookin ff holes
  11. Then after you glue it you could build it up re-varnish it and nobody would know.
  12. quote: Originally posted by: colledge Matt, I beilieve anything that Howard Core sells at a "Net" price, they will sell to anyone. It's only cases, strings, finished instruments, etc. that you must be a dealer. Sean To become a dealer all you have to do is give them your tax id.
  13. I got a very nice one from dov music. I didn't rebar it but did regraduate it. It sounded very nice when finished. http://www.dov-music.com/proddetail.asp?prod=1242
  14. quote: Originally posted by: mamawelder International violin sells the super stinky stuff. I like to get mine from Dov. He has two types one for tops and one that is a bit more adhesive for everything else. It doesn't smell and is clear. What I got from them didn't stink at all. And as someone else posted I also keep mine in the fridge after I've finished. It keeps for months for me that way.
  15. I get mine from International Violin and have never had a problem with it. I know a lot of people us Kremer with good results also.
  16. quote: Originally posted by: MANFIO Hi muddycreek! I found that strange also, but I'm happy there are still some guys making their instruments in their own, traditional, regional way. I'm glad too! It gives me another way to look at things. I'm famous for thinking my way is the only way. These guys have a different way then mine are do a much better job then I do.
  17. quote: Originally posted by: MANFIO I think Heron Allen's "Violin Making as it Was and Is" deals with an outside mold, the "French mold" as we say in Italy. According to Sacconi, it was introduced by Vuillaume. Some makers of the Genovese school used it, such as Cand and others. I think that in this films (in Italian) with violin makers of Acoli an outside model is used, along with other quite peculiar techniques: I think it's interesting to see these peculiar techniques such as carving out the plate while holding it in his hand and carving the scroll holding it in his hand. I have to have some kind of clamping device to do both of these jobs. Also stringing up the violin before putting in the soundpost. Different strokes...I guess.
  18. I was also impressed by the scroll clamp/vise. It was also the first ouside mold I have seen in action.
  19. While watching Matt's video on purfling I ran across this one from Gliga.
  20. Great job Matt! It takes me about half a day to do that....and you've given me some good tips there too.
  21. Here is their contact phone number 256-238-9966. I couldn't find it on the website either, but it is on their catalog.
  22. I think you have packed the violin very well. I would now pack the whole thing in an big box filled with styrofoam peanuts. This is how my distributor sends me violins and the violn is not nearly as well packed as yours. I haven't received a damaged one yet.
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