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  1. Hey Everybody, I was wondering if any one has found a nice, fitted replacement case cover for a vintage Jaeger violin case. Upon doing a little searching I found this cover: http://www.gewamusic.com/197.html?&no_...xt=case%20cover I like the looks of it (as it stays relatively true to the original design) however, I am not sure if it will fit (as I believe the new Jaegers are a little thinner than the older ones). Does anyone have experience with these case covers or know the dimensions? Thank you!
  2. That is certainly a beautiful peice. It seems to carry some attributes found in the Hills work. Excuse my ignorance but, I've never heard of anyone not using a bow for fear that the frog may get less "pretty." I use, love, and enjoy playing my Hill with tortoise and fleur. Maybe I should stop...? Anyways, seems nice, I bet it plays even better, too bad you must part with it.
  3. I'm not so srue memory is expected. If you go onto CMU music web site, when there is something that needs to be played from memory (piano/organ auditions) they specifically state it. I looked pretty hard on the web and the admission book they sent me, and I can't find anything about playing from memory, except for piano/organ. I might be wrong or course, as yuen put it "we still are human," so I'll probably ask this along with a few other questions when I talk to music admissions. Also, how important is it to audition live. Because I'm visiting in a few weeks, my parents think it is best for me to audition when i'm there (not much time). Music admissions has told me that a cd is just fine, as long as they receive it by nov. 1 (ed deadline). Would you say that there is a better chance to be accepted if you apply early decision? I know your chances increase if you're applying for an academic subject, but I'm not too sure in the area of music. I'm sure there is far less competition! I think there is a good shot I'll apply early descision, but im not 100% yet. Thanks for the help!
  4. Hey yuen, the college will specifically say which peices need to be from memory, is any. Some schools such as Julliard, Curtis and UMich want everything from memory (i belive they want to hear scales, 1 paganini, any concert 1st mvt, and bach s/p) and they say that on their web sites. In my case CMU dosent say anything about memory, so I'm not going to play from memory.
  5. I actually just read the requirements a little bit more carfully and for number three it says concerto or sonata by Bach. Here are my best choices that fit the criteria for requirement III: Bach-Partita II Bruch-Concerto gm Mvt I (not so sure) Kreisler-Liebsleid Prokofiev-March Sarasate-Malaguena I feel pretty certain about the Bach and I've performed it numerous times infront of many people, most of which have really enjoyed my interpretation. Some say they can even see my passion and love for the violin through this peice, so I tend to lead toward it for number III of the requirements. Oh yeah, are they looking for only a sonata and not a partita by Bach, because it does say "a movement of a concerto or sonata by bach"? My private teacher and I both see that as either a sonata or partita because in the case of Bach, they both go together. Maybe I should play it safe and contact admissions? Thanks!
  6. Here's exactly what they are asking for: 1. Scales: any major or minor keys as requested. 2. One etude by Mazas, Kreutzer, or Fiorillo. 3. A movement of a concerto or sonata by Bach, or a representative work of the romantic or contemporary period. Here's what I was thinking of playing: 1. It obviously depends 2. Fiorillo 26 3. I'm a little uncertain...if I were to do a concerto it would probably be the first movment of either Beethoven or Bruch g. If I were to do Bach it would be Partita no 2, 1st mvt. If I were to do romantic or contemporary peice it would probably be something like Beethoven romance 2 (don't think thats actually romantic era but it might slide?) or Prokofiev. I must say though, that I am not as comfortable performing either of thoes concertos as I am the shorter peices (Beethoven Bach Prokofiev), but with some hard practicing, they could be wraped up quite nicely.
  7. With the entire college audition process just around the corner, are there any tips that you all have for college auditions? My top choice is Carnegie Mellon (music major (violin), business minor). They require scales & Fiorillo & concerto mvt/romantic wrk/contemporary wrk/bach(s.p.). I'm probably going to play Fiorillo 26, Bach Partita 2 first mvt, & Prokofiev 3 Oranges March (if they ask for a third peice because Bach is kind of short). These peices are thoes of which I am comfortable with and disply my best qualities. Do thoes seem like alright choices? Thanks!
  8. I would call that completly normal wear. If you goto any violin shop and check out some bows most of the sticks will be without varnish chips. The Hill bow I am currently using has numerous chips and it's a great bow. Chipping generally occours from either what you are doing or the pressure on the bow is too great for the stick. I understand that it is no big deal to get a little varnish applied to the stick if this really bothers you, it shouldnt hurt the value. Unfortunatly many students don't understand the idea of cleaing the stick of the bow when finishing a session, let alone cleaning the instrument it's self, but it is widley considerd a must. So don't worry, you and your bow are fine!
  9. Does anyone know if there is a way to preserve authentic whalebone wrappings? On the violin bow I am currently using, the whalebone appears to be wearing down and getting more thin where one's index finger rests. I would very much like to preserve the, now illegal, substance on this fine bow. Any ideas, similar issues, or working solutions would be great to hear! Thanks!
  10. I know what you are goin through, and a bowhand that needs to be fixed can be quite frustrating. When I have had to make changes to my poor bow hand habits, I have found there is no easy way to fix the problem. You have first done well by identifiying the issue you but now, you need to start playing with what many would consider a "correct" right hand. There are certain bowing techniques that do require, or are quite simplified, if you do tilt the bow. For a majority of the time however, you want most of the hair to be flat on the strings. You might want to try bringing your wrist down, which will flaten the hair. I do belive that by using your forearm and upperarm to add presure to the bow, instead of simply using your hand, your playing level will increase. By doing this, you will keep your wrist nice and relaxed while still having the ability to play loudly. Some more really great resources you might want to look into include: Ivan Galamian's book on Violin Playing and Teaching and another violin technique book writen by Albert Fracht (I can't think of the name right now). I'm not much of a teacher, but I figured I'd throw in my two cents. Hope this helps you one way or another!
  11. Beneath the hair on the tip the number "1" is stamped. Also, the letters match on the frog and stick. I belive Retford made this frog, but I do not know how to verify this. But, like you said "the reason is not simply authenticity." Thanks!
  12. For a authentic W.E. Hill & Sons bow-- t-shell, fleur., and silver mounted, is 4500 a fair price? My teacher and I both agree that this bow plays suberbly (my teacher says I'm crazy not to buy it). It was made by Arthur Copley in 1957. Any comments are welcome! Thanks! Also, is it true that the Hills reserved the best sticks for the fancier frogs?
  13. Andy, Have you been pleased with the replacement handles? Also, do they tend to match the Jaeger style and look? Thnaks! Alex
  14. Hey, I have a semi old Jaeger case that is in great condition aside from the handle. It is starting to wear to the point where it's coming apart. I have been contacting the Gewa company but they no longer have the specific handle in stock. Does anyone have any suggestions on aquiring this same handle or any other ideas on another high-quality leather handle? Thanks! Alex
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