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  1. Sorry; I need to start a new thread...
  2. I'm not suggesting there's anything wrong with them; on the contrary.
  3. Kathy, I don't follow you: It looks so easy??
  4. Well, it's moot, 'cause it's not working, Ken. Sorry... Connie
  5. Yeah, I see that it's not working. Shoot. I'm putting that poll up on ProViolin and string_teacher_support and suzukiUSA if anyone is interested. Just give me a minute or two. Sorry about that; I didn't know you could only opt for one. Connie
  6. Another addition to these questions would be: 8. Do you offer discounts for families?
  7. Marie, I hope you won't take this as a personal criticism; it's certainly not meant as one (and anyway, anyone named "Marie" must be nice; that's my mother's name and my middle name! Items of this sort pop up every once in a while, but I am very, very suspicious of this kind of thing. They might be okay for people playing baseball, but for musicians, they are reminiscent of a contraption that Robert Schuman used...which caused him to lose his ability to play the piano, at all. I think this kind of thing can be very dangerous for a musician. My .02 Best wishes and Happy New Year, etc., Connie
  8. Hi Yuen: The instruments that we're looking at for me are all copies. None of them are the originals, which belong in museums or with very eminent players who can afford them, and afford to insure them. I would not feel comfortable with one. However, a 10-12K or even up to 20K would be fine for me. It's just this search of finding the right one that is causing a problem right now. I like Dan Larson and now I like these, the http://www.atelierlabussiere.com/ca012.htm But I don't have the price list on these yet. I'm wondering about the bows, too. Connie
  9. Check out this animation: http://www.atelierlabussiere.com/ca012.htm Amazing. Looks like a nice shop, too.
  10. BTW, Mr. Borseman on ProViolin had this to say: In general professional musicians opinions is, A. Strads are brighter, Del Gesu Guarneries darker and more powerful sounding than Strads, N. Amatis sweeter and less powerful sounding than Strads, et cetera. I can assure you, there are plenty of exceptions. Well, I believe in never discus taste or myths. My advice is look for a pure long ringing sound that can blend in and stand out at the same time. First position and open E-string will sound marvellous on a good violin, as well as the highest positions. These qualities are rare to find among modern violins. Please look at http://www.atelierlabussiere.com/ Ivan Labussiere, several makers, scientists and I always share our latest knowledge. Ivan is an extremely gifted maker, for the time being working on his new violin-building book in Portuguese. ...your thoughts? Thanks, Connie
  11. I'm kind of curious. We're having a very long discussion on suzukichat about studio policies. I'd like to ask some questions, if I may. Among those of you who take private lessons, do you teachers request some or any of the following; similarly, if you teach, do you request that your students do any of the following: 1. Prepay by the month 2. 24 notice of cancellation 3. Group lessons mandatory (probably not with adult students, I would guess) 4. Recital performance mandatory (ditto) 5. No make-up's or make-ups only with 24 hour notice, but no make-ups if student does not call 6. Lesson is considered cancelled if student is more than 15 minutes late 7. Payments always due as scheduled, whether student is absent or not Please indicate If there are other issues which you think should be included in this list. Thanks, Connie
  12. I like the instruments here: ">http://www.daniellarson.com/violins/vln.htm Is there any kind of general notion about a comparison between copies of these great masters? e.g., Strads are sweeter, or ..I don't know...anything? Connie
  13. That's good, thank you. That's really not a chart, but it would be helpful if you know what you're after -- and Quinn has it for sale. Thanx!
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