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  1. This American fiddle was over today too, I didn't bid high enough! It is a later one, maybe not a master model, a titch big (as per usual with WW) but oh so pretty and clean!
  2. Thanks for the info PH, that's a nice one there! But yeah, I figured this was definitely not what it said, I just never saw that name before. I suppose I should break down and get a copy of Henley huh!
  3. Thanks! Well.. I don't have a copy of Henley myself, and I found next to nothing online. I am sadly lacking in reference material, but my luthier suggested this was Mirecourt. Which is better than I originally thought, I assumed it was a German trade name. Anyway maybe I'll bid on it; besides the ding out of the scroll it looks pretty good, especially for $0.99!
  4. Anybody seen one of these before?
  5. Mittenwald maybe? I've got a similar one with an Asa White label in it.
  6. I found him on Ebay, but how did you find his real name? Just curious as I'm from Seattle and the luthier I deal with probably knows him.
  7. That's what the label in this very nice fiddle I have says... "Guillaume Carbey 1798". It doesn't look typically French, more "Germanic", and has a nice dark red varnish. Not a thing had to be done, all graduations were perfect and it's solid all around. Sounds mature, rich, not nasaly, and very loud. But I can't find a scrap of info on the maker. I got it off Ebay last year and I've been trying to find out about it ever since! The consensus in the shop it's currently consigned to is that it's German but "it is a happy accident...they just got it right that time." Any ideas
  8. Exactly. It looks like a decent instrument, but certainly not what they are trying to represent it as. I'm not being shocked or anything, I just find it amusing that the same fiddles keep turning though people wouldn't notice that! Here's another one:
  9. Quote: Now, I present a challenge to all takers: CAN ANYONE PREDICT WHICH VIOLINS PKNORR WILL BID ON IN THE COMING WEEK?
  10. This has got to be the third if not fourth time I've seen this listing! And either this is the third or fourth time people have been suckered OR the shill bidders keep winning
  12. Ditto what Glen said, and I will add that you did SO much better than I did when I bought MY first fiddle on Ebay! Thats a "sweetie" as my luthier would put it
  13. As I understand it, things in the collecting arena are starting to turn in the direction of early 20th c. American violin makers. Ever since pknorr bought out all the Marknukirchen fiddles (aw, just joshin' ya PK!) the rest of us have had to figure out what else to appreciate that has been historically underappreciated. To that end I believe Jesse has been blazing the trail on Ebay, so I wanted to ask him for his opinion on these violins.
  14. That is pretty hilarious! Thanks for sharing
  15. I'm both really... OK well more of a collector than a player that's for sure! I do some fiddling but I'm just a beginner. As for the fiddle, I'll have my luthier take a look at it and see if it's worth the button graft it needs. If it is he'll fix it up, put it back together and see how it sounds. Depending on how it turns out I'll either keep it or leave it at his shop to sell on commission.
  16. I just got it on Ebay...Don't know about the fiddle but WOW look at that case! Woohoo! anyway just sharing
  17. Well, I have a few thoughts brand (could have been regraduated though) not good enough pictures of the scroll and a possible crack in the rib on the bottom but still! What do y'all think? PS Congrats PKnorr, I saw you finally got a Knorr! I thought you'd be winning this one
  18. WOW! I got the fiddle last week! It is BeeYOUteeful!! First of all it's not by Asa White, sadly but that's OK. It IS as Mittenwald as it gets, and we're thinking 1840-1850. Not ONE crack on it, one piece top, one piece back, one piece rib (complete with little nick on the bottom) and a gorgeous scroll. All original varnish and fittings too. But the best and most confusing part is, neatly overlapping the upper right corner of the Amati label is the Asa White label, which says plain as day "Jan. 1871"!! How could anyone miss tbat?! Even without that, it's obvious the fiddle is over 100 years old, not just 60! Anyway the work that was done, we think at AW White's shop, is that it was regraduated and got a new bassbar. The soundpost didn't fit AND was in upside-down, so Duane is making a new one, cutting a new bridge and setting it back up for me. I only get to his shop on the weekend so I've got to wait till next weekend to play it for the first time! Very excited! Oh! And the bow! WOW again! It's definitely a violin bow, it's light ish (I thought they said either 52 or 58g) and delicate rather than strong. It's nickle mounted and has the lizard and silver (tinsel?) wrap on it, which was being held on by scotch tape (shudder). The hair was falling out, and sticking out of the frog, um.. so that's being done over along with a new silver wrap. The current theory is that it is French. The stamp, if there was one, is worn clean off, but it looks like a hastily but well made Mirecourt bow. It plays VERY nicely, not as nice as the Hill, but nice I am VERY pleased!
  19. The listing says it's from the 40's but it looks older than that to me. Maybe 1890-1910ish Mittenwald? Also, wouldn't the A.W. White label itself put it in that time frame? Any ideas? And I gotta say I love the Liberace case! I think I might put sequins on it
  20. It went up almost ten grand in the last five minutes... starting at $9.99 mind you! The guy had no idea what he had until somebody came by his place and looked at it. After that he revised the listing saying the winner had 7 days to authenticate the instrument, and if they weren't satisfied, he'd refund the money. I emaild and asked where he got it, and here's the reply: "This violin was found under a bed in a house in Green Bay. The local hospital had purchased the property and solicited offers for the contents. The high bidder had no idea the violin was in the house and no idea what it was worth after he purchased it." I would love to see how this turns out!
  21. I suggest if you want a genuine Italian fiddle, you should spend that dough on a brand spanking new one by one of the new Cremonese makers from the exhibit this year. You'll be supporting the trade AND you'll have an instrument which will only go up in value over the years. Oh yes and I hear they sound fabulous to boot Just my $0.02!
  22. I got one just yesterday or the day before, but I think it's legit... It was that Roth reconstruction project I posted awhile back, apparently I was the 2nd highest bidder. I've heard of sellers offering to the 2nd highest bidder if the first one flakes out. I guess in this case the person had second thoughts about taking that on... so did I because I declined the offer
  23. If it's this one I don't feel so bad that, due to my login being timed out and I was in fact not logged in, I wasted a few seconds doing that and my bid didn't hit in time. GRRR!! I was very sad. However now it seems I never had a chance to begin with so that makes me feel better in a strange way! Suppose I should get me one o them snipe-o-matics Seriously though, this is a fine example of the "Clean Markneukirchen fiddles" mentioned previously. I imagine that Mr./Ms. Knorr must either Be, be related to, or very close to a Luthier. Somebody has to do the work on these fiddles that needs to be done at a price which, added to what she/he spends on the fiddles, would still would turn a profit either now or a year or two from now. Anyway I'm still sad as this really is a nice fiddle!