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  1. m">"1924 Roth" A customer working with my luthier's shop bought this and sent it to the shop. Everyone was in agreement as to what it really was, and when I looked at it myself, it was VERY clear that it was a Chinese instrument with a photocopied label and a fake brand. The brand was fairly well done, except it was too small in circumference and the oval was a bit too flat on the top. It was so heavily branded, I was surprised it didn't burn straight through the back! I personally would not have bought this from looking at the listing, not to mention this seller was "taking offers" without going through the entire Ebay process. However I thought I would send this out to the board to make everyone aware of it. The customer who bought it of course emailed the seller repeatedly with no reply, until he actually looked up the seller's home phone number and called him. The seller was obviously aware of what it was because he immediately agreed to give some of the money back. We will see if that actually happens....
  2. I always think the same thing! What, did the dog get ahold of it before they managed to get it inside the fiddle?? I assumed they were done like that for effect, to make it look older I guess.
  3. Maybe a French Amati copy with that 360 back?? If not than, "it's probably German!" OR a brand new Bulgarian. As for the cert, there's no photo of it, not even a summary of it and no mention as to who did it. Even when do have all these things you still have to be skeptical!
  4. Origin of the fiddle is pretty clear, and a post crack on top to boot, so this isn't an ID question. I am however wondering if anybody has some input on that inventory number above the label? Not Hill, perhaps L&H? Ebay fiddle
  5. OH yeah, it certainly wasn't a confidence-building listing, that's for sure! I was just curious if maybe it was returned or something.
  6. Ah Hah! The listing is "no longer available".... obviously it was a scam. Well at least we know now to watch out for that seller name!
  7. Sooooo, anybody care to comment on this turn 'o' events??? Item">Look Familiar?! Even better, the old seller was "rmagee1968", member in the US since 2003, item supposedly in Pontiac Michigan. But now the seller for this new listing is "miococcolo", member in Germany since March, item supposedly in LA. And STILL no photos of the bow!
  8. I think that the odd spot in the very center of the back might be called a "ventral pin" ?? An old Cremonese trick from what I hear.... many of the old masters' fiddles have them, one of the many points of identification. My luthier told me about ventral pins, I can't remember the specifics as to the purpose, all I remember was being stunned that a maker would purposely put a hole in the back of their fiddle then plug it up again!! Can any of the makers here elaborate on this?
  9. Hold the phones, did the seller remove the reserve? When I checked just now I didn't see any "reserve not met" on the listing. I've read through the descriptions, and looked at the photos. There are a couple passable Mirecourt fiddles in the bunch, and an all right Juzek or so not nearly $6K worth. Then I saw this: "Bed 4 Pietro Messori, Italian 1912, labeled, a beautiful instrument by a highly desired early 20th century Italian maker. Double purfled, nice flamed one piece back, very well done scroll work...High dollar maker at all Auction Houses that sale instruments." And I looked the photo of the only double purfled fiddle in the bunch, which appears to me to be a strangely varnished German factory Maggini copy. Do you think one of the bidders actually thinks this is the real deal? I've been buying on Ebay for awhile now and I'd like to say I can't believe that, but...stranger things have happened! Course that case is pretty sweet I must say.... I know a luthier who would LOVE to have that to use for storage and just as an awesome piece of "furniture" in his shop! I hope it's mostly for the case
  10. Heh! That's funny... one of the owners of the shop I work with made a "Tone mouse" out of a giant lint ball, extracted from a gorgeous Enrico Rocca belonging to a customer of theirs. He's quite cute, she put ears and feet and a tail and googley eyes on it, and he even has a little piece of clay cheese. His name of course is Enrico
  11. I bet the name was put in by a former owner, maybe when it was opened up by the looks of the signature (unless they were very skilled at writing through the ff holes!) or maybe it's the name of whoever may have worked on it. At any rate it doesn't look American to me, it looks like your standard German factory fiddle.
  12. ....And, the fact that the "Private listing", "Payment by International Wire Transfer Only" sellers, usually from Germany, (I call them the German Fiddle Cartel) will keep on getting US $3,620.37 or some other ridiculous price for these brand new fiddles, will ensure that we haven't seen the last of them yet!! sigh.
  13. Dictionary of 20th c. Italian violin makers (1978), Marlin Brinser gives him 2 stars (his rating of "very good") and says: Pupil of Enrico Marchetti of Turin. Copied Pressenda. Red Varnish. Various labels. Won Several medals. Professional maker. Member ANLAI - 1966 (Ass'n National Liuteria Artistica Italiana) Label: Cureletto Anselmo Fece in Torino Anno (signature) And Jalovec Italian Violin Makers says pretty much the same thing. M-Net price history and Tarisio red book results show one selling in 1994 for 20K. And that's about the extent of my knowledge on the subject!
  14. Wow, thanks for all the vaulable info everybody, and Jesse for sharing the photo and his knowledge with us, again! Actually I had my doubts just from the seller alone. I've been buying off of Ebay for a few years and I've never known that seller to have anything too special; if this is not the real thing it wouldn't surprise me in the least. Sounds like this case is Sol-Ved Mes Amis!
  15. Just out of total curiosity, can anybody who has seen a Squier give any input on this? Squier
  16. I agree with Nonado, looks Mittenwald to me, pretty much normal antiqued varnish for those and a one piece lower rib to boot. I've had a few of those in the past
  17. You know, it could be an old fiddle that somebody has just stripped, revarnished and antiqued, as some of the wear looks real to me. I've seen a LOT of those brand new Chinese or Eastern European fiddles which are bought in the white, antiqued, get modern Italian labels slapped in to them and sold on Ebay. This one doesn't seem like one of those, to me, because those are way too cookie-cutter perfect. This looks like one of your typical "Antonius Staduarius Fecibat Anno 17XX" German numbers that used to be red or orange (I see some splotches of color here and there). Maybe similar to the ones with "Artist violin" or "Concert Violin" in a shield on the back of the scroll. Them's my $0.02
  18. AH yes, the case! Well I'm sorry to inform them that "Liftun" is the cheapo knockoff brand! heehee The only time I got Lifton case worth $5000 is when it showed up with a gold mounted Hill bow inside! (And if you're lucky that might be the last time you hear me tell that story!)
  19. Hey, ya never know, the first "Vuillaume" I bought on Ebay, (listed with crappy photos) I got because "I thought it was pretty". Turns out it was a nice German fiddle worth $2500. I also bought a "Typical 1940's German violin" on ebay once, again just because I liked it. Later I discovered it is actually an 1871 Asa White, I even got it certified! Since then I've learned how to differentiate good stuff from crap, but sometimes if you've got a good feeling about something, there's a reason. The photos are pretty bad in this listing, however I'd say it's not French, probably German... it's got that total "dead man under the blanket" look to it, to me. But it's quite pretty and has those cool pegs and tailpiece too! I don't think you got ripped off at all, $379 plus shipping and repairs is still going to be about half of what it would sell for at a shop I would say. I've paid more than that for lesser fiddles in my time. Boy howdy have I... Just my $0.02!!
  20. OH, yeah, I wasn't going to buy it, but it really was making me nuts trying to figure out what it it was! Looks like somebody else is takin' a chance with it. At least the seller will let you return it if you don't like it. Thanks for the reply!
  21. Just out of total curiosity, what do y'all think of this? It isn't modern Italian...maybe American? Ebay fiddle ending today