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  1. It's labeled Joseph Collingwood Ottumwa, Iowa 1902. I found one on Tarisio that sold for $1,495 in 2005. Any thoughts on the maker? Collingwood
  2. I've been perusing Ebay for a long time now and I keep seeing these particular looking fiddles show up, usually with the claim that they are "Italian!" Of course I am more than somewhat skeptical of that, but I would really like to know exactly what they are. Well, OK, Germanic I guess But I'm wondering what kind and what time? And, are they any good value and sound wise? Here are two examples that are on Ebay right now. One is nicer than the other but they're both in that style I can't quite figure out. ZViewItem">#1 wItem">#2
  3. Wow! Yeah I totally didn't expect Ebay to get around to doing anything for at least 48 hours. My plan was to call Brobst and let him know so he could send a scathing email to the seller and Ebay at the same time. Turned out his shop was closed yesterday so I sent the scathing email to Ebay myself thinking the listing would still be there today, but to my surprise the listing was removed within an hour or two. I imagine whatever information the seller used in the listing or gave to Ebay was also fake, and most likely any scathing emails to them would have gone to fake email addresses and bounced. It's just very annoying because A) Ebay wouldn't help track them down and Even if they did all the info is fake anyway. They obviously don't care about things like this happening, because if they did they'd have some sort of procedure in place to make sure that seller and buyer information was legit. But hey, they're just the middleman, right?? GRRRRRRRRRrr
  4. Ah HAH! I knew I'd seen it. I will take care of this myself, since Ebay doesn't seem to give a crap. Thanks for the info everybody!
  5. Now, I know I've seen this fiddle before, I recognize it from somewhere. Can anybody tell me where this photo is from? It's obviously professional..... and I'm thinking a starving college student selling off Grammy's fiddles wouldn't quite have that kind of budget. At any rate, it appears to be a gigantic scam, and yet 9 people have bid on it already! Good Times! cmdZViewItem">"Vuillaume"!
  6. I've seen that before... If you try to go to the listing and get a "this listing was removed...." message, then that means Ebay did it. I've called Ebay customer service on one of those before and that's what they told me.
  7. Well, I wish I could tell you but it's not in playable condition at the moment. When it arrived I saw that a lot of the side seams were open. But when I looked inside I saw that at one point the top had been off and some genius decided to use GORILLA GLUE to put it back on!! A lot of the bass side is gunked up with that crap. Not only that but they put it back on crooked!! GRRRR! So my luthier has a big job ahead of him....
  8. Weertman Here are the photos, I did these at the shop in the office after dark. The lighting wasn't too great, so I took one with and one without the flash for each view. Once you choose a photo, on the next screen you can click on it to enlarge it. That's my black velour sweater hung up on the back of a chair behind the fiddle I'z a Pro I tell ya....
  9. Cool, Thank you very much! Yep, I figured Weertman was the maker, I will look him up in my luthier's copy of Wendberg on Saturday. I think maybe the soundholes and the scroll were what made me say Guarneri model, but honestly I'm not yet able to positively ID any models except Strad and Hopf! For all I know it's some other Italian model...I'm sure when I post photos you guys will be able to tell me what the model is! Regardless, I'm very happy with it
  10. I bought something practically sight-unseen, because the Ebay listing had really bad, far away, out of focus pictures. The seller's entire pitch was summed up in one line: (I cut and pasted it from the listing) "i HAve no specifics on this violin. I paid $175.00 for it 7 years ago and I will sell it for $200.00" From what little I could see, I thought it looked halfway decent and I liked the style of soundholes and the varnish. Of course I couldn't tell for sure exactly what it was, so I assumed it would be a mediocre German student model. But for $200, I figured, what the hell, it could go in the rental pool or something. The entire sale turned out to be a long-drawn out battle since SEPTEMBER (yes, I paid the seller on September 6th) but even after all of the aggrivation, excuses and delays I finally got the violin last week... and yes, the ACTUAL violin from the listing! I have to say, it was more than worth $200 and 3 months of annoyance. It's not German at all, it's American, and looks like a nice American fiddle at that! So I wanted to post everything I had on it to see if anybody could help with some more information. The back has the name "Willard Mac Calla" written in black script beneath the button. The label says: Built for Willard MacCalla Jan 1952 Roelof Weertman Beaver, PA During one of the many phone conversations with the seller that it took to get the fiddle sent, she gave me some history on it. She said that she looked up the name Willard MacCalla and he turned the founder of the Westmoreland Symphony in PA (where the seller was). She said she used to work at the symphony awhile ago and that the director at the time sold it to her. I looked up the Symphony myself and saw no mention of Willard MacCalla being the founder, but whatever! I would love to send photos, but my camera is at, of all places, my luthier's shop where I left it by accident! But I will see him next week, and will post photos then. I've looked up the maker's name and found out he is listed in Henley, and a viola by him is for sale at Guarneri House for "between $5K and $10K"! The fiddle is in excellent condition, many of the side seams have come unglued but otherwise all it has is one tiny wing crack. It is 357mm and I think more of a Guarneri model, with decent varnish. It's fairly highly arched and has wild long corners with slightly wobbly purfling which doesn't go all the way out to the center of each corner. Overall I like it, and would be curious to see how it sounds. So if anybody has any more information on the maker I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you and Happy Holidays! Jeny
  11. I got this on Ebay about a month ago. It has a fake 1600s Pazzini label in it, and a real 1850's German repair label. The only thing we know for sure is that it has an original baroque neck, and that the back has been very nicely replaced, so it's a composite. Other than that, identification is still up in the air. We originally thought it might be Brescian. I loaded the photos onto a image hosting site, the ebay listing is already gone. Photos I will say one thing, we strung it up and played it.... it's an absolute cannon! It sounds very very good, even before the repairs it needs! I was very happy with that Any help / wild guesses / comments would be greatly appreciated!
  12. Yeah yeah, sue me! For some reason I was thinking 1940's when I wrote that, probably because I had just gotten done also looking at no less than THREE Wilkanowskis listed on Ebay at the same time! (one of which I got! YAY!) Still, he's had it for awhile and it is indeed pretty We can agree on that!
  13. Asa White I hope he gets a LOT for it!! Sounds like the owner has had it since it was made.
  14. Exactly, I just can't even begin to figure out what's going on here. He's got an article, a photo taken from I assume Cozio, and some weird story about Bing Crosby giving him a fiddle. It's amusing, if anything
  15. ViewItem">Did I sleep through winter and it's April 1st?!?
  16. I agree with Fiddlecollector, totaly Medi-fino looking... and they didn't show a photo of the back either. Now, if I may say so, here's an American fiddle worth bidding on! Squier
  17. m">"1924 Roth" A customer working with my luthier's shop bought this and sent it to the shop. Everyone was in agreement as to what it really was, and when I looked at it myself, it was VERY clear that it was a Chinese instrument with a photocopied label and a fake brand. The brand was fairly well done, except it was too small in circumference and the oval was a bit too flat on the top. It was so heavily branded, I was surprised it didn't burn straight through the back! I personally would not have bought this from looking at the listing, not to mention this seller was "taking offers" without going through the entire Ebay process. However I thought I would send this out to the board to make everyone aware of it. The customer who bought it of course emailed the seller repeatedly with no reply, until he actually looked up the seller's home phone number and called him. The seller was obviously aware of what it was because he immediately agreed to give some of the money back. We will see if that actually happens....
  18. I always think the same thing! What, did the dog get ahold of it before they managed to get it inside the fiddle?? I assumed they were done like that for effect, to make it look older I guess.
  19. Maybe a French Amati copy with that 360 back?? If not than, "it's probably German!" OR a brand new Bulgarian. As for the cert, there's no photo of it, not even a summary of it and no mention as to who did it. Even when do have all these things you still have to be skeptical!
  20. Origin of the fiddle is pretty clear, and a post crack on top to boot, so this isn't an ID question. I am however wondering if anybody has some input on that inventory number above the label? Not Hill, perhaps L&H? Ebay fiddle
  21. OH yeah, it certainly wasn't a confidence-building listing, that's for sure! I was just curious if maybe it was returned or something.
  22. Ah Hah! The listing is "no longer available".... obviously it was a scam. Well at least we know now to watch out for that seller name!
  23. Sooooo, anybody care to comment on this turn 'o' events??? Item">Look Familiar?! Even better, the old seller was "rmagee1968", member in the US since 2003, item supposedly in Pontiac Michigan. But now the seller for this new listing is "miococcolo", member in Germany since March, item supposedly in LA. And STILL no photos of the bow!