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  1. Hah! That's my cat Beulah, he thought the photo shoot was for him Here's the photos of the inside. It is indeed Mirecourt. It's 357mm, has a huge bass bar, crooked neck block, and the top and back are both a bit thick. Once these things are remedied I'm hoping it will sound good! Thanks everybody for your thoughts and input, I appreciate it!
  2. Thank you Martin! Yes, I'm beginning to think both the fiddle and the bow stamped "Simon" are Mirecourt. It's nickel mounted and when I took the frog off there were no other markings underneath. No cracks either as far as I can tell. The weight is 54 grams as is with no hair or thumb leather. I didn't take any photos of the Eudard Richert bow yet. It doesn't really look like anything super interesting but I'll bring it to the shop today and find out.
  3. Thanks Violadamore! It is very sparkly in the sun, and there seems to be a "sediment layer" (basically it's thicker and heavier on the treble side and a bit thinner lighter layer on the bass side) and honest play wear on the top, so I'm pretty sure it's oxidized rosin dust. I've seen (and owned!) tons of those intentionally darkened ones that have been mentioned and also several that just have old black rosin gunk on them; this is the latter. I heard once that some players thought it was "meant to stay on" after playing and would never clean the violin. I'm not sure if that's some sort of superstition or what? All I know is if you do that, then put it away, 100 years later this is what we're stuck with! I think there's a way to remove it. Or do we dare??
  4. Thank you Germain! I also looked at all of the Serdet violins on Tarisio and it's definitely much different. Also there are no brands on the inside. I'm taking it to my friend's shop tomorrow, I'm now leaning towards French but we'll see what the expert says It does need to be re-glued in one spot so he may just pop the top off so we can get a closer look inside. If we do I'll post photos. I am excited to see how it sounds!
  5. I just received this fiddle yesterday, I bought it on eBay despite frankly atrocious photos, none of the scroll and none of the label (which the listing claimed was Silvestre). I got it because I thought it was nice looking and it has zero damage except the scratch on the top from the fine tuner. Two bows came with it, one stamped SIMON and another Eduard Richert Dresden, all in a typical 1900 old black case (which arrived LOCKED so I had to pick it!) I'm just wondering what y'all think of it, I can't decide what it is. The bottom rib is a 2-piece so it's probably not Mittenwald. I found plenty of makers named Serdet but none with the first initial "E" which, unless I'm very wrong in my interpretation, is the first letter on the label. Thank you!
  6. Here's something I saw the day before yesterday, it had 9 bids and was up to a whoppin' $165, scheduled to conclude this morning at 7:30. To me it is clearly a composite, because the scroll doesn't seem to go with the fiddle and the purfling and edges of the back don't match the top. But I still liked the top because apparently I'm a sucker for really old, happy looking, crooked-faced, sat-upon tops. Because of that I will sometimes think they are something better than they really are. The label didn't really concern me, I assumed it was a copy, seeing as how it is identical to the Jalovec one all the way down to a stray dot of ink. Anyway I sent this to my friend who immediately said nope, try again. It's Austrian or some such. Oh well, one step forward, two steps back. Maybe in another 20 years I'll be able to identify things properly. Anyway this morning I checked to see how the auction went and saw that it had been cancelled and re-listed!! But only for 2 days. Listing Naturally this turn of events has raised my curiosity... maybe somebody out there thinks it is something?
  7. So is Reepicheep! Again I wish I could contact the buyer to see what it is since they must have received it by now and had it evaluated.
  8. Too bad you can't email bidders anymore, I'd ask them what it turned out to be! But yes, the more I look at it the less Italian it looks. You'd think I'd be an expert at identifying Not Italian by now, seeing as how I've got almost 40 fiddles all of which are Not Italian OY. Did anybody see this one? I averted disaster by the skin of my teeth....with 4 minutes to go I looked at the guy's feedback and saw that this exact same fiddle had already been won and returned with negative feedback and the comment, "Trash violin, top chinese, broken scroll,will never deal with him". The seller cleverly waited until this old listing expired to re-list it so that nobody could look at the photos and see that it was the same fiddle. Also, note the screaming bigot comments at the bottom of the listing... I know you're not supposed to throw out personal insults in your posts, so I won't list all of the colorful descriptions of the seller, which I would dearly love to do I of course canceled my bid so now some other poor soul has to deal with it, and worse, that seller. My question is, has anybody ever seen that sort of painting on the back? It looks like a coat of arms to me, and is that "The Green Man" at the bottom? Also, is the purfling on the back is either scribed or painted on? The photos are pretty awful I know, so it's hard to tell. And the name doesn't seem to exist, however I thought maybe the seller was misreading "C. Maucotel a Paris". But still with such horrible photos and the purfling up in the air, that was a very long shot. Listing
  9. I didn't bother asking... whoever it was who paid $5,250 for it will find that out for themselves I'm afraid!
  10. Thanks for the posts! I know from long experience that it's a total gamble buying on Ebay. It seems like even if you do manage to get something nice it's in such bad shape that it's only barely worth what you paid for it. This one is what my luthier buddy likes to call "a pig in a poke"! And now with the measurements up in the air, (it seems we have gone from huge to on the small side) it's even more so. My buddy was also unsure about the varnish, and commented that if it's really that red, it's not helping the case. The recordings are nice, but I understand that there are people who can make anything sound good. Then again, maybe it just sounds good! Yar. Like you said IBK, it's a nice fiddle! I still really like it. If I had more "extra" cash to throw around I'd be very tempted. Did I mention I like going to Vegas quite a bit?
  11. I've emailed the seller and was given the following measurements:"The length of the violin, from bottom to top of button is 363mm. Width of C-bout is 132mm, width of widest distance above C bout is 175mm, width of widest distance below c bout is 214mm." These gynormous measurements combined with the worm damage and the stem-to-stern crack on the back (one of several) not to mention all of the cracks on top has dissuaded me from bidding..... but I still like it quite a bit Tyrolean? Listing
  12. I have a soft spot for Jackson Guldans... that was the FIRST fiddle I bought on Ebay, signed by Charlie Bowman dated in the teens complete with rattlesnake rattle inside I took this VSO to a guy working at a place called Dusty Strings in Seattle which was more a harps and dulcimers shop but at the time had recently opened a fiddle shop as well. The guy was VERY nice about it, said that it was neat, old, signed by a known fiddler and that I "didn't pay too much" for it (I had paid $275....Yeep!). But what impressed me the most was how the guy took literally one glance at it and said, "This is a fiddle made by the Jackson Guldan company out of Columbus Ohio". At the time I thought that was just amazing that somebody could barely even look at a fiddle and know exactly who made it and where. This will sound silly, but that was pretty much the same moment I decided I wanted to learn how to identify fiddles. That was 6 years ago, and "the guy" at Dusty Strings has his own shop in Seattle and he's been nice enough to try and teach me. I'm a slow learner but I've made some progress All because of a Jackson Guldan! And I still have that fiddle.
  13. Worst? Well I started in 2003, so the list is long. I'd say the most embarrassing was a new Chinese violin somebody rubbed with shoe polish. Ouch. There are plenty more almost as bad but I'll leave it at that. For the most part I've done pretty well for not being very experienced. Best? Actually, I just got it last week, and have attached photos. I tried attaching them yesterday but I think they were too big. I re-sized and just tried again. Hopefully that will work better. I'm thinking this may top the "German violin" that turned out to be an Asa White. Or even the one damnably lucky purchase that started my entire Ebay addiction, a gold mounted Hill bow which showed up in the case of a decent German "Vuillaume" labeled fiddle. It was not mentioned on the listing at all, actually none of the 3 bows were. So up until now my best buys have been complete flukes. Here's the listing.... I got it through a second chance offer! The label is a photocopy. The number, however, might be Wurlitzer or L&H. The jury is still out on what it is. It may go on a trip to see somebody about that. It does have a one piece lower rib, and there is what looks like a notch, but as you can see the lower rib is riddled with worm tracks and dings, so we can't be 100% sure. And that scroll doesn't appear to be Mittenwaldish... although even if it is Mittenwald, it's a very nice one so I'm fine with that. The scroll is a jigsaw puzzle... the wood used for the cheeks that are lifting is American. And sadly the worms have had their way with the whole thing, that ugly track on the back is worm damage but doesn't go all the way through. All the worm tracks were meticulously filled at some point. The inside is beautifully done though, it's almost prettier than the outside
  14. Oh, you know, Bloomingdale's or something I thought you had posted the photos from the listing, I guess I didn't read carefully enough!
  15. Ratcliff, that is absolutely 100% what I've been wanting to say for the whole conversation Many listings I've seen from Germany, Bulgaria, etc. are brand spanking new either Chinese or Eastern European fiddles. Not to say that there arent' some good ones coming out of China and Europe, but the point is they are being dishonest by representing them as authentically old or antique. Heck, even ones they list that are a little more "vintage" (but still not quite antique) are just plain Germanic, Czech, or Russian factory fiddles with tarted up descriptions. There's a new way to sort your listings when you view them on Ebay, and you can show the seller's ID and country of origin. It's actually one of the few useful things they've done lately, in my opinion. I just blow right past anything that isn't from the US... that's been my SOP for years now!
  16. For what it's worth, I agree it looks nice. I think I remember this one, I immediately recognized the photography anyway. After buying from Ebay for 5 years I can pretty much tell sellers by their lighting now! My question for the experts is, what's up with the varnish? It looks like it may have been rubbed down a lot over the years and then maybe somebody tried to add back some pigment? Then again with that department store lighting, it's hard to tell. Anyway my first thought was that I've seen many older Germanic ones "antiqued" like this, for instance I bought a similar one with a baroque neck (from Germany no less, for like $1600... Priya, you think YOU've got a problem with learning your lesson??) that of course I hoped was Italian but turned out to be an 1800 Kligenthal fiddle. The similarities I notice are the varnish, especially the color and the antiqueing pattern, the wood and edgework. But yours is a whole lot prettier! And I assume that the antiquing is more honestly acquired on yours
  17. Hey y'all, well the story is, it is definitely re-finished, (there are all sorts of traces of the original red varnish) and overcoated with what looks like shellac, or something... it's soluable in alcohol. There is a back crack, (yep that whole line is a crack), but fortunately not in the sound post area. Then a few good ones on top, but also not soundpost or bassbar cracks. All in all, it was exactly what it appeared to be, and what we fully expected. It is 100% Glier, no question. But somebody did mess with the label as the seller stated. The plan is to re-visit the repairs to the cracks, strip the glop back most of the way, then re-varnish it in the correct color and style. In the end, as the seller mentioned, it will sell as a player's instrument, being devalued by the varnish and back crack, but it's still a great American fiddle and I hope it sounds good. As for the two bows, one is indeed a Swiss bow that was stamped and one is German, both nickel mounted, but between the two, retail value they're probably twice what we paid for the whole outfit so we're happy with it all around. This is one of now about 28 or so fiddles I've innundated my friend and his shop with (more than that over the years but currently about 28!), so it may be awhile before it's ready. When it is, I will post the before and after photos!
  18. To answer the crack question, it looks to me like there is one under each sound hole, but they claim one of them is a scratch... of course we'll see when it gets here. As far as I know, if a crack like that one is well repaired it shouldn't matter too much. And yep, my luthier told me Glier bought French instruments, but this doesn't look French to me.
  19. Yep, that's exactly what we were thinking. "Stripped n dipped" as my luthier likes to say Glier did use gold, but it looks a lot different than this gold, and is done considerably better. It's OK though, we bought it knowing it was probably refinished (hence the low price). I think with restoration of the varnish in Glier style it will look a lot better.
  20. I just got this over the weekend. Any comments, particularly on the varnish? Or lack thereof, perhaps? I looked at a few on Tarisio and and this one looks a titch anemic in comparison. Also, it's probably a shop bow, but if that's a Keith Bearden, this package could get a lot more interesting! I will post an update when I get it. Glier
  21. Hey, I was just watching what sounds like a similar auction, item 220264973503 which was abruptly removed by Ebay. It was some brand new seller (signed up Aug. 2) with the handle "paganini.cannone.violino" (as though that alone shouldn't have told the whole story), supposedly located in "Cresskill New Jersey", and selling the following fiddle, saying it had a Guad label in it, and a repaired post crack on the back. As of yesterday it was $250 and had 2 days to go, with 1 bid.... I know as I was watching it....and I saved all the photos. But I did have a nagging suspicion that 1) these photos were probably from somebody's site, or an auction site, and 2) that I had seen this particular fiddle, or these photos anyway, on a listing before. So, whose shop does this one belong to, then?? And if it's yours, who made it, I'd love to know???!!!
  22. According to his reply to a bidder's statement that they had a fiddle "just like it" and Beare said it was a Fiorini, the seller said only NY experts had looked at it so far. Just curious, because if I could have bought a $40K fiddle for $9K and missed out, I will puke. Modern Italian Ebay fiddle
  23. Hopes and Dreams, my friend.... hopes and dreams.......
  24. I'm not entirely convinced that is a Bellarosa.... Ebay listing