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  1. 24 minutes ago, Violadamore said:

    I find that good stuff on eBay nowadays goes in waves driven by various uncontrollable events such as economic conniptions.  When a wave occurs in something one finds interesting, such as when there's an epidemic of durable luxury goods being graymarketed (authentic merchandise being dumped at cost to keep the assembly lines running, or empty a warehouse, etc.), one has to be able to both verify the authenticity of the goods, and be financially positioned to invest in them early.  Similar situations occur when a source of foreign collectibles opens up.  These opportunities occur as suddenly as a thunderstorm, and disappear as quickly.  In between such events, one waits for estate liqudators to have an attack of cluelessness or desperation in some niche commodity you want.  :)  :lol:

    Yep! :)

  2. 19 hours ago, Violinjon said:

    I did finally get a response on eBay's Facebook, asking to move into private messaging - only to receive an almost completely identical response, insinuating that telling me anything would enable me to circumvent their account security and create new accounts, being the hardened criminal that I am. I don't expect anything different on their Twitter.

    For what it's worth, I don't use eBay to sell, only to buy a few things a year, mainly interesting old German bows for my own satisfaction. I'm not one of those scammers popping up like weeds that sell fake stamped Chinese bows. I've never had the need or desire to create an alternate account - until now, ironically! I won't bother, though.

    This experience has really opened my eye to the dangers of negligent corporations that control our online lives. I live in a part of Asia with no antique musical instruments, no local options. eBay was my only real option at building my identification skills.

    Ugh.  I'm sorry, that is really crappy of ebay :(  Maybe Tarisio and other auctions like Skinner or Bromptons or Amati are a better option for you.  Also for ID help I love browsing the Cozio archive on Tarisio.  It's my go-to for trying to identify things I find elsewhere, the photos are an excellent resource.  I have reference books too but for what I'm usually looking at Cozio is all I need.  

  3. I've been buying on ebay for about 20 years, fiddles and antique jewelry and Native American silver.  It has gotten exponentially worse however every blue moon or so I manage to get something good.  I attribute this to sheer luck and probably being one of the first few to see it and make an offer.  This is not to say that I don't have upwards of 40 fiddles of ahem... varying quality... but sometimes a fiddle will come with a surprise: many years ago, a gold mounted Hill bow showed up with a fiddle I paid $375 for.  There was no photo of the bows so I had no clue.  The fiddle was nice, and sold for $2,500 eventually, and the Hill for $6,500.  So that is what keeps me looking, but these days I just patiently wait until something decent comes along, and hope I can BIN or make an offer.  I'm getting one on Thursday that I will try to get decent photos of and post.  If it's what it looks like my accepted offer was a good deal.  If anything slogging through ebay has continually been entertaining at least.. and helps reinforce what I have learned about identification.  

  4. 7 hours ago, Violinjon said:

    It does take a lot of patience and scrolling through nonsense, but occasionally there are decent things to be found, if you know what to look for.

    It seems that my eBay days are behind me, however. I changed flats recently and a few days after I moved in, I received an email from eBay informing me that my account had been associated by them with another restricted account (whose ID they provided and which I did not recognize at all). After messaging them, explaining I was innocent (I had never heard of the associated account in question) and asking them to explain further I received a message telling me that I was banned for life and that they wouldn't give me any more information. 

    What a way to treat a customer of 15+ years. I guess I'll have to find a new hobby.

    The only explanation I can think of is that a previous tenant in my apartment building did something bad and got the building's IP address banned.

    This sounds super fishy to me... my husband is a fraud investigator for Amazon and they would never give another customer's account ID via email.  It kind of sounds like they got your account ID and email, and may have been trying to get your password?  If you have 15 years of good history with ebay I have my doubts about being "banned for life".  It sounds like a textbook phishing attempt "urgent request via email to scam you out of personal information".  I would go to the legit ebay help desk about this.  And if it IS for real, then I suggest plastering ebay's twitter page with this story; then they will definitely do something about it.  

  5. Wow, I forgot all about PH!  Excellent beer observations also :)

    AH Ok, it's probably Mittenwald: somehow I missed the little whisper of a notch on the bottom rib earlier!  

    Here's some more photos of other bits discussed in that thread.  

    Thank you! 

    4 hours ago, jacobsaunders said:

    It includes observations about proper beer:D


  6. I will start by saying I only paid $275 mostly because the photos made me think the bow that came with it was silver mounted (it is not) and nicer than it turned out to be.   Although I am happy with the fiddle which looks a lot better in person than in the crappy ebay photos, and I like it,  pegbox repair and all.  The back measures 355.  According to the seller in Algonquin, IL they took it to the "local violin shop" who said it was German, had a sweet sound and was easy to play.  From what I can see through the f holes, there is zero indication it ever had a label.  The varnish is nice,  a gold ground with red on top.  I took the photos out on my deck and the colors were great in that light but my cell phone camera didn't capture it very well.   It looks like it has a 1 piece lower rib.  

    When I bring it to my friend's shop,  my selling point will be that he has to do no work on it, and at least the crack on top isn't a soundpost crack for once :)  I will no doubt end up keeping it for myself, with the short neck and fine tuners it's just what I need.   

    At least I'm getting practice with my fiddle photography?
















  7. I looked at this bow too!  I  am horrible with bow identification so I emailed it to my friend to see what he thought but haven't heard back.  That was on Christmas Eve so I'm guessing he's taking some time off for the holidays.   From the examples I found on Tarisio the stamp on this one looks a bit too heavy and seems to be in the wrong place, but that's from somebody who has zero expertise with bows and doesn't know what to look for in the actual workmanship :)

  8. Yep, this is on their FB page: 


    I gave them my contact info and they said they'd let me know if any of the family wanted it.  

  9. I wanted to share a fiddle that just arrived today!  I got it on Ebay a few days ago, and at the time I didn't know that the Beebe family has an active facebook page and is looking for violins made by Byron Beebe or his son Emmett.  Of course I immediately wrote to them and said they have first dibs on it!  They responded with really good information, as they have all of the original records.  They looked up the inventory number and this is what they found:

    "Evidently it was purchased by someone in Roanoke, VA.  He must have been a dealer because he purchased several violins within a few years.  It certainly appears that #1374 was an imported violin and re-graduated by both Byron and Emmett. The violin was a K410 model which suggests German in origin. In the notes they mention they considered it a good violin, a note they did not make very often."

    Aside from the saddle crack it's in great shape.  It was cool to learn that the original buyer was in Roanoke, because the Ebay seller is located there.  So, it most likely didn't go anywhere until this week!

    Anyway, that's my Small Business Saturday purchase... only 100 years late :lol:











  10. For some reason I thought that "mystertwo" was his new handle, I just remember seeing some listings a year or so ago and thinking that.  At the time I thought the photos and descriptions and some particular phrases he used (i.e."no cracks or repaired cracks") were very similar.  But looking at this listing the photos are not the same.  PH's  were high-res studio-lit photos.

  11. Too many awesome quotes to list :) You guys crack me up!  

    One of the best things I've ever seen (and heard!) was a bluegrass fiddler pick up a Rocca,  give it a once-over, think about it for a few seconds, then unbuckle the left strap of his overalls before sitting down to play it.  If it was this one, he probably wouldn't have bothered.