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  1. Could you post a close-up, full sized photo of the middle of the back which includes all four corners, maybe in daylight if possible? I've attached an edited version of your photo as an example.
  2. Thank you! I always wondered about that too.
  3. I think FiddleDoug just wants to see photos of the bow. Ever since I received a rose gold mounted Hill bow in the case of a fiddle I got off of eBay for $375, I always want to see the bow! The listing didn't even mention bows at all, and there were three in the case; the Hill, a nice silver mounted German and a nickel mounted German. The fiddle was a cute old Markie as I recall, very pretty varnish that had been antiqued quite well. We sold it for $2500 to somebody wanting to use it as a model for antiquing, and the Hill went for $6,500. I have photos of that bow somewhere, I should dig them up and post sometime. That was many years and many fiddles ago... complete beginner's luck which has not been repeated since, but I keep trying
  4. Oh, yeah... they told me. Forced password change, and I haven't seen anything sketchy come up so far via email. You can pay whitepages $6.99 a month and get anybody's address, property information and current phone numbers, including cell. So what little they may have gotten wasn't anything already public, aside from my email address. The notice said they didn't get cc numbers, not that it matters anyway... the one I have on there is expired; I put in in years ago to bid on antique Native American jewelry. Then didn't
  5. No it was definitely not me that bought it! I know what it is, so I just watched the live auction for entertainment value! This site can almost be more dangerous than eBay... watching the bids fly back and forth was astounding. In the end it sold for $4,400! Sorry I forgot it will hide sold prices on the public site.
  6. I thought so too at first... I can't decide if the first letter is a W or a fancy P, and it's hard to tell if the last two are "sa" or "en". Hopefully the photos of the violin will help.
  7. Can anybody tell what this says, before the date? Also, I found this from a book dated October 1918. If there really was an eccentric and entertaining Signor Vitelli (although this might just be an educational story) who was a famous player maybe the label is referring to him, or maybe he had a stint as a dealer at one point? It looks more like a dealer's stamp to me, not a maker's label. P.S. The first fiddle I bought was one of those $0.68 instruments from the teens Mr. David Stone informed me of this woeful fact 20 years ago!
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    I can't read!

    Y'all crack me up What's the GH on the button?
  9. Here's one... This is the 8th of dozens of Vuillaumes in the Cozio archives on Tarisio, so I imagine there are others with the same label.
  10. Off the subject of Not Vuillaumes (of which I have a few) what is this on the back of the scroll?
  11. Yep!
  12. Also it looks like it has some worm damage?
  13. Um... I kinda want to know what else was going on in this... "laboratory" "According to Omura’s complaint in 2005, a violin bow and a cello bow were also missing, which led to further investigations that resulted in the recovery of those two bows in the laboratory of the craftsman in Cremona whose business card was found with the violin."
  14. Exactly! I met a tarantula once when a mean roommate shoved one in my face 30 years ago. I blacked out and woke up at the other end of the apartment building hyperventilating. My family lived in Makaha, on the lee side of Oahu in the 1960s before I was born. They were very poor and lived in a Quonset hut which was open to the elements. My mom terrified me with stories of cane spiders coming in at night, and hearing their feet clicking down the hall to the bedroom. I know now that cane spiders are docile and gentle and very good to have in a tropical house... but sometimes I wonder about the wisdom of my plan to retire in Hawai'i.
  15. The only reasonable deduction I can make from the single photo of that cobwebby case is that the fiddle inside is probably full of spider carcasses. >>>shudder<<< I have a spider phobia and every time I get an instrument in the mail, remove the fittings and stick my eye up to the endpin hole I brace myself for the worst. I always envision some nightmare spider that does not belong in this state galloping up to my horrified eyeball! I simultaneously do and very much do NOT want to hear about anybody finding live critters in fiddles
  16. I'm not sure about fiddles at this price range or whether dendro is always done, much less being a buyer in that price range! But I remember hearing or reading somewhere that if an important fiddle is going to auction and will be sold, the cost of a new paper can be taken out of the proceeds. I honestly don't know if that's the case, though. 10% of the value is the usual cost for a paper and if I happened to find a Strad at a yard sale for $500 (in ALL our dreams ) I would be on the next plane to London. But I certainly don't have $1.4M to pay for the certification that it would need to sell at the highest price. I imagine several fine instruments have been found or inherited by family that have been in that situation.
  17. Ah hah! Yes that would explain it Yeah at $200 it was tough to find anything. I second Mystic's suggestion to go to a shop. Maybe $200 could be a down payment on something actually useful that needs no repairs.
  18. Probably out of my league to comment on this but we all know of old attributions that have since been disproven in contemporary times, especially with the dating techniques we have available now. I know it's naïve of me to ask, but if this was being offered at $1M-ish, wouldn't they want to get a new certificate for it? I understand that would cost $100k at least, but with a "rock solid" new paper I imagine it would pay for itself in the final auction price.
  19. Somebody is going to be very disappointed they spent $1,600 for it! Ugh. Shopgoodwill can be OK sometimes but I know for sure some of the stores buy things off of ebay that they know will cause a stir, and re-sell claiming it's donated. I also buy antique jewelry and once they listed a large 18k gold bracelet with atrocious diamonds, but a lot of them. They even posted the "appraisal". I went straight to ebay looking for previously sold comparables and GEE! What did I find? THE EXACT BRACELET complete with the same appraisal (same photos even) that "somebody" bought a week earlier for about $850. Shopgoodwill sold it for $6,000. Just the fact they claim it was donated and bidders think they are doing good for a charity will drive price up to ridiculous amounts. I have no doubt they do the same with fiddles.