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  1. That whole scene just kills me... after having the obligatory whisky shots, Morritz asks what the luthier would do with it and he says, take it apart, take individual readings on the plates. Shock and gasp! Morritz says "I don't think you get it". It's just really funny to me, as we all know fiddles are made to take apart. I do like how Sam captured the "completely fiddle obsessed" character. Also, whether Uma held the Katana properly or not, I'm still impressed. I love those movies. As Count Rugen says, I have an overdeveloped sense of vengeance and it will probably get me into t
  2. GeorgeH posted them for us, scroll up a bit. YEP there's bows! TWO!!
  3. Nice fiddle, in really good condition! No cracks that I can see. That's a big plus. Maybe a 20s-30s Markneukirchen? IMHO the label is a copy. When you take more photos in the daylight, remove the end pin at the bottom, and put your cell phone camera up to the hole; it takes some patience, but you can actually get sort of decent photos of the inside that way. Try to get photos of the corners, neck block and bass bar. I'd be curious what it looks like in there!
  4. Is it even French? I know nothing of celli, just curious. Mirecourt at least? The label is obviously a photocopy, I can tell that much
  5. Ah! But didn't Lord Frederick Pope acquire the Nicolò Bussotti from the Romani camp on his vast estate in England? "What a marvelous violin! I was lured by the music, it drew me across the heath!"
  6. I'm guessing it wasn't Lionel Ritchie, but somebody found what they were looking for... or at least they think so! >koff< I hope they were local, packing and shipping that baby will not be cheap!
  7. Totally wild speculation but, is the back a replacement? The top corners are little nubs and the back corners are not. The top purfling and back purfling look slightly different to me; the back purfling looks narrower and the blacks stronger.
  8. You've probably already looked but here's all the Kriners in Jalovec: I don't see an Andreas listed. I still think it's pretty cool, though! I love finding stuff like that in fiddles.
  9. I see they posted only one photo. I've been relatively successful asking the auction house for additional photos, by visiting their site and sending an email. Just from the one photo of the top, and if it's 360+ I would lean towards Mirecourt, but without seeing the rest of the instrument it's hard to tell.
  10. I'm not remotely an expert on bows, but the stamp on this bow looks like a typical Tourte copy that we see everywhere. I'm guessing it is a common Tourte copy stick that was tarted up with a maybe Bausch frog, perhaps sterling screw, fancy thumb leather and silver wrap. The other bow the seller had; nice to look at, and includes "other exotic materials". i.e. ivory, mayhap? I have zero idea who would have made it but it looks more completely authentic to me anyway, whatever it is. The only thing we
  11. Yes! AND! Each Magic Bean produced ANOTHER GENUINE TOURTE!
  12. I know it's almost impossible to tell but I was actually wondering about the bow... looks like old tinsel wrap maybe? But not $977 wondering!