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  1. 2 minutes ago, Strad O Various Jr. said:

    Looks revarnished

    Yes! I was immediately suspicious of the varnish.  Most of these aren't that color.  It's not bad though, I've seen much worse revarnishing jobs :lol:  And the scroll has shading that the rest doesn't, so I almost wonder if it belongs... but that tiny button, I don't know.  It's weird. 

  2. 8 minutes ago, Violadamore said:

    IMHO, some sort of "Saxon" trade fiddle, but with a few oddities, like the button, and the scroll flutes.   Any label?  If the plastic chinrest says "Western Germany" underneath, I'd suspect the violin was made post WW 2 by refugees who weren't fully settled in yet.

    No label or any sign that one was ever in there.  The inside is so clean, maybe somebody re-graduated it but I can't really tell.  I don't have the tools to take the chinrest off so I don't mess with it.  I leave that for my friend when I drag it into his shop :)

  3. I'm probably much too happy to have nabbed this one for $26!  The listing photos were horrible but I thought it looked in decent shape so I got it.  For $26 I figured I could hang it on the wall or make a clock.  It came with a trashed Glasser bow in a cheap plastic case. 

    I've been bored lately so I took WAY too many photos of it in various lighting... I need the practice!  I assume it will be easily identifiable from the first one. 

    I assume Saxon... also what's up with that teeny tiny button?  I think I see a notch on the bottom rib, which is 2-piece.  There's a pin also.  Back is 355 mm neck is 130.  It is overall rather delicate size-wise.

    Hit me with your best shots!  $26?  $260?  Wall hanger / clock / dustbin?  :lol:


























  4. Well... they met the reserve with $2,100 so somebody must think it's worth fixing.  I'm tempted to ask for a condition report.  I mean yeah that looks quite broken but maybe it's a scratch or... not all the way through, or... OK it's broken.  Sad face. :(

    What I want to know is why would somebody treat their bow so badly as to cause that damage.  

  5. 2 minutes ago, PhilipKT said:

    Thank you. Also aren’t most French stamps upside down?

    I've often thought about that... it makes me wonder if all non-French bows are the ones stamped upside down!  Maybe we're looking at them and photographing them wrong?  :lol: Considering the values of fine French bows, I tend to think they're the ones doing it right!

  6. I imagine things at T2 are there for a reason, which ones we don't know... Not that they aren't quality instruments or not worth purchasing, but they aren't listed in the "fine" auctions for one reason or another.  It could just be a question of timing, maybe somebody wants to sell something sooner rather than wait for the fine auctions. Or maybe somebody has stock that has sat at the shop for 15 years that they want to unload.  Basically it's up to the buyer to evaluate the quality, what provenance is provided, and make their own decision as to what they are willing to pay. 

  7. 8 hours ago, Dwight Brown said:

    I remember seeing some violins when I was a kid that were referred to as “French”. They looked sort of like a Siamese cat in reverse ( refer to my avatar, my much loved and missed Willy :-)


    I did not know anything about them at all.

    I was going to ask about the kitty!  Willy was a beautiful boy :wub:  I love Meesers, we had a pair of Bluepoint sisters in the 70's, Tishy and Chikey.  They had a few litters of babies, there's a photo somewhere of me at age 3 with a lapful of little puffballs.  My mom tried briefly to be a breeder but that didn't go anywhere, and the two queens retired in the splendor of our shack in the woods, where they lived to be 15 and 16. They divided their time equally between a chair in front of the fuel-oil heater, and my dad's lap. 



  8. 2 hours ago, Alexander James Stew said:

    " ARBEIT VON" does not mean attributed to! It means MADE BY!!!!!!! What is your problem Jacob?  Hans Karl Schmidt clearly states in the certificate that the bow was made by FRITZ MEINEL in 1920. Who.are you to doubt that?Are you always this obnoxious or is it the time of the year? is everthing you see so totally spurious? Really come on....The certificate more than justifies all of this.

    Dude, you really need to chill and take a step back.  Insulting the experts on this forum will not endear you to anybody.  Maybe check out Jacob's credentials and think about apologizing.  It's just a goddam bow FFS.  

  9. 4 hours ago, GeorgeH said:

    I am absolutely sure it was Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta's violin.

    George for the win!  :lol:  And here I thought nobody got my Lionel Ritchie comment about a certain cello!

    I imagine the fiddle has some sparkly face powder all over the top and some extra added eyeliner to the f holes.  Perhaps a little "eyeshadow" on the scroll  :lol: Gotta look mysterious! 

  10. 15 hours ago, jacobsaunders said:

    Yes, but I think you will find that “Lady” is the polite way to address any old hag, and lends itself to a sarcastic usage

    Ah I see... so we're back to "property of a batty old hoarder"! :D

  11. Maybe they mean this?  From Encyclopedia Britannica

    Lady, in the British Isles, a general title for any peeress below the rank of duchess and also for the wife of a baronet or of a knight. Before the Hanoverian succession, when the use of “princess” became settled practice, royal daughters were styled Lady Forename or the Lady Forename. “Lady” is ordinarily used as a less formal alternative to the full title of a countess, viscountess, or baroness; where the name is territorial, the “of ” is dropped—thus the Vicountess of A. but Lady A. The daughters of dukes, marquesses, and earls also have, by courtesy, the title of lady prefixed to their forename and surname—e.g., Lady Jane Grey.

  12. Clearly doing a brisk business... 46 sets sold! 

    Amazing how a person selling fake labels is so concerned with somebody stealing them that they list the photo with an "anti copy marking".   I have no words... 


    fake label seller.jpg

  13. 6 hours ago, Bruce Tai said:

    Now imagine the reverse:

    Deauthenticating Stradivarius and Guarnerius violins, one at a time. 


    Scientifically plausible. But it will make many enemies and hurt many feelings. So unlikely to happen.  

    I guess the upside of that would be if some Strads are de-authenticated, that just means there's more out there to be found at yard sales, or in attics! 

    Or being struck by lightning, or winning the Powerball :lol: all are equally possible, just very unlikely.   

    I still buy lottery tickets on a regular basis anyway :)


  14. 10 minutes ago, Three13 said:

    Bizarre photos. Did you get the Prop 65 warning (WARNING:Violin music vintage For more information go to https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/) on yours, or is that just coming up for those of us in California?

    :o No... although the car looks like it might cause cancer, and it appears to be in a Lowe's parking lot... plenty of chemicals in there :lol:

  15. 23 hours ago, Jim Bress said:

    I find wood in all it natural colors wonderful. Our job as maker’s is to help show how special the wood is. Here’s a piece of maple (pic from this morning) that has never had any finish other my hands and many many loaves of breads and pies. Is it yellow or brown?


    That is lovely :)  Now I want pie!  

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