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  1. 18 hours ago, Blank face said:

    This is a nice bow, but misses some stylistical features of Otto Hoyer (if this was the question), for example the rounded lower edges of the frog. Also the transition to the head is different, I would rather question if this is a German bow at all. Is the metal slide pinned or screwed, is there a pin in the adjuster button?

    Thank you!  I just thought I'd post an example of a bow with the Leon Pique stamp for reference but I'm pretty sure it's not a Hoyer.  I haven't seen the bow since the photos I posted were taken, but I don't recall any pins in the adjuster.  Also, I didn't take the frog off when I got it; it was such a mess I wanted to just leave it be until it was in the hands of professionals :)  It's been completely cleaned up and restored, so I will get more photos of it and post them.  

  2. I found a silver mounted "Leon Pique" with a fiddle I bought last year.  Here's what it looked like right out of the case, it was a grungy mess but in decent shape otherwise.  The photos aren't the best, I just did some quick shots for my own archive.  Since then it's been completely cleaned up, and the tinsel was salvaged.  I haven't been able to visit the shop lately to see the "after" but next time I go I'll get more photos.  


  3. https://t2-auctions.com/auctions/lot/?cpid=3748921344&csid=2199519232

    The condition report:

    Back: soundpost crack with patch, button repair, edge insert adjacent to bass side button, cracks at button, cracks extending from lower edge with patches.
    Ribs: cracks at corners, minor cracks at button, inserts and cracks at neck, ribs heightened.
    Top: soundpost crack with patch, various cracks, various edge cracks and inserts.
    Head: in good condition.
    Varnish: wear and retouch.

    I'm curious to know what y'all think it is?  Also I wonder if dendro could illuminate the situation at all?

    Of course post cracks top and back makes it very difficult to sell, and/or it's not been identified; presumably this is why it's on T2.  But I wouldn't mind having it around to stare at; it's a pretty fiddle.  My eyes aren't the best these days but I can't see any evidence of a SP crack on the back.  Either it's a very good repair or I need new glasses!  Too bad they didn't include interior photos as (I assume) the top is off. 


  4. I think with this particular listing, somebody probably received it and realized it wasn't an MA so they returned it and it was re-listed.  I've noticed that SGW usually says no returns but I think the policy is inconsistently applied depending on location.  I've returned things before (I usually buy antique jewelry) and they didn't quibble a bit, I just had to pay a small "re-stocking fee" and they refunded the rest. They even sent me a return label.   I imagine with items that go for a few thousand they're OK with it being returned because the person who lost out will try to snap it up as soon as it's listed again, which will drive the price up again. 

  5. 3 hours ago, PhilipKT said:


    i am quite sure that the label is not original to this violin. Hard to tell anything about the bow, too. Someone may well wish they had their $850:back when all is said and done.

    I looked at that.  Whoever put that MA label in forgot to add a number and a date.  :lol:

    It's at $1,702 with 2 hours to go.  My prediction is $2,302.   I've come to recognize the bidder's handles and there's two bidding that will drive this to ridiculousness... as usual.  

  6. 38 minutes ago, Richf said:

    And what, may I ask, are those fillings repairing?

    :lol: Yeah I knew I phrased it wrong.  I should have asked, what are these?  So they're fillings?  I've seen repaired worm holes filled but these seem big for that.  Just wondering, in case I come across them again, I don't know if they are a part of the original construction or something else. 

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