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  1. Once after a concert I went to get my program signed by Joshua Bell. I asked him, "what's your fiddle's nickname?" I'm not sure one word can describe his expression, which was a combination of flummoxed, annoyed, and WTF? He said rather firmly, "The Gibson ex Huberman!" I said, yes and that's quite good enough, thank you! Sooo I guess I'm the only one who gives my fiddles nicknames
  2. Oh no! Yeah that's a titch bad! I'm sorry. I did the same once. An eBay fiddle showed up with a lovely 19th c. French silver mounted bow in perfect condition, valued around $2K only because it was a bit light as I recall. I had it re-haired and played it a bit, but not often (I don't actually "play" lol) One night our neighbors had a party with some musicians and we all sat on the porch playing. One of them was a violinist who played in a band at the time. This was back when Down from the Mountain was popular and all sorts of Mountain music inspired alternative bands were cropping up ev
  3. The photos are horrible. How can anybody tell anything about the fiddle from those? The only thing I can say for sure is that it has a 2 piece bottom rib with worm damage on the bass side, some sketchy looking varnish touchups all over the back, a label that looks like it was plucked from the Dead Sea Scrolls, what appears to be screwdriver school antiquing on the top lower treble side and the neck has been out. Looks like whatever incident that caused that particular damage may have managed to save the button, then somebody gamely stuck the whole works back in, using what appears to be vas
  4. OMG I was focused so much on the fiddle I didn't even notice that gorgeous couch! I love it!
  5. I posted this before I saw the OP say there is a crack under the goop, but this is the one I was talking about! Here's some closeups that I lightened and clarified a bit. If you zoom in you can see it.
  6. More close up photos of the back on behalf of the OP. I hate to say it but do any of you see what looks like a post crack on the back?
  7. On behalf of the OP, here are the bows that came with the fiddle.
  8. Good information from the period about the cottage industry, and also a cool artifact! Yep, I got it and plan to get it framed properly for my friend's shop My husband is an artist and we get his work scanned by a pro here in Seattle. I will have it scanned before I frame it so if anybody wants a copy gratis, just let me know! "The quaint little Bavarian village of Mittenwald nearly 8000 violins are made every year for export to all parts of the world. . . . The inhabitants work in their own homes, as will be seen in the sketch. The workmen are about 200 in number, and recei
  9. IMO it looks like a nicer JTL than the ones I generally see which are mostly Medio Finos. Decent wood on the back and the scroll is better than the usual. The gunk on the back, if that's all it is, can hopefully be removed. I'm wondering why it's there though, it's a one piece back so nobody tried to glue a separated back seam. It could be from the case, if it sat for decades in a warm environment the back may have stuck to the case lining. I had a fiddle like that once named Fuzzy I agree the tailpiece is cool! And please post photos of the bows.
  10. It's all astounding but this just kills me.. THIRTY ONE people are watching??? Maybe I should go international and start unloading some of the two dozen Strads I've got. I'd offer a steal at a mere £29,999.99 a pop! +
  11. I follow TwoSet Violin on YouTube and these kids have some interesting things to say about the pressure that is sometimes put on young players and/or their parents, to buy certain instruments. I know that the vast majority of teachers have only the best interest of their students at heart, but this could explain at least some of the affinity towards antique (i.e. expensive) fiddles. Brett and Eddy play contemporary fiddles by living makers and love them.