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  1. Handel, Arrival of the Queen of Sheba Can't think of anything else off the top of my head, unfortunately.
  2. Congratulations! That's terrific!! She must be quite talented.
  3. Not about strings, but still a nice article on the orchestral audition process: Trumpeters come blow their horns
  4. Selling on consignment worked well for me. I sold a student-quality 7/8 cello a couple years back on consignment through a local shop. The commission was 30%; however, they were able to sell it for about 30% more than I would have asked if I were selling it privately. I was pleasantly surprised, particularly since I thought a 7/8 cello might languish in the shop forever. My husband has sold several instruments through a private dealer without a storefront. Usually he determines in advance what amount he wants to get out of the instrument, and then the dealer figures in the commission and prices it accordingly. The dealer's fee is usually 20%. Again, it's worked out well and we've always been able to get the price we wanted. It's also worth it, IMO, to have someone else worry about showing the instrument, shipping it out on approval, and the like.
  5. Quote: Perhaps I should instead ask who are the GREAT (must have) violinists of today. That's a very brave question. I will be stunned and amazed if you get a consensus. So much of it depends on what style/approach you prefer... someone for everyone, you know. You might try the CD collection at your local library first. It's a good way to find out whether you enjoy a particular player before you sink much money into CDs. I'll also throw in another plug for Art of the Violin.
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