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  1. Viola d'Amore check in, please?

    Hey VdA, glad you're fine. And good job on making use of your magnolia, uh, "windfall."
  2. Help with violin Id 1634 copy?

    That's an interesting strategy. You might do better to save your money and instead of picking up a bunch of marginal violins off of eBay, go to your local shop and get something really decent. If you knew violins well, it might be interesting to try something like a Tarisio auction, but without the ability to sort them out and spot problems, it seems to me that your young violinist might benefit from a nice instrument from a dealer. I would think that this shop you've been going to would advise you in this way. Perhaps the luthiers like the practice, though.
  3. Help with violin Id 1634 copy?

    You say that you "uploaded better pictures," but IMO, you should first read this handy thread explaining what people really need to see to evaluate your violin... Your images are problematic...
  4. Bow Purchase Indecision/Regret

    I am someone for whom getting a great bow, and that changed everything, realizing my violin was also a problem, and then getting a great fiddle to play, and that changed everything... I understand some aspects of your problem. We are rightfully instructed that it is a poor worker who blames their tools. and indeed, you've got to work with what you've got. But it can be cathartic to change something like a bow and realize the profound difference that can make. When I went through the bow process, a particular bowmaker gave me a bunch of bows to try, and used my response to them to make a bow that was truly awesome, but to be honest, there were two others among the six I had to work with that would have been delightful. All of them were in another league entirely from what I had been using. My guess, from what you have written, is that you had two bows that you really liked, and after wrestling between them, made a rational choice as best as you could... It is REALLY hard to choose between two great choices, but you choose, and move on. This philosophy is taken from a different aesthetic tradition, but it applies in this case, I think.
  5. Craigslist Intrigue ID

    It looks like a good value for that price, but the absence of a scroll image or closeups of the bow are frustrating. There was no Czechoslovakia until after WWI, so that attribution is profoundly suspect. I am not an expert, though.
  6. Does anyone have photos a Petrus Schulz violin

    You probably should post more photos. See this thread (it was at the top of the list of topics on this forum)...
  7. hole in the back of pegbox

    There was some discussion of this Saxon violin of mine years ago, that maybe this was a bogus hole of this ilk, though I'm not sure I bought that... Interesting that people fill these holes back up, though.
  8. hole in the back of pegbox

    The violin being discussed over on this thread has one...
  9. To Restore or Not To Restore...

    Well, then, let me be the first to say... That looks pretty darn good. Congratulations!
  10. Equal time for non-classical

    You say "instantly", but I say "video or it didn't happen." Been there, tried that. I think it's more like dialect, maybe even language, than accent. My particular experiment involved notating Irish traditional fiddle music, but a piece in which precise bowings, phrasing, dynamics, and rhythmic details were written out (even details like touching but not depressing the string at particular moment)--and I know because I've played that "language" for four decades, and I can write out exactly what I do--these unnamed players of very high caliber were unable to do it from off a page. For them, or anyone, to play Irish traditional fiddle music, there is no other way than learning the language by ear and demonstration. In my experience, classically-trained players really struggle, because they often make the same assumption that you have, that you can play the violin, so therefore you think you can play anything and that hubris is an absolute obstacle to being able to play other traditions. If they put in the time to master the style, of course it can be done, and I know players who have done it, but it's a lot more than what Meryl Streep does to get an accent.
  11. Benjamin Banks snr on EBAY

    I know of one "Benjamin Banks" that started life as a really-nice-but-not-Kloz 18th-c. Mittenwald violin that a dealer thought really, really ought to be a Banks, so he labeled it that way and sold it as one. This one doesn't appear to be that fiddle, know...
  12. How to play with long fake fingernails

    Of course the OP is long gone, but I would have suggested that they play the Hindustani sarangi. It has a lovely sound and in fact the strings are stopped with the nails, used like miniature bottleneck slides.
  13. String recommendation

    For a lovely gut-esque sweet sound with more stability than gut strings, my vote is Pirastro Obligatos. I love them on my violin anyway, but they aren't cheap.
  14. Best model for old time fiddle

    I'm a fiddler, and if I were going to copy any of the classic "models," I would go for Stainer. Not the clunky workshop "Stainers" of the 19th c., but the lovely and elegant original versions.
  15. Best Head Other Than a Scroll

    A friend of mine has made a couple of nice violins (and is a great bluegrass fiddler), but is a dentist by trade. His #2, made from a maple tree that came down in the yard of the house he grew up in, in the Puget Sound area, has a scroll based on Northwest Native American carving. He gave his OK to show it to you.