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    In a double-wide castle with gators in the moat
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    Luthiery, fine woodworking, music, weaving, photography, astronomy. history, geosciences, intelligent discussion, iaijutsu and kenjutsu, nihonto (authentic Japanese swords)

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Retired scientific bureaucrat and avid Dilbert fan.  Carries a small bottle of acid wit for examining calcified attitudes and an Estwing pick for destroying glass ceilings.  Knows all the verses to "Banned From Argo".


You have a choice in life between supporting the ideals shown in Lord of the Rings or the cynical lack of them shown in Lord of the Flies. I hold that one can take the first choice and still work with violins, despite the considerable evidence on these Forums that suggests otherwise. :P:lol:

I laugh so much because I dare not cry. :P