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  1. Never heard of the key of F minus?
  2. Where our predecessor civilizations went, from similar causes, and there's been no good reason to improve the container. All clear now?
  3. Ooooh.....I found something waaayyyyyy better!
  4. WARNING, POSSIBLE NSFW CONTENT!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!! this stuff a revival, or a harbinger of doom? And somebody you'll all recognize along with her: A new beginning for classical art, or Andre Rieu for the anime generation? You be the judges.
  5. Darn, that's pretty, and more than a little collectible. As you probably already know, German Silesia was absorbed by Poland and all the Germans deported after WW II. I doubt if the Polish books are going to say much about Herr Zeidler. Nice find.
  6. Time is money. He'd probably clear at least a hundred Euros, which is more than he'd get pitching it in the dustbin. Your first few postings are free, and it doesn't have to lead to a life of crime. Anyway, I was hoping for a shot at his Maggini, plus some glorious fun on The Auction Scroll. Why Jacob, what a delightful thing to say. Poetic, even. Who'd have thought. I'm adding it as an additional title. I stereotypically do most of my peddling off the back of a truck, after all.
  7. When you feel ready, repair the rather appalling Markie first, to learn on, and believe me, you've got an immense amount to learn. Once you've wallowed your way through that, have sharp tools, know where to get hide glue and parts from, know what to do with them, and can perform a set-up, then consider the "Maggini". Good luck!
  8. Photograph it, and put it in a zero starting bid auction on eBay. When one of us spots it, with the location in Ireland, and elevates it to public view on The Auction Scroll, you're certain to get lots of free advertising. Be sure and write a hyperbolic description........
  9. IMHO, new members are finding MN through Google searches on specific violin topics, and responding in the threads they are reading without regard to the last posted date. Using cell phones (with tiny print and simplified presentation) may be encouraging this. The most important part above being, "new members are finding MN".
  10. Yup. Speaking from a player's POV, I've repeatedly found that changing keys from one piece to another seems to change the response of the violin for a few bars, which is voodoo physics. IMHO, the brain has to "shift gears" from one scale to another, before you'll hear the notes of the octave as "true". OTOH, I feel that changes in the general tone of a violin with age and use can occur. It could probably be investigated by taking spectra of a new violin at fixed intervals of a month or so, for several years, and paying close attention to changes (if any) in the minor peaks as well as the dominant ones, and in the often neglected high-frequency range.
  11. Yup. I find it revives me quite well, especially with coffee.
  12. As Stephen told me years ago, yes, it's a Me 262. I really wish he'd start posting on MN again.
  13. I'm sure that it varies with the violin. Some sound good very quickly. Some take a few years, like a Chinese Strad copy I have that surprised me (and the customer I was demonstrating it to as an example of a "bad violin") by suddenly sounding very good after being a "dog" for 4 years. Some obstinately remain awful forever.
  14. Another boring night at the Marina, I see, ......... ........... and not much better overlooking the playa.