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  1. Photos - MET Museum Music Room Grand Reopening - 3/22/18

    This all looks stunning, and your photographs are wonderful. Could you please try to get closer and different-aspect shots of these ancient Egyptian instruments and their placards?
  2. This fiddle, she got loong linings,,

    Thanks for this photo. I feel sooooo much better about my bench now. That is a cool signature stamp.
  3. Researching information on super light violins

    Please forgive the earlier levity, but Andreas asked a pretty broad question, without any obvious answers beyond Marty's innovations, Doug Martin's experiments, people selling carbon composite instruments (Luis & Clark, Glasser, etc.), all of which have been explored here, ......etc, etc. In addition, at least from where I sit, the whole business is still pretty much where Frederick Castle left it when talking about violin weight over 100 years ago, weight violins&f=false IMHO, it appears that pushing the limits on lighter weight will impact either performance or aesthetics, until you don't have a core-market acceptable violin any more. With an answer to Don's question, we might have some different direction to proceed in to assist Andreas, but I feel that I just covered all the obvious bases. That the OP question reads like a "homework assignment" might have influenced the original responses a little, as well.
  4. Researching information on super light violins

    Negative-mass wood is in rather short supply, beyond that, no comment. You might try to research the slivovitz-fueled hypersonic biplane project that one of the less-reputable Eastern European countries allegedly convinced the Soviets to fund for a few years in the '70's. Unfortunately, all of the prototypes went missing, and so did the developers.
  5. MSDS for repaired instruments?

  6. American Federation of Violin and Bow makers

    Naw, ain't worth it. Wait till he follows in the steps of his avatar's favorite opponent, and runs for governor. Protestors waving inflatable sheep will appear at every rally.
  7. American Federation of Violin and Bow makers

    Wow, what office are you running for? Read my little exercise in speculative sarcastic innuendo very carefully, and consider the possible connotational loadings of the verb "exhibit". I at no point referred to any existing scandals whatsoever, and primly presume that there are none.
  8. American Federation of Violin and Bow makers

    What's often misunderstood is that this idea, while a basic component of Western civilization, was originally considered two separate rights (with two different Greek terms for them), that of any enfranchised citizen to vote or to express their views on matters before the public assembly, and that of saying things in ordinary conversation or in writing. While the former was generally unlimited in scope, as a matter of political equality. the latter was subject to constraints of custom as well as of law, to limit the degree of offense given to others, and to protect public morals (referring here to the concept that the Romans later called the mos maiorem, representing the unwritten customary basis of the society). Confounding the two as a single concept, IMHO, has led to a massive amount of confusion and mischief.
  9. American Federation of Violin and Bow makers

    What delightfully refreshing restraint on your part (and possibly candor as well). A scandal in the media could have been so counterproductive.
  10. Run over violins - whos fault?

    Ummm, IMHO, in a lot of behaviors that cause accidents (such as texting while driving), there's a fine line between "stupidity" and "reckless disregard".
  11. Run over violins - whos fault?

    Like all those people who repeatedly post obscenely insulting comments on the Internet?
  12. Run over violins - whos fault?

    So, in a case where neither party's conduct is particularly considered a sign of brilliance, are you saying that the court is posed the task of deciding whose conduct was more imbecilic? What if "being too stupid to know better" is considered a defense (as has occurred in some criminal trials)? Who wins a case of this type?
  13. American Federation of Violin and Bow makers

    I've seen no evidence that the AFVBM isn't a sterling organization of its type. I've occasionally gotten impatient myself with posters who call for it to apply more stringent discipline to erring members. Even organizations with an almost absolutely free hand in how brutally they enforce discipline (the CPSU's problems with Lavrenti Beria's unauthorized but officially ignored part-time hobbies of rape and murder come to mind, as do the recurring cycles of executions of CP officials for corruption and economic crimes in the PRC) cannot always keep their membership from straying. Those professional organizations with sufficient power to do what some posters seem to want from the AFVBM (defrocking and license revocation) usually seem to have too many internal conflicts-of-interest to function well in this area anyway (I could, but won't, name some well-known US professional organizations in this regard). I say things are fine, and don't fix what ain't broke.