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  1. Flood Damaged/Moldy Instruments

    Gave you a while to edit this. Don't you mean "hygroscopic"? If rice disappeared by melting, Kelloggs would have one less cereal, at the very least. "And a snap-crackle-pop tooo yoooou". [Takes her pet thesaurus for a walk.]

    The closest match I found was this, with a serial # of 22306, which would make it circa 1914.

    Check the serial number against this:
  4. Just when you think that you have seen everything.

    Perhaps an inventor's prototype? It looks very well done. Maybe there's a forgotten patent somewhere.
  5. Viola d'Amore check in, please?

    Not exactly.
  6. Viola d'Amore check in, please?

    Hear! Hear! And a hearty to Maestro Burgess. Disapproved. I sorta like the other two.
  7. Viola d'Amore check in, please?

    Just get rid of your toilets, and you'll be safe. Oh, and don't forget to go climb a tree.
  8. Viola d'Amore check in, please?

    Back on the grid!
  9. Viola d'Amore check in, please?

    Generally, people fix them up and either sell them or sail them. Multiply sunk and refloated boats can be found at any coastal marina. I've owned a few. Following a previous storm, I saw a 70 foot commercial fishing boat that God had neatly placed atop the docks at the Panacea marina. After a crane was brought in to hoist it off, it was returned to service.
  10. American Maple on Mittenwalder?

    IMHO, it could have gone either way. Immigration to the US from the various German states (and post-1871, Germany) was fairly continuous during the 19th. century. Similarly, American wood was exported to Europe in quantity by both the US and Canada. A pretty puzzle indeed. Perhaps the two met in the middle, and it was made in the Azores from American driftwood by a shipwrecked Bavarian.
  11. Viola d'Amore check in, please?

    Yup. I picked the photos off the 'net, but they're representative of what you can see all over right now.
  12. Viola d'Amore check in, please?

    So that's who that was. Glad you made it past the gators, then. I dunno about the fork, but Stephen emitted a D2 with appoggiatura when he saw me coming. Dropped his jug of shochu, so I didn't follow through with shochi, having something better to do.......... Thanks awfully to everyone who's contributing to this deeply appreciated thread. You folks are marvelous.
  13. Flood Damaged/Moldy Instruments

    Watch the beaches along the upper Gulf of Mexico. I am. Modern foam filled cases float.
  14. Viola d'Amore check in, please?

    Thanks everyone for the inquiries. Surviving with style, but had an exciting time. Seeing 50 foot trees literally bend like reeds is massively impressive. The !@#$%^&*() hurricane came right across my area. Was involved with the local shelter, road clearances, etc. Now it's all up to the power crews. The people here have been great, no trouble, no looting, lots of cooperation. I'm sporadically running off a generator while I wait for the power crews to extract half an oak from my property's lead-in. Everybody in the eastern part of the "Big Bend" lost power, and I know people even in Tallahassee who are still in the dark (some parts of the state government, of course, always have been, and will presumably remain so ). Had some falling limbs hit the house, and am dealing with it. Got some waaay nice magnolia to carve sword sayas and tsukas (sheaths and hilts) from, as soon as it cures. If anyone else here is the praying sort, please remember all those poor folks in the Caribbean islands who are having a much more harrowing time than we are here.
  15. Green and purple pigments

    A green and purple violin? Ewwwww..........