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  1. Thank you very, very much for taking the time to respond on this issue, and even more for telling us what happened.
  2. "The most-preferred violin D is a German instrument of the late 18th century. The second most-preferred violin G is a student level instrument from China." Well, I've got those two bases covered.
  3. Yup, I got it, and so, I'm sure, did Jeffrey. He deadpanned you like a pro. That's what I was laughing and cheering about.
  4. Suzuki was doing that at one time. They were selling instruments like that to Scherl & Roth in the USA, BTW. Has it got a label?
  5. I'm not that clueless. Have to replace the shoe, though..................
  6. Naaaahhhh, these are still the fake Italians. We haven't even gotten to the Italian fakes yet. [Pokes a Gadda with her toe, then carefully washes the toe.]
  7. What a really awesomely revolting idea. For this, and any other "paywall" ideas anyone has for MN. I can tell you where to, .........uhhhh...... put them.
  8. Looks like a well-flamed back you have there. Congratulations, and thanks for sharing.
  9. I was kidding David. For those who may not be aware: " In 1979, a Burgess viola won the Cacciaguerra-Foschi prize for best workmanship in the Second Triennale of Stringed Instruments in Cremona. In the 1982 Triennale he not only won a gold medal but his viola was awarded First Prize as the best instrument of the more than 300 in the competition. " [Emphasis mine.]
  10. IMHO, the point at which you're accused of running a workshop (or a distributorship) rather than a studio. Of course, historically, you might be in some very pricey company.
  11. If this is your oblique and typically modest way of letting us know that you're trying to unload one, just go ahead and post photos, specs, and a video, so we can begin critically deconstructing it, while consuming the usual refreshments.
  12. Genetics, nutrition, and conditions the horse lives in (stabling, pasturing, running loose on the steppes, etc.), which are all unreported, have nothing to do with it, of course. I'd also wonder how many of the "stallions" are actually geldings, or if the producers really exclude mare hair at all. IMHO, if the hair was being adequately judged and sorted solely on its suitability to use on a violin bow, where it comes from wouldn't matter. I feel that this is another one of those "ain't gonna happen" things.