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  1. One I can't afford doesn't work at all from my POV, either. Now there's a scary true fact to consider when shopping......
  2. It's insured? Have you considered a trip to London? There's this sarnie shop in a train station..........
  3. Not dumb at all. It refers to the wings. A fluted ff-wing is an f-hole wing with a concavity cut into it.
  4. Have you opened your case lately?
  5. That's app...arently well engineered. Congratulations on your new bow.
  6. You don't work to a thousandth? [Appears to swoon in shock, then winks and giggles.] Yup. Agreed.
  7. Yup, looks like it was completed around 1630-1700 on a payday Friday.
  8. Besides eBay, you might check your local pawn shops. The dial units are commonly used by machinists to position parts on lathes and other machines.
  9. Brilliant!! Was the case covered in a peculiar thick leather with large scales?
  10. The words, "field expedient", come to mind.
  11. Welcome to the forum, Steve, and congratulations on your results.
  12. Here's a simulation in PS of what the area might look like if retouched with colored pencils, daub smudged, and sealed with a clear varnish. Believe me, you don't want to just stain or dirty the area.
  13. Diesel generators are your friend. If you are a business, check with your CPA about the best way to handle it financially.
  14. And so, multiple authorship invades the violin world. Next, perhaps, a (pricey) monthly journal collecting certs to make them more accessible, and you'll all have to subscribe to stay current. Seriously, multiply endorsing certs doesn't sound like a bad idea.