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  2. I feel that part of it was that it was thought that the original wording was too focused on the arty, "Yellow Ribbon" is all cav, and the only well-known Army grunt anthem is both unfit for public performance and special to the airborne, so what do you do?
  3. [Plays a bit of a catchy little tune you'd recognize.] Glad to hear it, and wishing you a good Memorial Day weekend a week early.
  4. I wanna see the thread where you fit the cello bridge to it.
  5. I've never seen one make it through OCS.
  6. If well-known best practices are used in cutting the bridge and the nut, as well as in attaching the tailpiece, how can the string angle become an issue? Isn't focusing on the string angle by itself mixing up carts and horses?
  7. Just say no............
  8. Echoing the lion, Lovely, and unless you can do it yourself, prohibitively expensive to resurrect. If you stick it on eBay, I guarantee it will sell for at least $50 (in this case, I'd even foot reasonable shipping), and probably more when some !@#$%^&* outbids me. How does it sound?
  9. Excuse me, but those are referred to as Clegghorns, and the proper term is replica! They are period appropriate for Civil War reenactments. You really can't possibly imagine the visceral emotions stirred by hearing "Battle Hymn of the Republic" rendered on a hundred Clegghorns.
  10. There's one on Lyon's site right now, but the varnish is dissimilar, along with the arching, Yes, if it's a Juzek, that settles it's a Markie. No argument there. I've become curious as to the blend of Strad and Maggini features, and whether its a listed model from some manufacturer, or a production fluke.
  11. Maybe not. I believe you are close to nailing it. I found 3 somewhat similar Maggini copies at (one is a Juzek Master Art, one "German", and one "French"), but the OP violin, unlike straightforward "Maggini copies" in general, lacks the deeper arching found on those. The flatter-than-Strad arching on the OP violin strikes me as incongruous with the other details. If you have any photos of your Juzek that prove that Juzek made a "Straggini" at some point, it might clear the whole matter up.
  12. No, it only looks that way. Byrdbop saying that, " It really plays rather well ", suggests that the notes are finding their way out of the violin with no difficulty. Cool looking old violin, BTW. Congratulations.
  13. [Glances through the bass-side f-holes of a number of readily available old violins.] You sure that the most accurate term isn't "expected practice", or maybe "business as usual"?
  14. But how does it sound? I'd also wonder about the nationality and denominations of the banknotes used. For instance, saying that your fiddle sounds like a million lira is hardly a compliment.