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  1. This page offers one of the best explanations available: IMHO, you can adapt their basic workflow to produce any style you want.
  2. Now that we've established that you don't remember who Fritz Reuter was (his old web site delivered pronouncements like you called me down for, seriously, rather than tongue-in-cheek), and can't discriminate between badinage and reportage, why have you been so touchy lately? BTW, I frequently counsel people who either lack the skills to easily make decent repairs and to not get horribly burned shopping the internet, or who need a ready-to-play fine violin for professional purposes, to go to one of the more recommended shops. I just happen to find most of what I need for my pursuits elsewhere. Shopping any collectibles on eBay is certainly not for everyone. Neither are auctions or estate sales, for that matter.
  3. This is especially true in negotiating the rocks and shoals of the violin market.
  4. Millions of dollars, international intrigue, rags-to-riches, the whiff of the unspeakable, arcane knowlege, glamour, y'know, given the proven popularity of similar narratives, there may be a viable idea for a screenplay franchise hiding in all this somewhere....... [Opens Word, and begins a radical reinterpretation of Queen of the South......]
  5. No, they are organized into competing families, gangs, and syndicates, just like the original inspiration of their business model.
  6. Go to Account Settings under your profile, and change Display Name. I'm not sure that will change your system UID for logins and such, but it will change what the world-at-large sees.
  7. Be careful. @jezzupe may wander over over here, and show you his Invictas.
  8. It's called an "homage", and, depending on the actual maker, you might be surprised. Some fanatics actually build the things from parts, and have forums, and everything. Given the amount of automation, centralized production, use of ébauche, and the "60% rule" in the modern Swiss watch industry, many traditional luxury watches may have become homages to themselves.
  9. Won't matter to most of us. Considering all the luthiers in Ann Arbor, the place will be stripped to the wallpaper before you could get a plane ticket. [Pulls out the maintenance logbook on the transport to make sure it's ready..........] Oh, been studying up, have you? I suspect that the woodshop isn't the only "amenity" attracting you. But are you sure you're up to it?