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  1. Can you understand that some of us are aware of everything you cited in his defense and object to the obvious phoniness of his shtick, and some obnoxious imagery being used? I don't believe that everything is artistic just because you do it on stage, and sell tickets to see it. IMHO, in this case, the act seems uninspired verging on lame. You gotta remember that some of us were attending concerts when dressing funny and playing at satanism was new.
  2. FWIW, for some years, I've used (and had good luck with) a far from exhausted bundle of vintage soundpost stock dating to around the 1950's/1960's. It's fine-grained spruce, and appears to be nominally 1/4 inch (circa 6.3 mm). One wonders if that used to be pretty much a standard.
  3. I suggest that those so motivated investigate how fan wikis are created and maintained, and go from there. Many of the lurkers here probably have the skills, and each will likely know something useful. I stubbed my toes rather painfully on trying to synthesize from the ocean of material available, a few years ago, and am of the opinion that any useful product will require the contributions of hundreds of folks who see one tiny niche clearly to combine into a larger picture. Wikipedia already has a Fiddle and Violin series going., BTW.
  4. It's offensive on multiple levels, aesthetically lacking, and derivative, but is it really Art? Earns Jezzupe the VdA Gala Razzberry.........
  5. Y'all get a 6.0 from the North Floridian judge. I noticed all the bass fiddles in the background on that YouTube. Anybody think he's Dietl school?
  6. The same people who blog all over the Internet. For instance, I've contributed quite a bit of text to educational sites including Wikipedia. The problem is often not numbers or enthusiasm, but technical competence and editorial ability. Corrupt secondary sources copied from Hell to breakfast are a prize curse in many disciplines. IMHO, a lot more primary research, in census records, for instance, is needed for anything involving luthiers, as is transcription of oral histories. I find it especially depressing that the notoriously deficient examples you gave are all the produce of paid professional authors, while the millions of pages of hobbyist-generated fan material on fiction, movies, TV shows, video games, etc., is often error-free by comparison
  7. Given the reference to "Schubert's leader" , I was tempted to respond that, no, the Classical began with Haydn rather than Beethoven.
  8. I've got mine set to offer me suggestions, but to use what I type unless I select one. I post in a lot of places which use languages or jargon which the app doesn't recognize. Some of what it suggests is bizarre, to say the least. Artificial intelligence is still a work in progress, but artificial stupidity seems to be a mature technology already (e.g., Google Translate). Hope nobody out there is posting while driving, BTW.
  9. Forgive a technobarbarian from the Geology faculty for sticking their nose in, but even I know it's spelled Lieder. My suspicion is that violin and bow making never suddenly and smoothly switched from one style to another in a single instant, because playing styles remained diverse, and to a great extent still do. You make and stock what people play and want to buy in your area. Note the persistence and periodic resurgence of things like the Hardanger fiddle. We may be accidentally arguing a nonexistent issue again.
  10. You mean like how violin values are based on sound, or watch prices on accuracy?
  11. Depends on where you put the decimal point.
  12. Looks well made to me, beautiful wood, a few idiosyncrasies (particularly around the pegbox), but nothing to make fun of. If it's serving you well, what else matters, anyway? Here's yours.
  13. If you combine what you're saying with something I said earlier, it could lead to a lot of speculation encouraging popcorn consumption.
  14. My best bow (which ultimately came from a big respectable shop mentioned on MN on occasion) was purchased through a local antique shop, consigned by a parent whose teenager had gotten bored with violin study. IMHO, some things are better bought locally after hand examination and a test drive.
  15. If you believe that, you may be in for an eventual sad awakening. Questionable or slipshod auction house attributions have been the subject of threads here on numerous occasions. EBay has certain standards they enforce, but demand due diligence from buyers. I've warned folks to do their homework. EBay, considered as a marketplace, is a major world city like LA, London, NYC, or Tokyo, and has no more weasels in residence than any of the others. It also has the attraction of placing businesses from many different cities under one roof, with swift, reasonable shipping available, and simpler/much cheaper legal recourse than most court systems offer. I've got a short-list of trusted suppliers on eBay, as I do for any place I do business, and a list of folks I won't deal with as well. Some big names in many product areas are represented on eBay, and are no more (or, in some cases, less) dishonest there than they are at their brick-and-mortars.