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  1. I prefer to keep my more toxic fans downwind of me, especially in beer joints that serve pickled eggs.
  2. Good plan, but in the 21st. Century, after he marries a rich widow, that'll be the last that you hear of him outside of tabloid celebrity gossip.
  3. The usual mass-produced US rubbish, smuggled across the Canadian border in a wheelbarrow.
  4. Whatever. I said something which is common wisdom on MN, should be easily interpreted for price range, factor, and provenance by those who have sold a few cheap fiddles, is in no way linked to the trolling incident you keep referring to, and the final referee is always the buyer. Let's move on. Some decent macros (capable of being zoomed a lot) of the belly and back purfling in context with the grain on each side, IMHO, would be helpful.
  5. Nah, it's not an oddball theory. You're pretty much mainstream, around here. It might be composite, but I agree that better photos are needed.
  6. "Markie", or "the usual" implies a post-1870 trade fiddle made for export. This isn't "the usual". As Jacob said, it's a Saxon violin from the early 19th. century, probably made for local use. I'm still examining the photos, trying to figure out how much it was repaired or messed around with. How does it sound? The sound will be a major part of the possible value of a nameless German fiddle like this. Can any inscriptions be seen inside of it? Have any photos of the inside?
  7. He already did, IMHO. Jacob's secret is out. He's also in the rubbish business. I've suspected this for years. When he says something nasty against DIY rubbish repairs, he's protecting his bottom line.
  8. David, please note that the judicious [pun intended] use of "can be stowed" as weasel-words in the legislation as passed, in practice produces the situations I described above for anyone without a privileged boarding status.
  9. For those who aren't familiar with it, St. Trinian's is a rather...ummmm...extraordinary British girls' school. I'd not be surprised if Morticia Frumpp spent some time there, before Gomez Addams swept her off her feet.
  10. I'm trying to hustle some business for you in another thread. Maybe it'll take off, like dendrochronology did.
  11. [Sniffs deeply, and wrinkles her nose.] I'm definitely getting more of an impression of kashkaval and kebab than of soy sauce here. Why don't you loan it to @JacksonMaberry to lick all over [https://maestronet.com/forum/index.php?/topic/356253-post-fitting-question/page/2/#comments], and see if he can place it? More seriously, if you look inside and don't see typically Chinese artifacts, such as white-colored glue stains, or continuous linings, staring back at you, I'd expect that it's most likely Eastern European.
  12. Ewwww. [Moves a box of gloves and a bottle of alcohol to the bench for safety during setups.....]
  13. Just another self-taught Italian.
  14. I haven't personally, but they produced endless millions. To answer that by proving the negative, you'd have to collect them all.......................
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