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  1. Do violists count? Oh, wait, if they did, they'd never come in at the wrong time.........
  2. Granted it's a gauntlet to run, but if plainly Stradivarian photos, and other plausible proof, were offered, IMHO, you'd see a lot of us support the guy's case. Similar things have happened here before.
  3. Hard to convince, you mean? Not without reason............sorta like this bunch, we've all seen a lot to make us cautious.
  4. [Groans........] You have my diffuse and insincere apologies. As usual, no good deed goes unpunished.
  5. "To be unfairly shown utter disrespect or heckled."
  6. Because of its OT nature, I cleared this with Jeffrey, by PM, before I posted it. Now buzz off.
  7. IMHO, the way Dimitri got razzed is way out of line, particularly because he's right.
  8. I heard about this over the weekend on another forum. The links explain it all. It's not a violin, but MN reaches a LOT of people. Mail theft is also of concern to those of us who ship or receive stuff by USPS. If you see this thing, notify the authorities, and the poster at Trombone Chat. Thanks! https://trombonechat.com/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=24624 https://slippedisc.com/2022/01/a-theresienstadt-instrument-is-stolen-in-america/
  9. I prefer slab-cut brisket. [Wanders out to check BBQ pit.]
  10. He sort of did exactly that in the intro. I did feel that the Strad sounds better, but i disagree with how much should be paid for that improvement.
  11. Given what Markies have been selling for over the last few years, it's a bargain. As I can see in Photoshop, they also did a reasonable setup on it, with Evahs and a cut bridge. Both recordings were played by Xiang Gao. I suspect that the sound processing difference is because the Strad was on a clip taken from one of his concert performances (professionally recorded in a hall) while he had the Lady Tennant on loan, but the Markie was recorded raw in a practice room somewhere. I didn't hear a million dollar difference in the sound. I did hear the Markie screech more noticeably on the E string. I had to listen closer to hear that on the Strad, but can't guarantee that the difference wasn't a miking and processing artifact.
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