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  1. Any theories on what caused this damage?

    Never smoke while playing.
  2. Tax proposals

    No, you weren't. Seven percent I have no problem with. Of course, all the corporate billionaires who currently pay less due to tax breaks and weird little deductions nobody else can use effectively would defecate all over themselves if a really flat tax ever passed. My point was that a low-rate flat tax would not starve the bureaucracy to death, as is often claimed. Making the government spend responsibly is a whole other question. I used to joke, decades ago, that we should eliminate taxes altogether, and simply give the Feds a monopoly on vice, gambling, and intoxicants, but that was before I saw them take over some properties in Nevada for back taxes, and prove that they could run casinos and brothels at a loss.

    Speaking of trivia, I was just considering the actual dynamics of a common colloquial expression, and wondering, does the doo-doo "hit the fan", as is often stated, or, given relative speeds, is it more the other way around? Anybody sent this to Mythbusters?
  4. J&A Beare diploma

  5. J&A Beare diploma

    Deleted as erroneous.
  6. Antique?

    Here's an example of several things we're discussing, for your viewing pleasure.............from the eBay Zone. Search "Vintage Chamber Pot" on eBay, and you'll have a whole new vantage on vintage.

    Toss stuff in the wrong cart, or space out while jabbering on a cell phone? I'd say someone who's lost situational awareness, in both cases.
  8. Antique?

    No, really old shit becomes coprolites, and actually has an elevated market value to researchers and collectors. While you're meditating on that, investigate the current prices of ancient and medieval mass produced items like oil lamps and minor statuary/knick-knacks (both cast in molds), or storage jars. Renaissance oil paintings mass-produced by what we nowadays know as "starving artist" techniques, where several examples of a scene exist, still bring several grand at auction, and you can sink a lot of change in mass-produced Japanese woodblock prints, as well. There's old shit, and then there's old shit with a market. As a prime example, in the last 20 years I've seen mass-produced Japanese WW II swords you couldn't get $100 for become highly sought-after military collectibles with price tags in the low thousands. Any wine with a date on the bottle? Vintage, to me, when buying old stuff, implies something between 20 and 99 years old, but any absolute definition is going to be slippery.
  9. Antique?

    Really? You can't prove it by me. 100 year old tonewood doesn't exactly grow on trees. "Antique" is a judgement of age, not valuation. I suppose, for violins, you'd equate "antique" with "fine", and "fine" with "Cremonese"? Most antique trade violins are worth resurrecting and playing. The shop prices on that "trash" keeps going up as well.
  10. Tax proposals

    Yup, you for sure have a rare hand at slinging that stuff. Bet you could clean out a stable in no time. Have you considered running for legislative office?
  11. Tax proposals

    Naw, I figured I'd hire you. I know you're experienced with fertilizer in its various forms.
  12. Tax proposals

    I'd advise containing the panic and investigating incorporation, for those with businesses. Until the exercise is complete, we won't know the full impacts. I'm concerned over what might happen with Schedule F. which has long been important to me every year.
  13. Tax proposals

    Military studies run some years ago, when Pentagon concern over a flat-tax was running high, showed that a 7% flat-tax would produce a revenue increase. I wouldn't have a problem with that.
  14. Violin Strings

    I've used and enjoyed Oliv, but none of the gut strings last very long, and they are all expensive. I have found that for my playing, synthetic core strings are the best, and highly recommend Tonica New Formula for use on recently made violins.
  15. Anyone else think the art world has gone mad

    [Resists the temptation to use her rosary as a kusarigama ] My, isn't that special? I sorta doubt that particular image figures here.