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  1. Did 'Disney' plagerize Jeno Hubay?

    It's almost as appallingly cloying an "earworm" as the awful stuff from the Barney show. Thank you soooo much for reminding me.......... Talk about misappropriating a folk tune!
  2. A pleasant surprise

    Wonderful narrative, you really ought to write more. Congratulations on the violin's performance, too.
  3. First ticket in the 2018 violin raffle! (ID-thread)

    It looks to me like he photographed it at an angle, like Michael said. Other than that, it looks to me like the usual rubbish, with somewhat better workmanship than some, and considerable abuse to remediate.
  4. First ticket in the 2018 violin raffle! (ID-thread)

    Based on those pictures, what you got (other than the usual) was............ummmm..........errrr.............something I can't say in a family-friendly forum. You've got a lot of fun cleaning, clamping, and cleating ahead of you. The back wood is very pretty, though.
  5. Top $$$ makers of all time

    Along with a creative mixture of most or all of the Seven Deadly Sins.
  6. Top $$$ makers of all time

    I have, for some time, suspected that the elevated prices for Italian fiddles in general reflects a superstitious belief in contagious magic.
  7. Top $$$ makers of all time

    Only in price.
  8. Very nice viola on

    The way that the button has been inset into the replacement neck makes the repairs unusual too. Very nicely done, but odd. Any sign of inscriptions on the inside?
  9. Very nice viola on

    Naah, consider the source. Anyway, you're in fine company. The unusual nature of some details (the button undercutting, for one thing), the appearance of the wood, and the varnish color have me considering Napoleonic Wars period British. A good look at the bottom rib and saddle area would certainly be helpful.
  10. Can you make a fiddle sound mellow??

    Everything already said, plus........if this is a brand new (particularly student) violin, as well as needing a better setup, it may have some maturing to do yet. I have one Chinese violin in particular, which I'd relegated to using as an electric, that suddenly started sounding great on its own after about 3 years of use. Just something else to consider. OTOH, is this your first violin? Have you tried other bows?
  11. Top $$$ makers of all time

    Well, to begin with, I consider all the makers who congregate at MN to be priceless beyond value. Not what you were looking for?
  12. How to Repair Button Separation From Neck?

    Jerry's of course right. Showing us the whole fiddle would also help make mere wild guesses into SWAG's. You ever done an ebony crown?
  13. ID bow swan head

    Touché, Martin! A Swan quoting Gibbons, even. I'd wondered when you'd comment on this bow. Informative, as usual.
  14. How to Repair Button Separation From Neck?

    That all depends on the Do-It-Yourselfer.
  15. ID bow swan head

    Lovely, but doesn't look a bit like him.