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  1. Violadamore

    French Mirecourt violin fake name

    Thank you. Another grim reality which all posters about sound should be aware of, is that, with the occasional exception of dear Martin, none of the professional dealers here give a flip about mere sound, when compared to Almighty Provenance, and will tell us so once again, in no uncertain terms, if we give them an excuse to do so. This is another reason why discussing recording samples is doomed to end sadly.
  2. Violadamore

    French Mirecourt violin fake name

    BWAAAAAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Like wow, have we ever been here before, or what? Please don't pursue this again, or we're going to have to sit through discourses on microphones, amplifier design, speakers, sound distortion enhancement techniques, and how some clot would only fake the recordings anyway, etc, just like the last twenty-or-so times it's been brought up, and shot down in flames. Thank you.
  3. Violadamore

    I suppose it had to happen sometime.......

    Thanks for sharing that whiff of romance. Sweetest thing I've seen here in a while.
  4. Violadamore

    I suppose it had to happen sometime.......

    That all depends on the Juzek and the condition. Given the somewhat peculiar angles of the photos, not having seen all of the label, the possibility of the label being a vintage fake, the possibility of there being serious concealed damage in the neck root area, and it not being a Master Art or anything, I didn't feel like going much over $250 or so. Other's views may differ.
  5. Violadamore

    I suppose it had to happen sometime.......

    [Yanks chute release, and dusts off boots] Well, that was entertaining. Somebody wanted that sucker bad.
  6. Violadamore

    Warchal 'Timbre' Strings

    I can read between the lines on that one, but since when is the moral equivalent of a commercial transaction taking place through a hole in a wall a "relationship"?
  7. Violadamore

    I will learn

    You been out behind the building smoking funny green stuff with Quadibloc? Thank you.
  8. Violadamore

    I suppose it had to happen sometime.......

    Here's the whole thing:
  9. Violadamore

    I suppose it had to happen sometime.......

    On second thought..... [Sound of Jaws theme is heard again on eBay]
  10. Violadamore

    Quiz for Addie

    Hey, Jeffrey!! I remember what you told Dracula Chow Mein in the Juzek thread way back when, but, if I really, really thought they'd earned it, could I call somebody a "clueless blogger"? Pullleaze?? By the way, could you please pin and lock this classic reference thread to protect it?
  11. Found this while poking around on eBay. To me, it looks like a recopied or reprinted (therefore "fake") John Juzek label. Is nothing sacred?
  12. Violadamore

    I have no photoshop skills...

    Doesn't look aged enough. Chinese?
  13. Violadamore

    Czech vs. Bohemian vs. German

    Not politically. Both "Italy" (Italia) and "Germany" (Germania), like "Gaul" (Gallia) or "Greece" (Graecia) , are ultimately Roman geographical terms based more on the languages and the cultural traits of the peoples living in these regions than on any political boundaries of any time period whatsoever. Italy was the peninsula from the fluid frontier with the Celts south, where the cultures resembled the Roman, while Germany was the politically inchoate mostly forested region north of the Alps, where the wandering tribes spoke varieties of a proto-German. Later, from Medieval times on, Italy was a broad term for where people spoke Italian, and Germany for where they spoke German, no matter the political subdivisions. The names eventually became attached to nation-states in the later 1800's.
  14. Violadamore

    Czech vs. Bohemian vs. German

    You're worrying too much, IMHO. In the 1600's and 1700's neither Germany nor Italy could be located on a political map, which doesn't stop us from from calling Mittenwald fiddles "German", or calling Cremonese "Italian", even though, as noted, Cremona was tossed from crown to crown like a ball at a childrens' party. BTW, "Oriental" is a useful shorthand for the broader Chinese-influenced cultural area.