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  1. But was it about the value of Bernardel violins, or about the sagacity of P. T. Barnum?
  2. IMHO, given that the cert only admits to "labeled", and the lack of a paper trail in auction records, plus that the seller has only 10 total feedbacks for selling, none for violins, at that price, I'd shop elsewhere.
  3. Oh...right. Haven't had to dodge a longneck in years. Are yours still attracting incoming?
  4. Actually, the leather or woven silk ito performs that function, along with cushioning. The same (rayskin) is permeated with lacquer and (with a full wrap, or with a wrap-and-a-half) acts both to reinforce the wooden tsuka core as well as to hold the tsukaito in place. When you see same by itself, the function is more decorative than practical. The function here is to improve the grip, but the conditions are less demanding. A violin bow only weighs 50-60 grams instead of a kilogram or so, and you're not swinging it so quickly that tip passes 400 knots and whistles, meaning that you're not fighting a considerable amount of centripetal force with the violin bow. Rayskin alone should be sufficient. .
  5. Depends on who you're selling to, and how, but I'd give a qualified "yes". Shop retail can be more than that.
  6. I put "Natural wear", but you should add categories for "Unnatural wear", "Negligence", and "Abuse".
  7. As a nearly lifelong electronics fiend (I used to love watching and asking questions when the TV repairman visited, my first magazine subscription was to Radio-TV Experimenter, and my elder sister never got over my tinning her Ungar woodburning pencil ["Mom, what's a 'precocious little b****'?"]), I know a great deal about tubes, amplifiers, and solder connections, but I never obsessed over them like that, even when I was doing moonbounce. Like, is the "-phile" on the end telling us something special here?
  8. Perhaps replace the goatskin/lizardskin and wire or whatever with a long wrap of rayskin or sharkskin?
  9. Note that the above is conducted by the composer. Some parts of it with ASM:
  10. Absolute orchestral genius, but, IMHO, should have been named the "Crucifixion". The soloist unquestionably earns her bouquets, but nobody in the orchestra gets away without at least one instant of stark terror. A remarkable test of virtuosity.
  11. IMHO, a better presentation of this Gorecki piece. Here's the one with Beth Gibbons, conducted by Penderecki.
  12. First thing I checked after a slew of old MN threads. The closest thing there is the 1934 Couesnon catalog.
  13. [Standing ovation] Brava!!!! Brava!!!