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  1. In related news, I found 43 results for "sounds like crap", and everyone seems to agree on what it means."sounds like crap"&search_and_or=or&sortby=relevancy BTW, Happy Mother's Day!!!!
  2. This seller, violinonline, claims "We are based in Rockville, Maryland and work closely with the well-known luthier an repairman MICHAEL WELLER, who checks and adjusts our instruments before shipping", which seems a little difficult, considering that Weller retired and moved back to the Netherlands,’s-retirement/ . Since they've been on eBay since Dec 08, 1997, their member listing may simply be out of date. eBay has an anti-fraud department, but getting their attention can be difficult, as can proving your case to t
  3. But the customers would have been like "johns" drifting from one street corner to another. They were doing the paying. No doubt.
  4. Didn't some of them even eventually wind up in Ann Arbor?
  5. Thanks, everybody. Last night I just gave it a quick squint, and missed the exposed purfling.
  6. @pipper, let's see that paper label anyway, check what you can see of the inside surfaces for any markings, and try to get some lining/block shots, please.
  7. Maybe. The lack of any sign of purfling is complicating things for me, and @pipper needs to add lower rib, and back-of-scroll views. I'd like to see what Jacob S. and Blankie think, too, and Martin as well.
  8. Children!!! If you both just quiet down, we'll get to the beach faster.
  9. [Squints at tiny print on a label.] But doesn't "Austria" have seven letters?
  10. I'd be counting on the split with the grain, underneath, along with carefully interleaving the matching splinters and voids on the vertical break, to hold it in place when glued. You're right it's a gamble, but against a total loss, what's to lose? I feel that it would be a nice learning experience for Philip.. I'd do all the breaks separately, and give each one two days to outgas and set hard. I'd give the chancy break the longest setting time, by doing it first, meaning that, with time for reinserting the hair carefully, it would have about a week to set before trying it.