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  1. Hmmmm...well clearly this person was not interested in your ideas or thought that they knew all of the answers already. This is never a good attitude for a student or a teacher ! r.
  2. Hey there David. I was really only remarking on the "spin" that most if not all businesses apply to their products. "World's best cup of coffee." type of sentiment. I personally never believe any of the hype generated to sell a product and as a rule I am more naturally inclined to pay attention to things which are understated. r.
  3. Hello all. I know I really shouldn't make this post, but this particular thread and the emotions it seems to have bred has been bothering me quite a lot. I used to post on Mnet for better or worse and I enjoyed communing with others who have similar interests. However, ultimately it was because of such over heated and often mean spirited arguments that I made a decision to stop visiting the site except for searching out specific questions I had, for which there is a great wealth of information and I am still extremely thankful. Unfortunately somehow I got sucked in to reading
  4. Maybe it was only in my copy or no one has received/bought their own copy yet ? It seems strange that there would be so many obvious mistakes with a featured instrument. Oh well I guess these things happen ? You would think though that someone would have caught such glaring errors. r.
  5. Hey there. It seems like there must have been a mistake or two or three made in the publishing of the measurements for the Rugeri violin featured in the Strad December 2014 issue. UB 279 mm MB 270 mm LB 193 mm LOB 284 mm r.
  6. Happy holidays Roger. Thanks for the early present in the form of the bass making thread. What a great gift ! r.
  7. Voldemort, I think that if you get caught playing around with these numbers at Hogwarts instead of learning your basic wizardry skills you could very well be expelled ! r.
  8. Hey there Michael. I know a little about guitar prices. During my life I have played in many bands and have owned some nice guitars. I however would be much more inclined to spend serious money on a hand made violin than a factory made electric guitar. This is not only because of a predilection for violins but the fact that an electric guitar's "sound" in my opinion has much less to do with it's construction. Bringing this thread back on the topic of brand name instruments, I bought a re-issue Gretsch guitar 3 years ago which plays and "sounds" fantastic ! It was one of three that
  9. Eric, I think I may have completely misunderstood where you were coming from and further more the title of the thread should have helped to clue me in ! I guess I found something provocative in your statement. I agree with you on what you have stated above and I suppose it is partially these realities which may have initiated my comments. I am not certain that the wealth of a dealer immediately signifies "abuses" but of course it is possible. The thing that gets me down is the gap between reasonable financial success while still keeping things small and personal. Cheers. r.
  10. I am of course well aware of this fact Martin. My point was simply that the profit margin for a single maker is very different from that of a business who produces violins in a production line manner or those businesses which sell these instruments. I also know that there have been many other scenarios of how instruments have been manufactured and retailed in the past as for example the Mirecourt and Markneukirchen manufacturers and subsequent points of sale. I too think that it is interesting that I, and I am certain there must be others, have this feeling regarding the "lone" maker, bu
  11. Hey David. Should these people actually be called violin "makers" then ? I guess in my last post I was thinking of the individual like yourself who make their own instruments from start to finish. I know that there are many different approaches and models of shops and I am not making value judgements, I am only clarifying that in my previous post I meant a one man business creating hand crafted items. For me once there are many other hands involved creating the product it becomes a different thing. r.
  12. Explanation ? Compared to who or what ? I don't know of any super rich violin makers. In fact many of those that I know repair as well to make ends meet. If by high profit margin you mean money going out on material in comparison to money coming back in as the sale of a violin, sure I guess it seems high profit. Then you take into account cost of the shop, tools, general upkeep, insurance etc. plus the skilled labour costs involved in producing a hand made instrument and it doesn't really seem all that high to me. You should know this though as you run a shop, (which by the way looks very nice
  13. Hey David. Do you find that the aluminum saddle adds a great deal of "brightness" to the sound or that it will perform in pretty much in the manner that you would expect to get from a regular fitted ebony saddle ? EDIT: A better question would be what are the tonal differences if any between this and a regular fitted saddle ? I just assumed some added brightness. r.
  14. I am going for one word answers today as though this were some sort of Rorschach test. It is also makes for very succinct replies ! What do you see here ? r.
  15. Well I guess that the bright side is that they didn't take any instruments ! Tools like grinders can be quickly replaced whereas work time on an instrument will be lost forever. Sorry to hear about the break in. That really stinks. r.
  16. It seems to have painted "purfling" if that makes a difference to you ? r.
  17. That is what I have done too. My most recent one though had a blade that slipped in and out a bit too easily so that when cutting it would move back into the handle. I just put a small plug into the end of the knife and it holds well now with the right amount of blade protruding. I think that a set screw would be a better idea though. r.
  18. I think I may have gotten the idea here. I guess the 6 mm nub was my addition ? Slightly different orientation as well. http://www.maestronet.com/forum/index.php?/topic/313240-rib-lining-clamps/?hl=clamps,AND,lining Post # 7 by Lance Bellamy. Thanks Lance they work well. Cheers. r.
  19. Those things like Jamey Aebersold recordings are odd. They are fun the first time and then it becomes very mechanical and predictable. Also I found that the conductor never followed me ! Never had them on vinyl though so I was bound to 440. r.
  20. Those photos are amazing. They look like medieval knights in Terry Gilliam designed armour. r.
  21. Hey there. I can't remember whose idea this was but they work well. I took Lee Valley clothes pegs (very strong springs) and reversed them adding a nub of wood @ 6 mm on the inside flat to give clearance and more direct clamping pressure. I have arranged them in an Esther Williams style array because I understand this thread is not only about lining clamps but also artistically expressing ourselves with our clamps. Cheers. r.
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