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  1. What a loss to all musicians! This is terrible
  2. Didn't he play a Pietro Antonio dalla Costa?
  3. Thank you immensely. The section on setup helps the everyday musicians for troubleshooting. With great respect Zanjia
  4. Well, I'm not very impressed by the violin outlook. If your going for a cheap student budget, I think it would suffice.
  5. This is great! Thank you Caspace, you made my day!
  6. Thank you! That violin is making me drool...
  7. That's quite hard to believe...... But considering some of the Strads make-up, it isn't a technical improbability....... Just my humble opinion
  8. Do you guys think she actually existed?
  9. Tognetti must be a bit randy. Why use a rare and valuable violin that can't be replaced? For goodness sake, use a cheaper one. I'm sure any maker here would prefer his violin over a irreplaceable del Gesu ( I think).
  10. The varnish is not too impressive, and neither is the wood. Or at least to me. The scroll of course looks very original, but doesn't look like it'll be taken into the musical world. I can't see the purfling, so I'm not going to comment on it. But one thing I'll say is that the violin is that it does look a fairly well-made if it's a factory product. P.S. Don't take my word for it since I'm a fool at these sort of things.
  11. Its sad though, that many of these great instruments are just going missing.... I agree. I've never seen such a nice looking factory violin
  12. hmmm, I think so too. Just that their expensive. Silly for me to say that though...
  13. I don't their very keen on sharing with the world what they have sometimes..
  14. That's how they make money I guess.
  15. Quite. I don;t think he's well documented...
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