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  1. I imagine it can be found at an auto supply store. Thanks, this is very helpful!
  2. I have seen a self stick, thin leatherette material on the stick above the frog on some bows and I am looking for that material. Apparently, it helps players who sweat a lot to grip the bow better. Does anyone know about where to track this down?
  3. I sent an email this morning to B&H London to see if they have any records regarding from who they bought bows.
  4. I think it helps to confirm that the company bought bows from top makers.
  5. Lynn Hannings said that there are Sartory bows with the Hawkes & Sons brand.
  6. I believe there was a silver cap at the end of the button or there would still be the ebony rim around the pearl eye. Is there a list of bow makers who worked in the Bazin shop? This is probably worth running by my bow mentor, Lynn Hannings. I'll let you know what she thinks.
  7. Yes, there are pins. There is a pin hole for the missing ring.
  8. Ugh! I meant to attach the photos. Interesting, there is a French style frog with trench on the stick.
  9. I thought that might be the case. It would be interesting to know who made it.
  10. I found a cello bow in an antique store in Concord, MA stamped Hawkes & Sons for a song. This was the company that merged with Boosey in the 1940's. I know they produced mostly band instruments, but this is a rather nice cello bow. Perhaps the company employed talented bow makers? I would like to know more.
  11. How true. But considering wrapping and leather grips and that I want to order a large quantity I would like to hear what has worked best.
  12. Does anyone know the dimensions for surgical tubing for bass bows?
  13. Are all cello endpin reamer tapers the same? I need to purchase one. Thanks.
  14. BTW, the cello was made by Moses Tewkesbury, an early American maker from New England. One of his basses is played in the orchestra I play in, the Hartford Symphony.
  15. No. There was no bridge, tailpiece, the top was already half off.
  16. Any ideas as to why the bass bar would be placed at this angle?
  17. End of grain that has lifted off the bow in the process of bending.
  18. How do I track down the non foaming version? Will it say on the label?
  19. Interesting.....but I saw that Gorilla glue actually expands. That may be a problem for a lift in a bow. I guess an experiment is in order!
  20. Actually, I am repairing lifts on the underside of bows that may need further bending or straightening.
  21. Does anyone know of a strong wood glue that won’t come apart when heated during bending. Most specs for glues do not mention heat.
  22. Is there any consensus on the type of varnish on this cello by Moses Tewkesbury? I include photos.