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  1. Glue for underslide

    The link to Ebay says Ponal wood glue. Will this glue metal to wood? Is the Ponal waterproof wood glue preferred because of potential moisture from the hand? I actually used Gorilla glue this week to glue an underslide and it seemed to work fine.
  2. Glue for underslide

    Thanks much!
  3. Glue for underslide

    I guess I will try Weldbond unless there are better suggestions. Thanks......
  4. Glue for underslide

    In my frog making class it was suggested to use Ponal Wasserfest glue to glue the underslide to the frog. Is there any other glue that would work just as well that is easier to get? Jeff
  5. A Bow Puzzle

    The hair ribbon is in the ballpark of a violin bow.
  6. A Bow Puzzle

    I have a bow puzzle I would like to share and hopefully get some insights. I have included pictures. I have a bow that currently weighs 67 grams and is 29" including the button. It has a square back frog and a metal tip. Any thoughts on if this is a very heavy violin bow or a light viola bow. The length does not really fit into the 3/4 size category. Otherwise, it looks like a very nice bow.
  7. Violin Bow ID

    I realize this is not a N A J Lamy. I was just wondering if anyone knows more about it. It seems like a nice bow.
  8. Violin Bow ID

    Here is a photo of the brand.
  9. Violin Bow ID

    Yes. I am trying to determine whether it is a copy or not. It does look like a nice bow, pernambuco, silver, winding, nice tip etc.
  10. Violin Bow ID

    Has anyone come across violin bows with a LAMY stamp? I could post pictures if necessary.
  11. Violin ID

    This violin has a Schweitzer label as well as an additional label saying Made in Germany. I am assuming this is yet another copy. Is this violin worth having checked out? Thanks, Jeff
  12. Difficult Violin Bow Repair

    WOW!!! Great responses and VERY helpful! Thanks much! Jeff
  13. Difficult Violin Bow Repair

    I am going to repair an inexpensive violin bow for practice. Does anyone have suggestions? Part of the back of the tip was blown out as well as part of the tip plate.
  14. Tubbs Violin Bow ID

    Any thoughts on this violin bow I found with a violin in an antique store? It has a faint Tubbs stamp. Jeff
  15. French Polish Flakes for Violin

    Thanks much for these responses!