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  1. This is very helpful. Thanks much!
  2. I am anticipating sending several bows for trial and wonder if anyone has advice about insurance. They will be bows that I have made. Is there a company that insures for situations like this? www.bowsforstringedinstruments.com
  3. OK, after all of this craziness I found out 95% isopropyl alcohol from the corner pharmacy works just fine.
  4. Where do you buy Everclear in CA and what proof?
  5. I am told it is illegal in CA. Hardware stores do not sell it.
  6. Thanks. Can that also be used to clean sticks and to make French polish as you would using denatured alcohol?
  7. I just moved to California and need advice about a replacement for denatured alcohol. What should I use in the lamp for rehairing bows?
  8. A typical micro mesh kit begins at 1500 and ends at 12,000.
  9. I used the full set of micro mesh beginning with 1500.
  10. Would the wax application need to be scraped off?
  11. This is the fitted frog made of horn after micromesh. The micromesh stripped off the high gloss finish and it now looks more like ebony. It did remove the file marks. I tried a wax polish as well.
  12. I decided to start micro meshing the button because the silver rings were slightly higher than the horn enough that it catches the hand. Not sure the image is worth posting. The horn part came out a little cloudy. Maybe it now needs a sealant such as a wax???
  13. Here is a before photo. You may be able to see filing about 1-2 mm from the top. I am planning to use micro mesh.
  14. I have been holding off until I felt confident to proceed but will post before and after images. Thanks for your help.
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