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  1. Are all cello endpin reamer tapers the same? I need to purchase one. Thanks.
  2. BTW, the cello was made by Moses Tewkesbury, an early American maker from New England. One of his basses is played in the orchestra I play in, the Hartford Symphony.
  3. No. There was no bridge, tailpiece, the top was already half off.
  4. Any ideas as to why the bass bar would be placed at this angle?
  5. End of grain that has lifted off the bow in the process of bending.
  6. How do I track down the non foaming version? Will it say on the label?
  7. Interesting.....but I saw that Gorilla glue actually expands. That may be a problem for a lift in a bow. I guess an experiment is in order!
  8. Actually, I am repairing lifts on the underside of bows that may need further bending or straightening.
  9. Does anyone know of a strong wood glue that won’t come apart when heated during bending. Most specs for glues do not mention heat.
  10. Is there any consensus on the type of varnish on this cello by Moses Tewkesbury? I include photos.
  11. Thanks for these responses. Normally I would wrap the area with wire. I was just curious about whether G2 would come apart with that kind of heat. Makes sense that Cyanoacrylate would.
  12. Does anyone know whether heating a bow stick that has been glued with either G2 or Insta-Cure + sold by International Violin, will come apart especially if pressure is applied, for example, straightening the stick?
  13. Given that a church bass string length is approx. 3-4" longer than the standard cello, should the sound post be thicker?