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  1. Does the linseed oil play another roll other than helping the polish not to stick?
  2. Can anyone recommend a filler for pores on a bow stick?
  3. I was wondering about adding camber or straightening.
  4. I have heard that some bow makers use CA glue as a filler for a smoother finish on bow sticks. Does anyone have experience with this process? Will the CA glue filled pores be noticeable after French polishing the stick?
  5. Does anyone know if this manual includes cello repair as well as violin?
  6. Does anyone know where I might find hardware such as the collar and screw in this removable wooden endpin? I would like to try making one.
  7. I imagine it can be found at an auto supply store. Thanks, this is very helpful!
  8. I have seen a self stick, thin leatherette material on the stick above the frog on some bows and I am looking for that material. Apparently, it helps players who sweat a lot to grip the bow better. Does anyone know about where to track this down?
  9. I sent an email this morning to B&H London to see if they have any records regarding from who they bought bows.
  10. I think it helps to confirm that the company bought bows from top makers.
  11. Lynn Hannings said that there are Sartory bows with the Hawkes & Sons brand.
  12. I believe there was a silver cap at the end of the button or there would still be the ebony rim around the pearl eye. Is there a list of bow makers who worked in the Bazin shop? This is probably worth running by my bow mentor, Lynn Hannings. I'll let you know what she thinks.