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  1. Quick and polite reminder that the Competition Deadline August 31st, for entry arrivals. Please share amongst your networks. www.violinbridges.co.uk facebook group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/2821590261390062 #violinmaker #violinrestorer #violin #viola #cello
  2. Deadline for submissions for this years International Bridge Competition is the end of August. So far we have had entries from Hong Kong, Taiwan, England, Singapore, Greece, Israel, Spain, USA and China. www.violinbridges.co.uk
  3. wow, you just got my attention, I would love to have those bridges in the next book which is underway. as a teaser just got these two beautiful bone bridges, from normandy on a mirecourt violin
  4. Really pleased to announce that Teller - Germany has become one of our sponsors and partners, each category winner will receive a beautiful prize of their bridges. deadline is August and so far have had entries from Singapore, Taiwan, Greece, China, USA and the UK www.violinbridges.co.uk and https://www.facebook.com/groups/2821590261390062
  5. if you really want to dig deep into the math, here a link to our vsa paper on the statistical analysis of just under 1100 bridges. showing the sweet and sour spots https://vsapapers.org/index.php/journal/article/view/4 and a link to the competition facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/2821590261390062
  6. The focus for me like the violinbridges project and the book, sry jacob, is promoting and celebrating the art of cutting bridges. To highlight our work, training and the excellence we strive to produce. So much of what we do is lost on the general public. But every one of us who has cut a number of bridges will know great work when we see it and will appreciate the effort, training and skill it would have taken to produce that. Not for everybody but for those it is Deadline is in August. Working on finalising the webinars which will be Bridge Tuning, Bridge Engineering, Bridge Cutting and Bridge Manufacturing. Looking forward to it.
  7. @Brad Dorsey it would be really interesting to see and compare, but not for this one. @Goran74 originally we wanted to do this differently, but for several reasons, like logistics, cost and mainly pandemic restrictions. it was felt that as a small item, not like a picture or whole violin that we could donate them to the growing static project collection which has been and will be again post covid19 available to loan to violin schools and students. I am sure returns could be arranged if you felt you did not want a bridge to become part of the loan collection..
  8. Thanks all @Brad Dorsey your idea is a great idea, but the amount of time people take varies and the competition is designed for covid19 restrictions. Perhaps another year. @Advocatus Diaboli worth submitting but you may need a note with your reference but it would still be judged by the criteria above. @Three13 I love chanot stamps they are totally unique, I dont think the vuillaume is one to copy.
  9. Thanks again all, yes @Televetits been a challenging year for us all, and I feel any celebration of our work is welcome. I would love to see more global promotion of our art. @David Burgess unstamped bridges would be anonymous to the judges, we did discuss about covering the stamps to anonymise the entries but all felt that if stamped they should be marked as such. Would love to see any of your bridges, and yes hulk hogan stamps would be marked as any other. @rudall I can confirm we will not be judging the fit of the bridge as the bridges will be judged without instruments. A full set of rules and judging criteria is available to download on the site. signing off for tonight but will try and answer any more questions if I can. thanks again
  10. @David Burgess the stamps and how they are applied are part of the marking process so they wont be anonymised. all the information is on the website. @woodbutcher, no they are not all trained in the same schools, or workshops. @rue yes, it wont be for everybody, but I am positive that it will be of interest to many.
  11. @David Burgess thanks for that question, didnt Lynrd Skynyrd die in a plane crash? The judging criteria is on Workmanship, Execution, Material choice, Branding/ stamp, Usability, Design, Finish, Visual Balance and Overall appearance. Excellence always shines. "Will deliberate asymmetry be penalized?" the bridge needs to show they are fit for purpose but there is an other category for non standard bridges which I would think is the best place for experimental design. Judges will be revealed as in other violin competitions after the closing date, but I can tell you they are from America, Europe and England. Each a master luthier from different fields of the trade.
  12. @Wood Butcherthanks for that question, the purpose of the International Violin Bridge Competition is to compare aesthetically the standards of violin family bridges, and to celebrate and award the best entries.. It is not to judge tone. But as part of the run up to the results we have 4 webinars planned, one on bridge cutting, one on Bridge tuning and adjustments and one from a major manufacturer and one q & a. All lead by industry experts.
  13. Jacob your such an old cynic :). We have four internationally acclaimed judges who will be reviewing the bridges and as it says above and on the site its a wonderful opportunity to share and celebrate your art and work in these restricted pandemic times. I already know its not for you Jacob. We feel its important to continue to celebrate our work and art and the competition has been a long time ambition, and I am very pleased that its going ahead this year.
  14. Very Pleased to announce that registrations are now open for THE INTERNATIONAL VIOLIN BRIDGE COMPETITION 2021. A wonderful opportunity to celebrate and promote your work on a global stage.. Please share amongst your networks. www.violinbridges.co.uk
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