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  1. wow, that allot of profit for them. I am sure its a typo
  2. Many thanks Michael that means allot. The website needs a bit of tlc as getting a bit old now but will try and keep it up as long as I can. Much respect
  3. @Mark Norfleeetit is still there but the site uses ip detection to find your locality, sometimes that doesnt work. best bet if your interested in a slower cheaper postage please get in touch and send me a message either here or on the site.
  4. @DonLeister I did think about this originally, not all of the bridges included had measurements taken at the time, and I wanted it to be consistent and didnt want it to become too huge. So all measurements and weights are on the website.
  5. had a bit of time and managed to add weight based shipping to all areas which is much cheaper for multiple copies, and refunded a few people who overpaid. Also added ups ground which is slower and much cheaper to the usa
  6. Thanks @Rueno plans for anything else but love the rosin idea I loved Andrew Carruthers button website which I thinks been taken down by the trolls perhaps too hardcore
  7. these are old bridges and definately A rich catalogue of bridges from important centers of Instrument making ranging from 1780 to the present day and yes on the website there are weights and measurements, you just need to login in to see them.
  8. hahah, yes your definitely in the "doesnt" camp, thats ok. send me your bridges and I will show them some love.
  9. @GeorgeH sorry about that and I understand its not cheap, the lovely people at the International Violin Company have bought a few to add to their website, you may be able to pre-order from them at a lower cost. As things settle down I will try and add slower cheaper postage methods to the website, and always happy to try and find easier cheaper ways for people to buy it.
  10. @jacobsaundersI love your comments here, always bring a smile. There are a few older bridges 1780 ish onwards, but does concentrate on mainly later bridges, as you know earlier bridges were not stamped and used very plain wood, and tbh I dont think they cared so much about the cut as we do now. No theories as to why the bridge evolved as I think thats another book all together, its big enough as it is but those engineers amount you can read our VSA paper published awhile back, but I warn you its a long read.That should part answer the engineering side of the evolution and what we expect from them VSA Bridge Paper. "or is it just pictures of 20th C used bridges?" this makes me laugh, some people get the beauty, art and aesthetics of bridge cutting and the whole concept of the violinbridges project and some people dont.
  11. thanks I will look at it, but it needs collection and insurance added, so only a few pounds less, but worth adding as an option
  12. @martin swanclick that link and it shows you ups is £45 per kilo, even landmark global, with insurance and collection is £27.. what seems to happen is prices vary on the day just alittle
  13. @jandepora @l33tplaya yes postage on a single item is expensive mainly because its 230 pages, printed on good quality paper with a hard back, so it weighs 1kg.. if you can find cheaper shipping please let me know.. I had an order for Taiwan where they grouped together to buy a box of 10 books, where the postage comes to about £100 a box, so a huge saving. If any maestronet fellows want to organise this I am sure I could also apply a coupon to that, please get in touch
  14. thanks @Emilg website should take cards and paypal I am almost out of my first print run but have ordered some more. thanks again for the support
  15. Thanks Brad that means allot I am very pleased how it turned out. I love the phrase encounters with great violin bridges, and like you said I have seen and cut thousands. I tried to select for the Masters section bridges that were good examples of great craftsmanship and design, they are not all perfect but they show the skill, intent and training that the person cutting them had, you can trace in certain bridges who worked for who as style evolves. Some of the early bridges are not figured at all and they obviously didnt think that excellence was the norm for bridges. The Morris & Smith Bridge is one of my favorites, perfect wood and beautifully cut and designed, so many beautiful bridges, for example every Withers bridge is a masterpiece. For the interesting and unusual section I choose, bridges that were from famous makers, shops that didnt make the masters section but were interesting by their lineage and also a few total nutty crazy designs, there is one silver bridge in this section totally crazy.