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  1. Would love to see some Da Spalla Bridges @Dmitry Badiarov
  2. The competition is focused on Celebrating the Art of cutting Violin Family Bridges, so not sure how fictional Bridges would fair or be judged. Dictum Tools is sponsoring an award for new or initiative design. Would it come under that I am not sure? by all means PM with more details.
  3. Thanks for that question Justin, closing date is August 31st 2022, so entries need to be received by then. So sent a couple of weeks prior at the very latest. You can also register now and send later, following the big register Now Button here violinbridges.co.uk
  4. Delighted to have started receiving entries for the 2nd International Violin Bridge Competition 2022 So far we have Bridges from Romania, Hong Kong, Germany and the United States. Come Join us to Celebrate the Hidden Art of Violin Family Bridge Cutting. With Fantastic Prizes from our Sponsors and partners Josef Teller, Dictum - Mehr als Werkzeug, Pirastro, Warchal, Despiau Chevalets and Lark Music Insurance. Entries now open at violinbridges.co.uk https://violinbridges.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2022/02/ivbc22.pdf A Global Celebration. Our Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/2821590261390062 Please share amongst your networks.
  5. Hi Andreas, thanks for the question. We will be refining it a little, from last year. We will have Gold, Silver and discretionary Merit for Violin, Viola, Cello and Others. Baroque bridges can be entered in either the instrument or other category. We also have a special award sponsored by Dictum.com for innovative design. Best Regards Gerard KilBride violinbridges.co.uk
  6. Absolutely Delighted to announce that The 2nd International Violin Bridge Competition 2022 is now open for registration and entries. Please join us for a global celebration of the art and craft of Bridge cutting. With fantastic prizes from our sponsors and partners: Josef Teller OHG, Dictum - Mehr als Werkzeug, Warchal strings, Pirastro, Despiau Chevalets and Lark Music Insurance. More information can be found here. https://violinbridges.co.uk and on our Facebook Group Please Share
  7. @david I am delighted to reveal this years competition Judges https://violinbridges.co.uk/competition-team-2021/
  8. @woodbutcher sorry for not answering and its a valid question, I think I have answered this before in this thread but will do it again. " a working part is judged only on its final appearance" yes that is correct. The purpose of the International Violin Bridge Competition is to compare aesthetically the standards of violin family bridges, and to celebrate and award the best entries. It is not following the mold of a traditional violin making competition.
  9. Lovely to hear from a few non grumpy maestroneters. Thankyou for the support as we slept you all typed. Answers below sry if long @David We had Four International Judges with a combined working experience in the trade of over 120 years, One American, One Italian, One Scottish and One English, 3 different violin schools. All exceptional respected makers and restorers, and all who care deeply about celebrating and supporting our craft. The judging criteria is very clear in the rules and application, and was devised by our Judges at the onset of the competition it will be refined for next year. @Andreas Preuss hiding the stamps was something we discussed, but we felt that the stamp and how it is designed and executed is such a part of the skill and look of a finished bridge that it was important to keep them. "But I would say there are more categories needed for the awards. Classical cuts, stylish cuts, new design cuts." Yes we need to think on this as Shlomo Moyal's and Nikolaos Pylarinos Viola bridges, would both be in the new design category, and they get lost in such a simplistic points competition structure. https://archive.violinbridges.co.uk/shlomo-moyal-3/ https://archive.violinbridges.co.uk/nikolaos-pylarinos/ We will have an evaluation and improve things for next year. @matthewnykoys "I rarely find a ugly looking bridge that also just happens to work in all the right places that it needs to in order to sound good as well." I agree with this, those who say a badly cut/ ugly bridge can work well, are following a myth. It may work but its a fluke. I could write another 75 pages vsa paper on this but wont The short version is a well cut bridge shows skill, intent and attention to detail and simplistically that is what is needed in setting up and adjusting a fine violin. @GeorgeH Yes I have sold a few books, which even if I do say so myself is a beautiful thing, and if you are in isolation from the main violin cultural hubs and if your studying violin making or repair its an essential book and tool, but please let me re assure you, the time and costs involved from running the violinbridges.co.uk project for the last 12 years has been in no way financially compensated. Violin Bridge Cutting is an art, and the competition/ site/ book are ways to celebrate, promote and support that art. @mattroop For this instance and method of Judging it is who scored more overall points. But it has been suggested that we should have awarded Gold and Silver so we could open up to awarding merits to other bridges, this is something we need to take on board, I will put it to the Judges. We don't plan to add pictures on the website of the sides and other views.
  10. hahahah I think Grumpynet maybee a better name for this place We had some truly lovely Bridges from all around the world, celebrating great skill and workmanship. A rare thing indeed.
  11. Delighted to announce the Award Medalists for this year's International Violin Bridge Competition 2021 celebrating the art and craft of Contemporary Bridge Cutting. We've had a truly global response with some exceptional entries. Awarded Medalists results are here. violinbridges.co.uk archive.violinbridges.co.uk https://www.facebook.com/groups/2821590261390062 Please share amongst your networks.
  12. We have had a fantastic response so far with entries from Greece, United Kingdom, Spain, United States, Portugal, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, Mexico, Hong Kong, Israel, and Singapore NOW is the time to send your entries. violinbridges.co.uk #violinmaker #violinrestorer #violin #viola #cello #bridgecutting Please Share amongst your networks. https://violinbridges.gerardkilbride.com/search/... Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/2821590261390062
  13. Quick and polite reminder that the Competition Deadline August 31st, for entry arrivals. Please share amongst your networks. www.violinbridges.co.uk facebook group here https://www.facebook.com/groups/2821590261390062 #violinmaker #violinrestorer #violin #viola #cello
  14. Deadline for submissions for this years International Bridge Competition is the end of August. So far we have had entries from Hong Kong, Taiwan, England, Singapore, Greece, Israel, Spain, USA and China. www.violinbridges.co.uk
  15. wow, you just got my attention, I would love to have those bridges in the next book which is underway. as a teaser just got these two beautiful bone bridges, from normandy on a mirecourt violin
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