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  1. Jaster we should also say welcome to maestonet with your first post. Televet, I know for sure amberviolins also has a fine sale in london in march and one also finishing in a week..does tarsio also have a fine sale in london? Bows for players are always so personal, I like to try them.
  2. Jaster I am curious why only tariso, especially if you dont live in the US.I am sure those are nice bows but If you wait a month, all the major online auction house will be having fine instruments sales in March. I would look at, ingles and hayday, amati and bromptons. A huge amount of choice to the discerning buyer.
  3. violinbridges

    Nice Scotish Cramond Fiddle on amberviolins

    thanks martin swan. nothing a talented man like yourself could fix in a jiffy:) yes looking at those pictures it is a bit of a curio/ boiler of a fiddle, perhaps be great for a scotish traditional fiddle player. will see, lots more auctions coming online with t2 and amati, perhaps even bromptons might push a quick sale out. Lots out there, have you seen anything that takes your fancy that you dont mind bringing attention to?
  4. violinbridges

    Nice Scotish Cramond Fiddle on amberviolins

    Wood butcher I am connected to many people here in the uk but if you look at my history, most will take you to bridge related posts as I created, we are hopefully soon able to add our paper on the statistical analasis of our bridge database, culmination of almost 10 years work... As a fellow fiddle lover it’s always nice to share the unusual, where ever it may be. I love an odd scroll or button.. but your right it always the same people who seen to give the heads up in certain auctions, Dwight, and a few other regulars to point a few, but I think that’s probably more as that’s what we are watching and good thing..
  5. Nice and slightly wacky scotish fiddle on amberviolins. love that scroll.
  6. violinbridges

    Old Aubert SUPER LUX Bridges

    Some Nice old Aubert SUPER LUX Bridges in the June Amber Auction
  7. violinbridges

    Bridge comparison thread?

    jeffery or julian could you please remove the file for download it is still available
  8. violinbridges

    Bridge comparison thread?

    Juliam Crossmann can you remove this please, we will re upload it when done, thanks
  9. violinbridges

    returned stolen strad terrible fit up, video

    @Omobono thanks for the photo.
  10. Just saw this for those responisble for this, please shorten that tailpiece
  11. violinbridges


    Sorry for the delay WIll L, the litttle I know is that the owner recently passed away, she had many other violins most bought from HIlls. This I am told was her favorite but as the HIll's certificate says it is a very handsome violin.. I think it takes all types of violins for all types of violinists, I think the search for a perfect instruments and bows as partners is the fun part.
  12. violinbridges


    there is a very good looking Widhalm here in the June 28th Amberviolins Auction, which was owned by a concert violinist here in the uk.
  13. violinbridges

    Ernesto Pevere, Ferrera 1928. What a Beauty

    violinouno "good german violin after roth, but not roth." nice, very funny, very maestronet nice mischief this one comes with a Millant certificate..
  14. violinbridges

    Ernesto Pevere, Ferrera 1928. What a Beauty

    violinouno lovely link, nice to see more of them as I have not really seen many, nice fiddles.
  15. Can't help but share this beauty!