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  1. Thanks Martin, I appreciate this...I should know better by now. Jacob S was wondering about the blocks so I took a few photos of this. Thanks again everyone for your help.
  2. Hi Will, so you see the No. 753 then? And, 1927. Thank you sir!
  3. I'm not one to answer with authority but this is what I seen and was told at my luthiers shop. Collin Mezin workshop used bass bars like this and many were changed later thinking they would improve the sound. My CM violin has this type and I did see this when it was in for repairs. Also, the interior work is very similar. The pegbox carving is exactly like this...a smooth carving like the photo shows above. Please correct me if I'm wrong here. I also read this somewhere with photos of a CM in for repairs. I'm looking for that now...
  4. Measurements of this fiddle are a little on the long side but here they are: Upper = 167mm Centre = 108mm Lower = 204mm Length = 361mm
  5. Here is the carving to the bitter end...cleanest cut, most amazing (well maybe not the most) pegbox I've seen...
  6. Thanks uncle duke, she's a pleasure to look at so if it sounds as good, maybe a gift from heaven.
  7. Lol, that is just great Rue! Thank you for that
  8. The bottom block has a crack, the belly has a pin at the top and the bottom...
  9. Here is a clearer view of the repairer inscription
  10. Mmmmmm , won't let me post the photo's. Try this... I have some photos of the inside work so wanted to show this hope you don't mind. Also, in a way my gut feeling and just what I see here is that of a large stain where the lablel has lifted... could be the cause of this? The rest of the label looks good with no glue or sign of lifting or tamper. It looks original guys whether it fits the violin, or not, but just curious to ask more questions. There is an inscription or name written on the side of the basebar that looks to be the same as on the bottom rib? Seems to be very nice workmanship to the interior. I looked with a magnifying glass and the H.H starts tight at the label with a heavy lead ball, not under the label from what I can see here. Don't know why the repairer would do this though...lol. The varnish on this violin is really nicer than I though, in the daylight. I'm hoping it shows up on your monitor as it shows in real life, but maybe it's just me...lol. Anyway, thanks for your time and checking this out. Whether it's French, German or other it surely seems like a nice fiddle and maybe will have great sound.
  11. Hi everyone, hope everyone is having a good Sunday! I have some photos of the inside work so wanted to show this
  12. Thanks Craig, I forgot to mention it did come with a bridge. Collin=Mezin stamped. Also a small pearl eye, a little ring and an old paper inscription (in another language) I was hoping the pegs were in there but, no luck there! Here is a photo...
  13. Ok Martin, I missed your post but thank you for your time again. I went and posted more photos but if it's nothing special, well...I thought I would make sure and ask anyway. Have a great weekend! Everyone one on maestronet and company, thank you for putting up with goonies like me who find interest in this fine art. Cheers
  14. Hi, I have photos of this stamped bow which seems old but whether it's worth fixing up is the question. The head plate is awful and doesn't fit at all but also not sure if the screw adjuster is a replacement, seems to not match with the rest of the bow which I believe is silver. There is a brass screw to the underslide. The head is quite different but seems nicley carved. The stick is round. I cleaned the frog up a bit as it was covered with Rosen, all black but left most the metal parts somewhat to show its condition. The bow was not used for a long time I think and not at all taken care of at all. This bow is somewhat short in comparison to others I have. It measures 28 3/4" and weighs 56.8 grams. Also, the camber is different than my other bows, the style and it's very low as it would only have enough room for the hair before it touches when laying flat on the table. It seems a very beautiful stick, very straight like 100%, no twist. The wood Color is Redish Brown, interesting, so I have no idea if this is a good bow or not by my untrained eye. Thanks for any help as to what it is.
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