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  1. if you think about it logically, it'd have to be screwed in from the inside, right? Maybe I'm wrong
  2. Hi Guys, So, here's the situation. I, being a lowly violinist whose violin didn't quite cope with the weather over here, is now left with a separated neck and what you see in the photo. I'm interested about two things. Violin info: late 18th century, Klotz family. Number 1 question: What is that (wooden?) insert in the block? Was there a specific reason that would be there? Is it something that is common with Klotz family violins? (I know, that was 4 questions, but I hold no knowledge in this field.) Number 2 question: What would be the reason for the splice that
  3. Being from Australia, I'm going to throw the biased opinion in that the Smith sounds quite nice Also a fan of the Sannino Is it just me or do some of the audios on the videos sound a bit distorted or rather, not quite what one would expect to hear in person? That or some violins have just not been played or even strung up for a while as I notice some definitely have a metallic sound to them...
  4. Miles, I'd like to add a comment after reading this however, before I do, may I ask if you had a price range in mind? With your case in mind, the fact that you are looking at possibly buying a smaller instrument and other various points to consider, having an idea on how much you are willing to spend on this upgrade for your daughter can help us provide you with insight and the different directions you can take. If you'd rather not say in the chat feel free to send a personal message
  5. For all we know, Mr Swan and no, they do not aha at least as far as I'm concerned.. I for one, am actually interested in this violin with the prospects of it being a Nemessanyi (shame I didn't actually see the Nem from Skinner's auction but given on how the events played out, there might've been a large bidding war on it..) However I don't find myself in a financial position to take the gamble on this instrument without going to great lengths to find the money for it. P.S Thank you Mr Ratcliffe for confirming whether the dendro test was done on the instrument
  6. I would think it's dependent on what level you define a soloist and what level the orchestra is as well? For example, If you are talking about using it to play the tchaik/sibelius with a full orchestra, then the question is, will it be powerful enough to out play that orchestra? If that orchestra is an A-grade orchestra with several fine violins in it's midst, then the answer would probably be no. If you are referring to recitals with a piano then I don't see why not I've never played on a mass-produced Vuillaume before but I would probably assume it'd be no higher in
  7. I'm even MORE sceptical now that you're saying that Mr Swan... Now I'm DEFINITELY buying a ticket to London from Australia and having my violinist friend from the LSO come over so we can assess the instrument
  8. I got reminded of this scene for some reason... If anyone gets the reference haha
  9. My thoughts as well, unless someone knows something that we don't
  10. Here are some (hopefully better) photos
  11. Going to agree with Martin on this one, I've owned a Fetique and have played on a few different ones as well. What you have there, isn't something I'd call a Fetique and as an investment, I'd question buying anything without a certificate. Just my 2c worth.
  12. I managed to get enlarged images before the auction ended, will post them in a bit
  13. there was a bidding feud for it by two people from watching the live auction online Did someone just get a pretty nice price for a genuine Postacchini? Found it weird that this violin came up for auction last year with a estimate of 2-4k but no takers. My thoughts were french..