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  1. H_Axel

    Origin of Fractional Size Designations

    I've wondered about this too and I think the fractions relate to volume, not length. For example, a 3/4 violin usually has a 13" length over back compared to 14" for a 4/4. That's about 92%. If height and width are also scaled similarly, .92 ^3 is just a little over .75. Ignoring the complexities of the shape, it looks like a 3/4 violin has about 75% of the VOLUME of a full size. The numbers diverge for the smaller sizes but the fractions still correspond more closely to volume than LOB. More complex shapes lose volume more quickly than cubes so that may account for the difference. If anyone has a 3d digital model, dV/dLOB be evaluated more accurately. Or, maybe this is just a coincidence. HH
  2. H_Axel

    Is this particular to any school?

    I observed a similar feature in a contemporary Chinese violin. Discussion in another thread includes some very nice photos of Strad, del Gesu and modern copies showing similar, but less exaggerated examples.
  3. H_Axel

    Question about f hole fluting and eye relief

    Nice! In one thread we have the Messiah and Thunis Strads and Vieuxtemps Guarneri. My little $60 fiddle is in good company. Regarding inside vs outside mold, here are the linings and corner blocks. Looks like inside mold,,, HH
  4. H_Axel

    Question about f hole fluting and eye relief

    Glad to have everyone's comments about this "find." Does anyone have an opinion about the maple? Is it Chinese or something else? I've seen references to "streaks" in Chinese and some American maple. Are they visible here? Thanks again and best regards, HH
  5. H_Axel

    Question about f hole fluting and eye relief

    Lawrence, I'm not qualified to say what kind of wood it is but here are some closeups that might help those who can identify it.
  6. H_Axel

    Question about f hole fluting and eye relief

    Thanks for the info, Violadamore. Sound is very nice, almost as good as the 1998 Doetsch my daughter plays. I'm a bginner so probably not the best judge of sound. The Dominant E was a little strident but changing to a Hill E toned it down. It's really nice to play. If its related to yours, perhaps there's some potential to improve it more. The bridge shows some evidence of hand work but there are no markings. I'm a little suspicious that a label might have been removed since there's some glue residue in the area. The left f hole edges also show a little damage to the blacking. It's crossed my mind that it could have been stolen, stripped of it's label and then sold to the second hand book store (they also sell used instruments and electronics). Thanks again for your comments. It's really good to have a possible maker--I'll check to see if any Fengling violins have been reported stolen in Colorado. (Now we can go back to jokes about the second coming of the Messiah!) HH
  7. H_Axel

    Question about f hole fluting and eye relief

    The reflections highlight the raised areas around the lower eyes. Regarding the blocks, as far as I can see, the linings appear to be let in.
  8. H_Axel

    Question about f hole fluting and eye relief

    I can't say why the Messiah is worth $60M but my violin is worth $60 because that's what I paid for it. I think I got a pretty good deal though. It's more responsive and resonant than my other violins and sounds better than all except the 20 year old R Doetsch from Potters. It came with a decent bow too. Anyway, relative value aside, I'm still wondering if the lower eye holes are an oddity or an effort to copy something.
  9. H_Axel

    Question about f hole fluting and eye relief

    I guess that's why the label was removed! At least it's being played now...
  10. H_Axel

    Question about f hole fluting and eye relief

    Another photo of the f hole
  11. I found this violin in a used book store. It had a nice case and good looking wood for only $60. There's no label but one might have been removed. I assume it's Chinese... The f holes caught my attention because the fluting is a little exaggerated and the edges of the lower eyes are raised a bit relative to the surrounding area. Is this just a maker's quirk or is there a precedent in any school of violin making? I have no illusions about the violin's age or value but wondered where the inspiration for that feature originated. HH
  12. H_Axel

    Drafting Pen Purfling Cutter?

    I've used them to re-mark scribed purfling when I've replaced corners. The springs are too weak for real cutting though. You have to be careful not to collapse the distance setting.
  13. H_Axel

    The Ultimate Cloth...

    How are these different from micro-fiber polishing cloths?
  14. H_Axel

    cutting down foam on shoulder rest

    You might find some thinner foam in a craft store. Also look at the self-adhesive felt--it's aout a 1 mm thick. You could combine layers to get exactly the thickness you want.