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  1. sawdust

    Strad Corners and Purfling Measurments

    Berl, in some of the pictures it says 'The Strad June 2016'.
  2. sawdust

    Thank you for sharing this crack clamp technique

    Hi Reese, You need to thank Oded Kishony for this wonderfully simple clamping method.
  3. sawdust

    Recordings of Notable Instruments?

    The majority of recordings by Aaron Rosand are played on the 'Kochanski' Del Gesu, 1741.
  4. sawdust

    Recognize the photo of this book in the Juliet Barker book?

    It is from the Sacconi book. Figure 98 in the English edition, page 108.
  5. sawdust

    Cello neck, the thumb crook placement

    Nathan, I believe the July 2009 issue of The Strad is the one you are looking for. The Pietro Giacomo Rogeri of 1717.
  6. sawdust

    Another use for my saw

    If you look at post number 37 from Roger in the topic 'Cutting Violin Ribs' he says he re-toothed and used a scriber to mark out the spacing.
  7. sawdust

    Tool Marks around cBouts??

    As already mentioned above those are marks made from closing clamps. They are not cut in scoring. Frank