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  1. All from the same maker, and with very similar playing qualities.
  2. The certificate says " School of Ouchard" and not by himself.
  3. Luigi ( the grandson, who is shown at these YT videos) studied at Cremona Violin Making School, at the same time as Massino Negroni. He no longer teaches at the Violin Making School at the Conservatory of Tatui, and runs one of the best Studios here.
  4. We have to wait for the experts to give their opinion
  5. Actually, I think this one looks more like Manfio’s. But I don’t dare to say nothing more, after my confusion.
  6. This one is an Enzo Bertelli, also certified by his son
  7. Just got home, and compared my violin to the OP’s, and came to the conclusion that my memory serves me no more. Although the varnish has been stripped, Luigi Bertelli certified it as his grandfather’s work, dated 1940.
  8. Hi Martin, Sure, but more likely tomorrow, as I am out of town today.
  9. Hi. I own a Luigi Bertelli ( grandfather), and it is exactly like the this. It has been certified by his grandson, whose name is also Luigi Bertelli ( the son of Enzo), and is one of the greatest vioin makers in Brazil. The only difference is that mine has a maple back. Varnish is characteristic. Dani
  10. Well, I own 2 CM Pere, none of them seems to work with Dominants, and my luthier said that the bridges and sound posts are on the right place. This is why I am asking about strings, in the hope that some should do better. Thanks for the advice on the Vision Titanium, will try them up.
  11. Lack of responsiveness and power, not a matter of tone. Consider that a I have a small collection of 50 violins, and Dominants at 40 of them, so I am very used to their sound.
  12. May I ask which newer strings would you recommend for my CM Pere, since I am quite unhappy with the sound Dominant produces on it? Just to clarify, I do like Dominants but at this particular instrument they are not doing well, and if changing the strings could make a difference, why not give it a try?
  13. Well, this could be fixed. A label is not so hard to find...
  14. At least it is not the "usual" at first glance, so no dustbin for now. And there is a cello with the same pins at the hell of the pegbox, but the pegbox has no "floor". What I mean is that you can see the pegs form the front or the back of the pegbox. Is this feature indicative of some school? Sorry, no pictures of the cello, but the scrool is similar to my violin, with that " tongue" at the heel. By the way, what the name of it?
  15. And it has something like an ebony pin on each side of the pegbox heel.
  16. And I don’t think I has been sanded of, but overcoated with something. It smells almond oil.
  17. It has 4 corner blocks, but I think linings are not inserted into them. The flutting at the scroll goes to the end of it.
  18. That’s what I expected, but would you point to any direction, Mr Saunders?
  19. The label ( that is not to be trusted, as I learned here on MN) : Bortolamio Obici in Verona 1680 It looks quite similar to the label at Tarisio’s web site. LOB is 35,4 cm
  20. Just got this one at a local auction. I don’t have the hope of it being the real thing, but am wondering from where could it be. Thank you all.
  21. Another thing learned on MN. Thanks!
  22. This one is stamped DRP, and not DRG. By the way, what is meaning of these letters?
  23. Very fantly stamped, and the light wasn’t good. But it is not H R Pfretzschner, just PFRETZSCHNER in capital letters.
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