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  1. Another thing learned on MN. Thanks!
  2. This one is stamped DRP, and not DRG. By the way, what is meaning of these letters?
  3. Very fantly stamped, and the light wasn’t good. But it is not H R Pfretzschner, just PFRETZSCHNER in capital letters.
  4. I have quite a nice collection of Brazilian bows already, like Lo Turco and Guido Pascoli, and some contemporary makers. It just happened that this bow showed up, and I never crossed a Pfretzschner before.
  5. At least the stick can be saved from the fire??
  6. Sorry for the double postings some photos. The Edit tool is not working properly on my phone
  7. I’ve been this bow, stamped PREFTZSCHNER, with gold(?) button and frog, and D.R. P. stamped on the ferrule. But it has a neck/head graft. It is a good player, and the seller is asking US $ 1.100 for it. What are you thoughts?
  8. Thank you all. I might save the US 2.000 that have been asked for something better.
  9. I have been offered this violin, and would like some opinions on it. I find the scroll nicely made, but the 2 pieces bottom rib should exclude a real Klotz. Don't know the LOB yet. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
  10. And what about this one? Shouldn´t a certificate from Jacques Francais be reliable? https://tarisio.com/auctions/auction/lot/?csid=2199060480&cpid=3594158080&filter_key=
  11. We call it Radicool, to prevent overheating. Water is no longer used.
  12. Dani Tsui

    Old label

    Thank you, Mr. Saunders. I will try to get some pics of it to get some opinions on the finding....