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  1. ...just finished reading Faber's book! Loved it! Fun and informative! I also recommend it...
  2. ...a CD of something you know they want/need is always welcome it seems... Even if you make copies and give the copies along with a nice card...
  3. ...it's a small world... I just finished reading 'An Edge of Pride', like an hour ago... I rather enjoyed it! Had a bit of a slow start, but was nicely intricate...kept you guessing enough to not want to put the book down...
  4. Why did you choose to buy this fiddle. (Just curious). And in the interests of (my) learning - what's up with the back?
  5. Maybe you have a higher end model? Like Eastman, Shen, Gliga etc....they each manufacture violins of various qualities...
  6. Okay...like the Bernardel too...much better than the Hidersine Dark...but not as nice as the Liebenzeller... ...however, I reserve the right to change my opinion as I play more with these rosins...
  7. This question made me curious. I dragged my 9 1/2 year old son away from The Simpsons for an experiment...and had him hold my 4/4 violin (no problem) and then my 16" viola (quite a stretch at the moment, but he could hit the notes in first position on all 4 strings - but his arm is too straight). He's the youngest of my three...and knowing what I know, I'd see if he could manage a 15" viola if that's what he was interested in. I think that he'd be able to manage it with maybe a little difficulty right now...would be growing into it very quickly, but would be able to use it for longer... ...and buying and selling would be no problem... ...just an option to consider...but my son is tall for his age, if your daughter is small...it may not be feasible...
  8. I'm using Liebenzeller Gold III. Had to pay $38 for it (*eep*)...but it should last for a long time provided I don't drop it (*knock on wood*). I have no regrets, just a lot of enthusiasm! I also bought a Bernardel for my viola. However I haven't played it enough with the new rosin to notice the difference yet.
  9. Glad you found out what the problem was. I was so amazed when I first heard the differences different bows made to sound. Now I'm amazed at the difference my new (expensive) rosin is making! No more gritty sound under my ear (don't know if it sounds different from a distance)...it's wonderful!
  10. So you bought it as an experiment of sorts? Sounds like fun! I hope it plays in well for you!
  11. Yuen? Where did you buy this violin and what made you choose it?
  12. Quote: John, You once wrote that your father was in World War 2, so you are probably about 55 or 60 yrs old and not yet retired...right? ...just a quick tangent... ...my father was in the second world war...and I'm 43... ...and he was 34 when I was born...aren't most soldiers rather young, in general?...
  13. I can relate too...I bought myself a viola back in February or so...I find it more emotive than the violin (and in a totally different way). I only wish I had more time to play it...but it's a very different instrument to the violin and I can only really focus on one or the other and since I'm ahead on the violin and am needed as a 2nd violinist in our orchestra (we have LOTS of violas)...I'll just keep practicing and playing the viola whenever I can fit it in -all just for fun at this point in time - I'd likely need lessons if I continue - as I just said, it's very different to play... ...but yeah...I'm a convert!
  14. I had a similar problem with my 1900s violin. I ended up with a case with an open space where the violin goes, versus the fitted case (the mimics the shape of the violin). If you got an adjustable case with an open space for a small viola, you should be fine. And get oblong...much more storage...those violin shaped cases are useless...(and yes, I have a couple)...
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