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  1. I sell cornerless fiddles, violas, and celli all the time.
  2. Paul is an outstanding and hard working employee of mine. He has won awards in China and abroad. For violins in this price range I prefer to put my own label in them. DO YOUR VIOLINS COME WITH CERTIFICATES?!?! LOL Gimme a break! Again, what is your eBay user name?
  3. Your response has been what I expected- you can't even come up with proof that we've ever done business! All you can say is "The violin was just what I expected it would be.". And yet you continue to make negative comments. And as far as your description of violins- use it to sell your own violins. I am quite happy with the honest descriptions that I already have for my violins. Find someone else to slander. And by the way- just what is your eBay user name- that is if you even have one... The only "Expanded Lines of Bull" I have read are your posts here on MN.
  4. "nicolo"- IF you actually bought a violin from me then what's the item number of it? How much did you make on it? IF you were so unhappy why didn't you bring your dissatisfaction to my attention so I could have remedied the situation? Why would you state the following about Chinese violins, "You're right about the considerable talent showing up in Chinese violin making. They're doing such nice work, it's getting a little scary. I want to see them do well, of course - just not too well. Not well enough to put everyone else out of business." And then state, "I make profits on them all the time.". It's not nice to bite the hand that feeds you.
  5. And by the way, I did change my ebay seller name from "anewminicooper" to Beautiful Stringed Instruments" because my Mini Cooper is 2 years old now and no longer new. I do have another new car but I didn't think "anewLandRover" would fit hence "Beautiful Stringed Instruments". Satisfied?
  6. It is very sad to read some of the threads in this post about Chinese makers. Especially those posted about me by Nicolo. Undoubtedly he is insecure and sees fit to slander me and to insult the efforts of Chinese makers. I do not believe he has ever even seen one of my fiddles in person. I am indeed very proud of the work of my very hard working employees in China. Nicolo's inappropriate comments like, "They're doing such nice work, it's getting a little scary. I want to see them do well, of course - just not too well. Not well enough to put everyone else out of business.'- are just ridiculous. Wake up! We are living in a global economy! Open your eyes. Do you think that Europeans and Americans have an exclusive right to hapiness and to succeed? My Chinese employees have read your posts and are dismayed. Your tone can easily be construed as racist. And outrageous comments like "There is a big difference between the cheap fiddles made in prison and paid for in rice and the real business endeavours of good makers who partner with 'foreigners' to export their products for a reasonable price." are also inappropriate. Where do you get your information from? Geez! As far as the quality of Chinese violins goes- It ranges from low grade to the same level as any of the finest Western makers. Slowly but surely this is being recognized by the public at large. Although, many makers have known this for years. How so? For example, take a stroll in Cremona (where I just was visiting clients) and you will see that a very substantial number of "authentic" Italian violins that are Chinese made going for $8,000 and up (perhaps 50% of the ones being sold in Cremona). I sell my Chinese violins in the white to makers in the US and in Europe. I make them with Chinese woods and/or European woods. I defy you to tell the difference.
  7. Jimbow- Why don't you post some pics of your fiddles?
  8. Post deleted by Jeffrey Holmes To all; There is a fine line I am attempting to maintain concerning "for sale" or "advertising" and answering questions/sharing information. While many of us on this forum are dealers of one sort or another, maintaining the balance on the board is important to all, I believe. If questions are asked concerning specific information on products offered, the dealer/seller is welcome to answer those questions... but please avoid general ad type posts. Thanks you. Jeffrey
  9. 2 of my buyers have told me they purchased these violins and that they have been very dissatified with the tone of Muses fiddles
  10. I would be happy to have ads on your site- as long as it's free.
  11. "Something makes me feel it is brand new, especially the close-up of the f-hole. but I don't know what it is. After all, whith these cracks and all it can't be, can it? Can anyone tell me more about the age and model of this cello? " We can make celli like there- complete with cracks in the workshop. :-)
  12. Don't forget to mention eBay seller, soundpost_strings. This seller has 826 positve feedbacks and counting!
  13. I know the seller of the above mentioned Baroque violin. He is a very honorable man who has had some rough events in his life which have forced him to sell the violin. I have seen this instrument and it is a very good one. I didn't get it because I don't play Baroque violin. I have also examined the photos- and they are for the same instrument that I have seen. I hope this helps.
  14. I checked my eBay listings this morning (aka Soundpost_Strings on eBay) and received 2 emails via eBay's forwarding system with the following content; "DEAR SIR/MA, WITH DUE RESPECT,I AM JONATHAN JOHNSON BY NAME.I AM AGENT BASED IN EUROPE AND AFRICA AND DEAL WITH AN ARRAY OF CLIENT.ONE OF MY CLIENT HAS JUST PUT A QUOTE ON YOUR ITEM YOU PLACED ON EBAY FOR SALES.IN THIS CASE,I WILL LIKE TO KNOW IF YOU ACEPT A CASHIER CHEQUE DRWAN ON UNITED STATES BANK AS THE MODE OF PAYMENT FOR THIS ITEM.IF YES,GET BACK TO ME AS SOON AS POSSIBLE SO THAT WE CAN FINALISE THIS TRANSACTION. THANKS AND GOD BLESS. JONATHAN JOHNSON " The person then wanted to wire money to my account thinking I would give him my banking info. I immediatley called eBay and had this user suspended.
  15. Yes, Glenn, there were many excellent Chinese violins at the Anaheim show. I got a chuckle when some German buyers came to my booth and mistook the Chinese violins I was selling for European! Granyed, these particular violins I had made of European wood. It is obvious that the Chinese now dominate the market and rightfully so. I'd guess that for every new 20 Chinese violins sold, 1 European one is sold. I think this is a brand new Romanian fiddle based on what I have seen. There are numerous ways of aging a violin even before it's varnished. For example, many makers hang violins in the white in the sun to age/oxidize the wood- for sometimes years. I know a way of doing the same process which takes a matter of a couple of days.
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