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  1. The Strad

    Incredible. The distributor told me it hasn't gone to press yet. What a mess. Glenn
  2. The Strad

    So, have you received March and April in digital version? Glenn
  3. The Strad

    Is anyone else having problems with subscription deliveries of The Strad magazine? I used to receive it at the end of the previous month but today is 9 April, 2018 and I haven't received March yet. I just called the distributor in London and it seems that April hasn't gone to press yet. Glenn
  4. Case ID - as the case may be

    Michael, Thanks for the heads up. Something is going on and I might start a new thread about it. I just called the distributor in England and my subscription is in good standing so they couldn't explain why I hadn't receive my March copy. But they helpfully added that they would send me on immediately. I mentioned that the April edition hasn't materialised either and they said it hadn't gone to print yet! So serious delays. Glenn
  5. Case ID - as the case may be

    Glad you like it, Rue. My own copy hasn't shown up yet so either it was The Strad's swan song for cases or my subscription ran out. Glenn
  6. Hello, I was hoping you might know approximately how old this case might be? It's plain, but I am only familiar with the GSB cases like this, but have not seen one like this before, It has an interesting   snakewood bow in it. Best Regards, Py





  7. 'Ascribed to Guarneri' at Tarisio

    Nobody was remotely suggesting that a single trait would identify a maker. That would be shallow. You had it correct in your first statement about the presence of the pin in DGs not being widely known until quite recently so I would expect its absence to be more revealing than its presence. I don't understand Martin's comment about teeth in this context but I agree with him that it's a very nice violin. Glenn
  8. 'Ascribed to Guarneri' at Tarisio

    Tarisio has made it abundantly clear in their description and estimate that they don't consider it to be the work of either DG or Nemessanyi. I would still be interested to know whether it has a dorsal pin or not so I guess I'll have to ask Tarisio as I'm not within shouting distance of London. Glenn
  9. 'Ascribed to Guarneri' at Tarisio

    Does anyone know if it has a dorsal pin? Glenn
  10. what determines the sound a luthier aims at?

    I think the OP was asking what sound you aspire to, not how you achieve the results. Glenn
  11. Hill Star

    Thanks. That's what the bow holding mechanism looks like in the case made for the Soil Stradivari. Glenn
  12. Case ID - as the case may be

    Richard, The history of screws is very interesting. I firmly believe that if Stradivari had ready access to screws he would have used them to attach his necks to the rib garland instead of nails. Before 1760, screws were hand made and the threads done with a file. The first machine to make screws was patented in England in 1760, c. 1820, screws were made from a drawn rod so one can see longitudinal stripes on the shank. Screws turned on a lathe have circumferential marks on the shank and modern ones are smooth on the shank. It's a complex topic but screws can be dated from such things as the type of slot, the profile of the thread cuts, the taper and a few other factors. In general, hardware is the most accurate way of dating cases or any antique furniture. Glenn
  13. Hill Star

    Thanks Richf. This photo was just for fun and will appear in the chapter on golden age Hill cases. The cover of the next book is already decided: Case_closed_Cover.pdf
  14. Hill Star

    Jim, they rarely come onto the market but there is one for viola in the next Tarisio sale - est $2000-3000. Glenn