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  1. GlennYorkPA

    contemporary Italian violin

    National characteristics are difficult to discern these days. Violin making schools in Europe are international affairs and don't select students on grounds of their nationality. So what does 'definitely Italian' mean in modern context? Glenn
  2. GlennYorkPA

    Test drive with one of my violas.

    Hi Luis, I just wanted to mention that when I came to visit you in Brazil, I mentioned that I play violin and violas are very uncomfortable for me owing to the large spacing between the notes which always felt very clumsy. However, you persuaded me to try one of your violas and I was shocked that it felt like playing a violin. So, responding to Andrew's point, it seems you keep the string length more or less the same as on a violin but enlarge the body to deal with the lower register. Glenn
  3. GlennYorkPA

    Jaeger Case Value?

    On ebay, it could make between USD150 and USD 500 depending on the precise model and condition. Glenn
  4. GlennYorkPA

    The Blazing and Amazing...Mark O' Connor

    It seems that much of his playing on this sample draws on eastern European folk music especial Hungary and Romania. Especially the use of quarter tones. Maybe that's where the Elysian forest is located. Glenn
  5. GlennYorkPA

    Left handed violinist

    I can't really speak for violin/viola cases as I've never had occasion to check one out. Glenn
  6. GlennYorkPA

    Left handed violinist

    and here's an indication this convention has been around for 300 years.
  7. GlennYorkPA

    GL Cases

    On the other hand, it has lovely leather accents inside which reflect the company's heritage and concern for posterity. As far as the zipper is concerned, although the pull is customized, I'm sure the basic zipper is YKK. No self respecting maker of anything requiring a zipper would use anything else. It would be inviting trouble and just tisane a few pence. Glenn
  8. GlennYorkPA

    Left handed violinist

    In a double case, the one with the scroll to the left side is usually (always?) the more accessible one at the front. Another convention that passed unnoticed until now. Glenn
  9. GlennYorkPA

    GL Cases

    GL developed this Combi case in response to the criticism that the leather case was too heavy. They were wise to listen to those comments because, as Dimitri has stated, the world changes and classics in any field may no longer be relevant. There was a time when weight, ruggedness and resistance to insect attract were major concerns. Nowadays, cases need to be suitable for air travel and fit in an overhead locker. However, the jury is still out on external appearance. The young want 'cool' but professionals don't want to draw attention to a valuable violin. Glenn
  10. GlennYorkPA

    Homemade cases?

    Did you buy the bow spinners or make them yourself? I'm curious to know if spinners are available 'off the shelf' and if alternative bow holders are available,. Glenn
  11. GlennYorkPA

    Left handed violinist

    I love the image of the dueling stand partners. I've heard that it's a struggle for left handed folk to be forced to write with a right hand and they can be psychologically scarred for life. Was it easy for you to learn right handed violin? Glenn
  12. GlennYorkPA

    Left handed violinist

    No question it's a handmade case for a totally specific violin and particular client. Dimitri Musafia has informed me privately that he has always offered this left handed orientation but in all his years as a professional casemaker, nobody has ever ordered one. So we can conclude there is no commercial market for such cases. Glenn
  13. GlennYorkPA

    Homemade cases?

    I'm stuck for words. It seems someone attached a plastic covering on each side. Was that you or did it come like that? A lot of work went into the piping and cloth selection for the interior. Please tell more of the background to this case. Glenn
  14. GlennYorkPA

    Left handed violinist

    Wow, Rue. You originally mentioned this in passing but what you have is a double treasure!!! You have just published the first pictures of a violin/case combination both specifically made for a left handed violinist - to my knowledge. With your permission, I would like to document your fiddle and case in detail for future publication. Roughly 20% of the world's population is left handed but where are the left handed violinists? Is the handedness beaten out of them at an early stage? As Quadibloc mentioned, there is more to making a left handed violin than just shifting the order of the strings. A new bridge is required, sound post and bass bar positions swapped and possibly a FB shaped accordingly. Glenn
  15. GlennYorkPA

    Gordge case identification

    This case would sell for more today than when it was new. That can't be said for many violin cases. It's a classic and he produced them in a variety of colors to suit different tastes. Olive green isn't my favorite either but attraction is in the eye of the beholder. Glenn