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  1. Thank you. Yes, have tried the SAS and various centre mounted tall chinrests. Currently he likes this one the best.
  2. We are still dealing with this issue. (violin)(now 15 yrs old) Our latest trial is one of these : https://www.ebay.com/itm/CUSTOM-MADE-EXTRA-HIGH-VIOLIN-CHIN-REST/401511301172 combined with an (unfortunately expensive) Korfker shoulder rest with ergo pack. https://www.pirastro-shoulderrests.com/ This is the best combination for him so far.
  3. pjham


    http://www.luthiers-mirecourt.com/documentation.htm#Documentation If you haven't looked already, you may find this site with old catalogues interesting.
  4. There are various replacement slides such as: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Fix-A-Zipper-6-pack-Zip-Rescue-Instant-Repair-Kit-Replacement-Tool-Kit/192530261805 https://www.ebay.com/itm/3-Sizes-TV-6Pcs-Fix-A-Zipper-Slider-Instant-Zipper-Repair-Kit-Replacement-Zipper/162149848450 https://www.ebay.com/itm/10x-Metal-ZIP-SLIDERS-Replacement-FOR-No-5-CONTINUOUS-ZIPS-ZIPPER-FASTENINGS-DIY/142424082369 Need to free one end of the plastic zipper and thread the new slide on. I haven't tried the slide with the hinge.
  5. Or the whole back? From the Yitamusic catalogue. http://www.yitamusic.com/upload/violincatalog09.pdf Bamboo Back Violin Unique bamboo back violin. MV5308 4/4
  6. All of his strings wear quicker but especially the A. Sadly, none of my children wipe their strings. However, better to have to replace strings than have long string life due to lack of practise. The example was not meant as a problem, more to make the point that (as Don said), the A string may be less durable, but also that the chemical characteristics of the player may also be a contributing factor.
  7. One of my children needs his A string replacing more frequently than the other children. I wonder if it is due to corrosion produced by his sweat acting on the aluminium. Apparently the corrosivity of sweat depends on the amount of sweat as well as the chloride content. I wonder if the aluminium is more susceptible than the other materials on the strings. https://oem.bmj.com/content/oemed/14/3/191.full.pdf "Results Corrosion by Different Individuals.-Eight male subjects selected at random for preliminary experiments were asked to wear a rubber glove into each of which was inserted a small cylinder of degreased, polished mild steel. After one and a half hours, four of the subjects were found to have corroded the metal heavily and in addition had rust-stained hands, two produced slight tarnishing and two had a negligible effect. It appears that some individuals may handle degreased metal without having any effect while others produce heavy accumulations of rust."
  8. There was some discussion in this thread, page three onwards.
  9. Apparently it has recently been particularly hot in parts of China and I suspect that this is not an uncommon problem as the parcels can get hot while in the post.
  10. With a Romberg fingerboard (bevel under the C string) do you measure the height of the C from the minimum distance to the fingerboard or vertical to the fingerboard or at 90 degrees to the bevel? On rounded fingerboards do you measure vertical to the fingerboard or at 90 degrees to the tangent?
  11. A bit off topic, but for your interest here is a comparison of some Rosewood Knilling Perfection pegs on my son's Collin Mezin compared with one of the original pegs. While I agree that if the historical / antique aspects are of importance it doesn't make sense to use them, for us in the wet tropics they make life a lot easier as they are unaffected by humidity and temperature changes. Just a pity that the shaft looks so synthetic compared to the head (which is wooden.)
  12. Are they Knilling Perfection Pegs?
  13. I have a Livingstone in the garage somewhere which I purchased to put in the kids toy box when they were little. I would not recommend it as a serious beginners violin. With a beginners violin, the set up is at least as important as the violin itself so buying online is a risk unless you are able to set it up yourself, or get a luthier or specialist violin shop to do it, in which case you are probably better getting one direct from said luthier. Doing it yourself requires specialist tools as well as knowledge / ability. Non specialist music shops may also neglect the set up. If you still want to buy on ebay, then see previous reviews on maestronet, but in my experience yitamusic and old-luthier-violin seem to offer reasonable instruments, but you can still expect to have to adjust the bridge and nut, replace the strings and adjust and treat the pegs and peg holes to get them working nicely. (If you're in a Northern Australia climate I find Perfection or Wittner mechanical pegs make it easier to manage.) The fingerboards from these two sellers have been reasonable, so far not requiring immediate adjustment. I also find life is easier replacing the tailpiece with one with integral fine tuners. You also need to be able to put the sound post back up as it often falls over in transit from the seller.
  14. Thank you. So for the expert it is instant pattern recognition based on having seen many similar instruments in the past? The differences I notice are the quality of the varnish, and the corners of the purfling don't have the bee sting. Anything else obvious? (Are hendrick's and my dog more similar than the violins?)