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  1. pjham

    ebay Carlo Oddone - real or not?

    Thank you. So for the expert it is instant pattern recognition based on having seen many similar instruments in the past? The differences I notice are the quality of the varnish, and the corners of the purfling don't have the bee sting. Anything else obvious? (Are hendrick's and my dog more similar than the violins?)
  2. pjham

    ebay Carlo Oddone - real or not?

    Thank you. I understand the argument that it is unlikely to be genuine given the venue and sale price. What I am hoping to learn is: given the superficial similarities with the Bromptons violin, what are the physical differences (within the confines of the limited photos) that allows the experts to determine that the ebay violin is non genuine.
  3. pjham

    ebay Carlo Oddone - real or not?

    I'm asking about this one purely as an exercise in identification. Here are some pictures of the ebay violin and a presumably genuine one from the Bromptons site. I would be interested in learning to spot the differences that make the ebay violin non-genuine.
  4. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Italian-Violin-made-by-Carlo-Oddone-Torino-/173698299950 For my interest, do you think this one is/was genuine?
  5. pjham

    For your amusement - Desperate Dad

    And even worse, she may in the future discover this thread and have documentary evidence of my duplicity!
  6. pjham

    For your amusement - Desperate Dad

    By a staggering coincidence her holiday is for a month. Not skiing this time although I still call these violins the "ski violins" since I originally acquired them for ski holidays. We have a Yamaha electric but for this purpose I prefer a cheap violin due to the significant risk of damage or loss. (Our luggage doesn't get treated very well on our ski trips.)
  7. pjham

    Decorative violin. Whats up?

    http://www.vendio.com/stores/koioi/item/string-viola/birds-floral-inlay-solidwood-v/lid=23433555 http://www.vendio.com/stores/koioi/item/string-4-4-size/birds-inlay-solid-violin-advan/lid=23434559 Here is an even more similar example.
  8. pjham

    For your amusement - Desperate Dad

    Very good suggestions, and superior to my solution. Sadly when put to the child in question, the answer to questions one, two and four was NO. I'm sure I would have got a similar response to number three. So the solution used was more to do with psychology than practicality. "You can lead a teenager to water, but you can't make them think." Hopefully I can persuade her to buy a cheap "disposable" bow if the CF one doesn't work out, but I've got my doubts.
  9. pjham

    For your amusement - Desperate Dad

    Yes, this would have been ideal. I'll keep my eye out for one. I may have to spend more time on the cut CF bow when she gets back from holiday, probably a lighter wooden dowel instead of the drill bit with a length of pipe on the outside. I initially tried a length of sound post dowel but it was too flexible.
  10. pjham

    For your amusement - Desperate Dad

    Actually the balance isn't too bad, but the weight is excessive and it is not quite straight anymore. I think I should have cut it on an angle so the rotation lines up automatically.
  11. pjham

    Decorative violin. Whats up?

    Probably Vietnamese from here: https://www.ebay.com.au/sch/m.html?_odkw=&_sac=1&_ssn=inlaidartist&hash=item52133a4c02&item=352509905922&_osacat=0&_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l1313&_nkw=violin&_sacat=0
  12. This is the kids "ski violin". It's hard to destroy and doesn't make much noise unless amplified. Perfect for holiday accommodation and travel in suit case. No excuse not to do some practise. "Dad, the bow won't fit in my case so I won't take a violin on holiday." OH NO thinks dad, all that money on lessons wasted. What can I do? Plane leaves soon. But don't worry, it is a very cheap carbon fibre bow. (Or was, anyway). Hopefully I'll get my drill bit back after the holiday.
  13. pjham

    Best "Cheap" Violin Bow?

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Ten-Brazilwood-Violin-Bows-Nickel-Silver-Ebony-4-4-1-32-Perfect-Bulk-Order/202345087720 From the perspective of a Primary school music program, I have found the Yita bows to be the most consistent in quality and sound. They make a good "disposable" bow for beginners, I think much nicer than the cheap fibreglass or plastic bows. For the price, they will give something to use while searching for a better bow.
  14. pjham

    Warchal 'Timbre' Strings

    After two weeks: He still likes the Timbre better than the Amber to play. Timbre_2_weeks.mp3