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  1. Anyway, the humidifier that I bought was only $30, and I bought it at Target. It uses plain tap water, and the filter needs to be changed every couple of months. (I also need to pour out the water and change it every day.) I also keep a Dampit in the cello, and the cello stand is located near my bathroom so that it will benefit from the dampness. I recently bought a humidity sensor from Shar for about $20, and I will keep that on a shelf near the cello.
  2. Recently I got a small cool mist humidifier, because my elderly mother's doctor recommended it for her nosebleeds during the winter. I run it in her room during the night, and it has really helped her. I keep my cello in my room on a stand. Should I also get a humidifier for my room? Cool? Warm? What size? I asked my repairman if I should get one, and his reply was a non-committal "Humidifiers are a big subject".
  3. I remember viewing the Smithsonian's violins way back in 1999. I thought at the time that some of them looked like they really needed the attention of an expert repairperson. What shape are they in now?
  4. I have a couple of his Solo Time books (no. 3 and 4) and the tunes in them are enjoyable and fairly easy. There is very little about him on the internet, except that he lived in Ohio. Was he well thought of as an educator?
  5. Heron-Allen is lots of fun to read, and Dover came out with the reprint a couple of years ago. It is only about $20.
  6. I recently bought a 3/4 size violin labelled Breton Brevete. Those two words are arranged like an inverted V. At the bottom of the label is DE S.A.R.Me. The insignia shows a crown above a pair of oval plates (tilted inward) on a shelf. I imagine it is a factory violin, although it is fairly well made and seems to have a nice tone. The neck seems a tad short, even for a 3/4 size. I know that others have asked about Breton Brevete instruments on this forum. I am wondering when it was made. The color is yellowish brown (or maybe brownish yellow).
  7. I will be moving to the Memphis area in the summer of 2009 and will be looking for a cello teacher. I will also need to find a good repair shop.
  8. I recently bought a Heritage Mobile Sport case (or its clone) for my cello. It is nice looking and fits well in the back seat of my car. It is made of fiberglass. The only thing that worries me is that the hard shell is kind of "flexible". Is this something to be worried about, or is it a good thing? Otherwise, I am very pleased with the case.
  9. Is she an adult? There is a Yahoo group for adult cellists.
  10. Where are you located? Are you near Pennsylvania? 3 years ago I bought a 3/4 size John Jusek cello from Violin Makers Limited which is in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. I am very satisfied with it. It is good looking and has an "adult" sound. For the cello and two bows and a hard shell Bobelock case, I paid a little under $5,000. The shop's website is www.vml123.com I was talking with the owner just yesterday and he said that at the moment his shop was filled to overflowing with cellos.
  11. Does anyone know about the quality of repair or maintenance work done at this shop? In about 3 years, when I retire, I plan to move to Memphis. I want to bring my cello with me, but a lot depends on whether there is someone in Memphis who does expert work. I emailed them and they said that yes they work on cellos. Or would I be better trusting it to someone in St. Louis or Nashville? (Such as...)
  12. Thanks. That was what I really wanted:the strap length. I'll try to make an imitation of the SWS one.
  13. Antique dealers also have a dirty trick: removing one string, or sometimes cutting off most of the hair of the bow. Then they tell you "It will probably sound better when it's fixed up." I like to haunt the antique/junk malls, roaming up and down the aisles, trying to hunt down an overlooked treasure. When I see a beat up old fiddle propped up in the corner of a booth, my heart beats faster and I actually start to salivate more. Usually a quick inspection reveals that the fiddle began life as junk, and will remain as junk no matter how much "fixing up" it gets. However, twice I allowed my excitement to affect my judgment. Well, it took about 2 or 3 years for me to unload those mistakes on the next unsuspecting pigeon.
  14. I sew a little and I thought I would try to make a bib for the back of my cello so that the buttons of my clothes wouldn't rattle against the instrument. I don't like the bibs that are offered in the catalogs. I don't want to go to the expense of buying a bib simply to take it apart.
  15. The shop where I had the work done is Violin Makers Limited in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. I think the only reason he used such an unusual bridge was because of the very low neck angle. Ordinarily his bridges are very traditional looking.
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