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  1. Rumor has it that all old Italian violins once had "double arching", but that they were all regraduated to modern proportions in the 19th century...
  2. Has anyone seen an arching like this before? It looks like a pregnant violin, if you wait a few more months, you'll get a 1/4 violin for free!
  3. Thanks for all your answers! Funny enough, I never see it in a set with scrapers, but almost always together with knives. Maybe Ali himself also doesn't really know what it is
  4. Whenever I see cheap violin making tool sets on websites like eBay, AliExpress, etc. (which I probably shouldn't be looking at at all, I know ) , very often this kind of tool is included: I haven't been able to find what the tool is for, can anyone enlighten me? Thanks
  5. The description has been changed: I have imaged, as you I'm sure can see above, two violin cases. Within these two cases are violins of either the Americas, or Europe. Both feature not any visible cracks, and do have highly figured maple as well as fine grained spruce. Purchasing this listing will grant a single case and a single violin, I will choose a case which I have already placed a violin inside of. All violins will be of the 4/4 size, will include a full size case, and will have new fittings and strings. The violins will feature authentic labels. No bows are included. If any questions or suggestions relating to this posting come to mind, do please contact me. So now it's only a 50/50 chance for getting either a European violin, or a violin 'of either the Americas', also a very good game!
  6. Hi everyone, I saw this cello on ebay, which has a label saying Mateo Bruni 1949, but it doesn't look right to me... (apart from the bridge that is placed the wrong way around ) It looks too new to be from 1949, and also the fingerboard looks as though it's just come out of the workshop. Would this be an example of a new Chinese instrument, with a fake label of a not too well-known Italian luthier, to make it not too obvious that it is something else, or could this be genuine? Joris
  7. Hi everyone, I was wondering, although there are of course a lot of different factors playing a role, are there any general things that can be said about the relation between string tension and sound characteristics on e.g. a cello? For example, if I would have a regular tension a string and I would replace it with a high tension a string, will the sound (generally) become 'warmer' or less warm, etc.? I understand that a statement like that will never hold for all instuments and all cases, and also that string tension is of course not the only method to change sound characteristics, but I can imagine that to a certain extent a prediction can be made on the effect of increasing or lowering string tension on the sound. Thanks! Joris
  8. Hi all, My first post here on the MN forum... I find the adjustable neck very interesting! Would a neck like this allow for 'switching' between modern and baroque setup for instance? Joris