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  1. I just did a quick search on the geneology site at the Church of Latter Day Saints web site. There was a Greenberry Christmas who was married June 1, 1871 in Carroll MO to a Mary A. Keith. There was also a Greenbary Christmas married 30 Nov 1871 to Martha E Meader, also in Carroll MO. Don't know about violin makers though! : Has anyone heard of an UNfamous violin maker by the name of Greenberry Christmas? He is my great-great-grandfather and all I know about him is his name and I once got to play one of his violins (It sounded GREAT!!!) Thanks for any info! : Katie : P.S. I think he lived in Missouri, or maybe Indiana. Sorry, no more info!!!
  2. I would suggest that you get a teacher. Your daughter may be having a typical parental rejection episode? Especially nice might be a group lesson with other little girls! : I teach violin in a large public school district. : I've been trying to get my daughter(she's 5)interested in playing a stringed instrument without much success. : We listen to the Suzuki tape(violin) at least an hour per day. She knows how to support the violin on her shoulder and hold the violin bow using the beginning : bow hold(thumb on the outside)and thats about it. Do : you have any suggestions?
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