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  1. Thanks for the comments and the interest everyone! The whole lot is sold now. I don't know if the thread should be deleted or left alone.
  2. I am sorry everyone. This isn't going to work in this manner. I'm going to withdraw everything for now while I try and figure out a smoother process ...if one exists. Thanks for you offers, questions and support. Dean
  3. This is difficult and perhaps one of you who remembers me can PM some advice. I always bought the best tonewoods (now quite aged), best tools and the book collection speaks for itself and the accessories (4 tail pieces and peg sets that were not pictured) are not the low end stuff. I was willing to take a low price for the whole lot and I do have an offer. I haven't shown pics of the tonewoods yet but I'm getting requests for 2-3 items not lots such as all books, all tonewood, all tools. The problem is that I wish I could accommodate those that I have known for so many years and I still may but then it hurts the chances of selling the rest more rapidly. So let me first start by taking offers for the whole lot only. If there is no additional interest beyond the current offers I'll take offers for the book lot , the tool lot the tonewood/accessory lot etc... If that doesn't work out then I'll take care of those I already know and figure it out later. Dean
  4. Also about 5 tons of laminated Strad posters and the Croen (sp?) purfling tool.
  5. Tomorrow I'll take pics of the one piece European maple backs (some 2 piece but all gorgeous) that have been seasoned over 15 years, the split spruce (also excellent) and the clamps. I don't want to sell single books but I would consider breaking it up into lots.
  6. Sorry... Hello to all you good folk. I miss this forum and violin making. I still follow many of you on Instagram, FB. Also, I need to change the photo. I'm much older looking for some odd reason. Dean
  7. I need to sell everything but I don't know how to approach this. I don't want to sell piece by piece but would consider parcels such as books or tools or wood. I'm just starting this so PM for discussions on pricing. I live in Boise, Idaho
  8. And...wise words by you also. You admirably found a niche and worked hard at proper marketing. I myself was on a good path but I stuttered after the explosion of cheaply made instruments that cost a fraction of what my materials cost me. I do enjoy watching my friends succeed in a difficult market. Hand made tools, antique & hand made furniture as well as antique clocks have all taken a big hit in the recent years. We need the next cycle of nostalgia and appreciation for artistry and excellent craftsmanship to swing back.
  9. Hi Craig, Always good to hear you on the phone or see your writing. I almost gave up making and still might. The market is tough in my area and I've had trouble balancing my varied interests. Tough to simply stop creating instruments when the passion and the knowledge from years of intense study and research is still there.
  10. It' has been awhile since I have visited Maestronet. It's oddly comforting that my quote reply button still doesn't work. Anyway- Craig- Nice opening post. Michael- Like your quote "Don't confuse me with facts. My mind is made up.". It ties into one of my favorites "You are entitled to your own opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts." I think that awareness of cognitive dissonance AND awareness of critical thinking (common sense/logical thinking and evaluation)are attributes that have become quite rare in our society.
  11. Looking forward to seeing the web page when it is completed. It is a pretty special and admirable endeavor you and your nephew have taken on. Dean Lapinel Incidentally, referring to a note above my name is dean. Dave or David Lapinel is my younger and more intelligent and talented brother.
  12. Wow, I only look extinguished after I've been fired. Must try the peroxide! Well, You're getting the Einstein look relatively fast.
  13. Hi Craig! Yes, the groupies are current but...they only followed me for one day. Presently they are hounding a some long bearded duck call maker.
  14. I started when I was forced to enter the field by a bunch of Roger Hargrave EX-groupies...
  15. Jeesh, I'm away for just a short bit and David's hair is as gray as mine. How the heck did that happen??
  16. In response to post #251...Urine is always sterile (no bacteria) unless there is an ongoing infection in the "donor" Sorry for going back so far but this thread is new to me.
  17. Yes. Every scientist when you consider explanations within quantum physics and, generally the behavior of the Universe. Newtonian gravity has not yet been merged with quantum gravity yet therefore it is not a fact. this is leading in the wrong direction though. I don't have time to discuss this anymore so please don't consider my absence from this conversation as rudeness.
  18. Umm...incorrect . Newton's law's that have anything to do with gravity are incorrect off world (see quantum physics). Genetic theory is still in flux, evolution has a nice skip and jump for facts but, it is still a theory and sensory perception (how the brain works) is still a new science. Ultimately there is no hard science on the quality of sound in violin making. There will never be a true science with regards to sound since the human factor of sensory perception and translation of quality cannot be 'boxed". Incidentally, I am a scientist by training (Medical field) and we still know so little about disease and care. If you wish to discuss this with me let's do it privately. let's not bore the other members with a replay of this quite old argument. Regards, Dean
  19. This is a biased statement with no foundation. Even in higher levels of well studied science, the perception of "hard evidence" changes with time.
  20. Yes, help from Ethan or any Guad expert would be nice. I was taken by this scroll's look, especially noting that the most narrow point was so low and far from tradition but...it looks great (at least in my opinion).
  21. It was near the bottom of the reminder mailing. I'll post a link here since it is "educational" and certainly doesn't hurt Tarisio since it promotes their sale:http://img850.imageshack.us/img850/7547/saleboxmay20132.png
  22. Within an e-mail reminder that the Tarisio auction ends tomorrow there is a teaser image of a Guadagnini "The Berkova" head. I find this image fascinating and was wondering if someone has additional images of this instrument. I cannot find images on the internet and I would have to wait until April when Tarisio opens their catalog. Any help? Dean
  23. I guess I'll be blunt and write without a veil of diplomacy. I don't consider a violin that was made via router/duplicator/CNC to be handmade. I don't consider a violin made by hand by many people handmade...I would give the latter consideration as hand assembled though. I know you made wonderful violins in the past John. I think your choice to tinker with varnish through high productivity of machine made violins is something you clearly enjoy so I applaud you for this.
  24. I had no idea of the talent in just one class. Are there other photos of Koen that can be shared?
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