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  1. Sorry I hadn't responded. That's a good idea for the bridge, the one on there right now is my first, and with poor quality wood. will
  2. That's an interesting idea for stiffening the plates. Unfortunately, no thickness map. Maybe I should just replace both of the plates Thanks, Will
  3. Hmm, I should try eudoxas. I have a set of dominants on there right now, and a Pirazzi G seemed to help brighten the sound. Before all of the repairs, the violin was basically just loud, and now it is loud and extremely bassy. Would certain things like tuning the fingerboard, replacing the tailgut material, etc. make an improvement?
  4. Ok, thanks for the advice! I can't really do either of those things any more, but I will keep those in mind if I suspect the same problem may occur again in another instrument. Will
  5. Well, the ribs seem to be about 31-32 mm around. Also, I replaced the bass bar and I believe carved it to the standards given in the Weishaar book, if this helps. Thanks, Will
  6. Hello Maestronet, I have been lurking here for some time now and I have decided to finally post I have a violin (with the Jacob Saunders method, probably Dutzenware fiddle from Shoenbach, late 19th century) that I have recently finished restoring in my apprenticeship that has an extremely powerful sound. However, I find that all strings have poor sustain, the G string in particular has a very punchy and deep sound, and there is a powerful wolf on G#. These problems probably stem from the unusually soft spruce top and maybe the lack of corner blocks? Does anyone have any thoughts on ways to fix this (other than adding corner blocks )? I have tried a few post adjustments and tuning afterlengths, etc. but to no avail. I understand that this problem isn't entirely fixable but I figured I shouldn't give up until I have asked here. For reference, I did a soundpost patch, replaced the integral bass bar, and regraduated the table. Any help or advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks
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